Bellevue designated ‘Citizen-Engaged Community’

The Public Technology Institute awarded the designation for Bellevue’s “Service First” model.

The City of Bellevue recently received designation as a 2017-2019 Citizen-Engaged Community by the Public Technology Institute (PTI.) Bellevue was recognized for how it consistently provides responsive and accessible customer service through its “Service First” model including the deployment of its user-friendly MyBellevue customer assistance portal and app.

“Through the ‘Service First’ model, our aim is to provide easy access to city services and information with only one stop, one click of a mouse or one phone call,” said Laurie Leland, interim Civic Services director. “For those on the go, the MyBellevue app is another tool available to the public to get the answers they’re seeking without having to leave home or the office to come to City Hall.”

Also contributing to the Citizen-Engaged Community designation is Bellevue’s varied use of social media to communicate with residents including making city job postings available on LinkedIn, production of original programming like BellevueNOW and Lake to Lake on Bellevue Television, and availability of city data such as permits issued and fire response by neighborhood on the Open Data portal.

“Technology is making it possible for Bellevue to build better connections within the community,” said Sabra Schneider, chief information officer. “From our customer relationship management systems to the mobile friendly website and free public Wi-Fi, Bellevue is continuing to advance how residents can engage with our city while enhancing the quality of services we deliver through a multitude of channels.”

PTI’s Citizen-Engaged Communities program is designed to recognize the use of leading practices in resident engagement and customer service.

Bellevue is among the five communities recognized as Citizen-Engaged Communities. They are: Charlotte, N.C.; Fresno, Calif.; Norfolk, Va.; and San Francisco.

The Public Technology Institute has more information,