Democratic incumbents win 45th Legislative District by wide margin

Dhingra, Goodman and Springer have all won re-election.

In the 45th Legislative District, Democratic incumbents have officially held their ground.

Official final election results for the district show Manka Dhingra for State Senator, Roger Goodman for State Representative Pos. 1, and Larry Springer for State Representative Pos. 2, according to King County Election results as of Tuesday, Nov. 29.

For State Senate, Democratic incumbent Manka Dhingra recieved 62.87% of votes, or about 41,391 votes, while Republican challenger Ryika Hooshangi recieved 36.99% of the vote, or about 24,354 votes. Write-ins were 0.13% of the vote, totaling 86.

For State Representative Pos. 1, final results show that Democrat Roger Goodman garnered 69.53% of votes, or about 45,739 votes, with Republican Cherese Bourgoin recieving 30.36% of the votes or 19,968 votes. There were 72 write-ins, which made up 0.11% of the vote.

For State Representative Pos. 2, Democrat Larry Springer garnered 72.66% of votes, or about 47,282 votes with newcomer John Gibbons, a Republican, coming up behind with 27.15% of the vote, or 17,665 votes. Position 2 write-ins made up 0.19% of the vote, totaling in 123.


King County Elections counted 896,022 ballots. In the 45th Legislative District, voting turnout came out to just over 69.83% with 67,381 ballots counted of the district’s 96,495 registered voters.

General election results were certified Nov. 29. To see the results, visit