Bellevue Police Department increases targeted operations to reduce crime in hotspots

According to Chief Wendell Shirley, Bellevue is seeing a rise in property crime of about 22%.

The Bellevue Police Department is increasing the number of targeted operations in order to reduce crime in the city’s hotspots, which include stores, malls and the downtown core. According to BPD, theft and criminal activity have been on the rise in these hotspots.

In addition to increasing targeted operations, traffic enforcement officers will also conduct high-visibility patrols in known problem areas, where they will be on the lookout for traffic violations, DUI and collision-causing violations.

“Like many areas, Bellevue is seeing a rise in property crime of about 22% and we are committed to crime-fighting efforts to address these issues,” said Chief Wendell Shirley, who mentioned the department is approaching this effort through individual anti-crime plans for each sector of the city.

“Our patrol captains work their teams to run these operations, including targeted stings, high visibility patrols and undercover work,” said Chief Shirley.

The department’s anti-crime initiative coincides with its new transparency and accountability website, which tracks current crime statistics. The new website allows officers to access regularly updated information, which in turn allows them to monitor existing and emerging hotspots. According to BPD, this data driven approach will allow officers to quickly adjust resources and tackle crime trends.

BPD claims that in the past few weeks, these anti-crime operations have already located and led to the arrests of shoplifters, DUI drivers, and wanted individuals. Additionally, traffic officers issued over 60 citations which resulted in three arrests for outstanding warrants, stated BPD.

“Our officers have built relationships with businesses in their sector, and together we are working to combat the ongoing crime,” said Chief Shirley. “We want our residents and visitors to feel safe and be safe here in Bellevue.”