Bellevue man stabs fiance with kitchen knife after dispute

The victim sustained lacerations to her face, buttocks and hand.

A woman was stabbed multiple times by her would-be husband in Bellevue after alleged drug use.

At 2:14 p.m. on Jan. 30 officers from the Bellevue Police Department responded to a call of a woman covered in blood in a parking garage at the 300 block of Bellevue Way Northeast.

The Bellevue Fire Department also was dispatched to the scene, and transported the female to Overlake Hospital.

When officers entered the unlocked apartment, they found the suspect screaming on his knees wearing nothing but a T-shirt. He also was transported to Overlake Hospital.

The 29-year-old victim suffered numerous wounds from a knife that ranged from 10-12 inches. The individual who committed the act is alleged to be her 32-year-old fiance.

The couple met at a bar three months prior, and recently got engaged. They both lived together at the female’s apartment complex.

The male was unemployed and allegedly had been using drugs such as Ketamine and most recently, methamphetamines. According to the police report, the accused has a history of drug use — he was admitted to Overlake Hospital in January for running around Bellevue with a hatchet, hitting himself on the head with it.

Two days leading up to the incident, the male had been using meth almost continuously police allege. On Jan. 28 the female found her fiance smoking a substance, and they got into an argument regarding his drug use. The male placed his hands around her neck, shaking them. The victim was not injured in that incident.

The following night they continued to argue.

On the night of, the victim confronted her husband-to-be about his reoccurring drug use. According to her statement to police, the accused was somewhat responsive when the victim called out to him various times, and he was typing on his leg as if it were a computer keyboard.

While attempting to leave the apartment to run errands, the victim was confronted by her partner who had grabbed a large knife from the kitchen. He began walking towards her yelling about wanting to release energy.

A struggle took place, and the pair ended up tussling on the living room floor. The male got on top of the female, straddling her while she was on her stomach, and held a knife up to her neck. She grabbed the knife’s blade and held onto it, creating deep cuts on her left hand. It was in this moment where he stabbed her in the face-twice. He also stabbed her once on the right buttock.

The victim calmed her attacker by talking to him. She then got up to escape, but not before calling her small dog to follow her.

The victim shut the door with her fiance still inside, and took the elevator down to the parking garage where she sought help.

The nurse practitioner who treated the victim at the Overlake Medical Center said the female suffered two lacerations on her right jaw, a hematoma on the top right of her head, internal bleeding in the mouth and right ear, a 2.5cm stab wound on her right buttocks, and cuts on her left fingers that reached her joints (which she required surgery for), according to the police report.

When relaying his statement, the male said they both were using methamphetamines. His fiance wanted to leave the apartment but he didn’t want her to because of the drug use. As a result, he grabbed a knife to keep her there. They became physical with one another and ended up on the floor. Eventually, she was by the door and he placed his arms around her to prevent her from leaving. The male has no recall of stabbing or cutting his partner with the knife.

During his interview with police, he mentioned that an apology was unnecessary because he has chemistry with the victim.

The male has been charged with assault in the second degree, and is scheduled for a hearing on March 10.

Clarification: This article has been updated to show that information on the victim’s injuries came from the police report.