What Are the Best CBD Dog Treats To Use? [2021]

We all know our dogs are little four-legged members of our family, and as such, there are times when they may need a helping hand in calming down when times are stressful.

Just as there are for people, there are special CBD-infused treats that can give your dog what it needs to keep calm when times are stressful or to keep the chronic pain away as your dog grows older.

CBD dog treats are exactly what they sound like, which are treats made with CBD in them to help your dog in the same way CBD has been shown to help people.

While there is not as much research in the department of CBD for dogs, here we aim to show you not only what you should be looking for in CBD dog treats, but also how the best CBD dog treats can help your dog be the happy little camper it used to be.

Best Dog Treat Products Overview

Thankfully, there has been enough research done on CBD dog treats to ensure that there are some that will help your dog out, with some treats focusing on being all-encompassing of issues ranging from anxiety to aching joints and other treats covering more specific issues, such as anxiety. The best dog treats have also been formulated with ingredients that have been proven beneficial for dogs, rather than just filler ingredients.

One type of treat that has been shown to help dogs is the Royal CBD Dog Treats, which are made to include five milligrams of CBD in them as well as natural ingredients that have been shown to help with the specific issues that the CBD treat targets, whether that might be anxiety or cardiovascular health. Many people enjoy the anxiety-focused CBD treats for helping their dogs during stressful situations, such as thunderstorms or simply being high-strung.

Another type of treat that your dog may appreciate is Hempure CBD Pet Chews, which are made using hemp to ensure that there is no THC in the treat and are focused on being a treat for almost all purposes from age-related aches and pains to a strong immune system. People who have offered this treat to their dogs have noticed that even historically picky dogs enjoy the special chewy texture of the treats and that they can offer relief for senior dogs.

A third type of treat that your dog may enjoy is the Gold Bee CBD Goofy Bones, which are focused on offering a whole-hemp experience for your dog with no THC in it. With the special cold-pressed extraction method, they can help the environment as well as your dog, offering a hefty six milligrams of CBD in them per treat.

Reviews of the Best CBD Dog Treats

  • Royal CBD Dog Treats
  • Gold Bee Goofy Bones Dog Treats
  • Hempure CBD Pet Chews

1. Royal CBD Dog Treats

royal cbd

What really sets this brand of dog treats apart from the rest is that there are several different types of CBD-containing dog treats, with each one focused on a specific issue that CBD has been shown to help with, including anxiety, pain relief, and cardiovascular/immune health. Each package of treats will usually be under $50 and will contain about 30 treats in them.

People do acknowledge that while the price can be somewhat high for the treats, it is a situation where you are paying more for the quality than anything else, as Royal CBD has a reputation for their full-spectrum CBD and all-natural extraction and production methods. The additional ingredients that make up the treat are also well-researched and health-focused foods that have been shown to benefit the issues that the CBD is helping with.

Some reviewers have mentioned that the anxiety-focused treats are particularly helpful, with one person mentioning how after giving her dog one treat, she was able to tolerate thunderstorms, which had previously been a major source of fear. Another reviewer mentioned how her dog, who had both storm anxiety and arthritis, was able to benefit from the treats although they had to be broken up for the dog to be comfortable eating them.

Things We Liked

  • The focus on different problems CBD has been shown to treat
  • The attention to the additional treat ingredients
  • The care is taken to harvest the CBD organically

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The relatively high-end price of the treats per package
  • The amount of CBD can be a bit much for particularly small and sensitive dogs
  • The treats can be hard on an old or weak dog’s mouth

2. Gold Bee CBD Goofy Bones


These treats, made with the cold-press method rather than the standard CO2 extraction, carry a high amount of CBD in them at about six milligrams per treat, allowing them to be useful for even the biggest dogs. Though, this is balanced out by the fact that the cold-press method of collection tends not to be as medicinally effective as the typical method for extraction, placing these treats in the middle of the list.

What makes these treats special is that they are made to include all of the cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes that have been shown to make CBD as effective as it is at tackling pain and anxiety in both humans and dogs alike. The treats have also been flavored with ingredients that dogs are known to love, such as bacon and pumpkin, making them especially enticing.

People find that these treats are more useful for larger dogs, given the high CBD content, and considering that it can be hard to find these treats formulated for the large dogs that people own, this is important to consider. People also find that the bacon flavoring and subsequent smell of the treats can help make them more appealing to dogs that have a tendency to be picky eaters.

Things We Liked

  • The fact that it is made with full-spectrum CBD with all the components except THC
  • The flavor is designed to be appealing to even the pickiest dogs around
  • The large dose of CBD can be helpful for large dogs that need the help it offers

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The minimal amount of THC can mean it may not be as effective
  • The cold-pressed collection method isn’t as medically beneficial
  • The fact that there is one flavor that can be problematic for picky dogs

3. Hempure CBD Pet Chews


These dog treats are a good way to supplement your dog’s health, both mentally and physically, and can be considered more accessible than the other treats here as they offer a smaller two milligrams of CBD per treat. This is also reflected in the price of the treats, as it remains closer to under $50 for 48 treats.

These treats contain considerably less CBD per treat than others, meaning that they may not be as effective for immediate situations and they do not contain any THC in them. However, the chewy and soft texture that these treats offer is one that even picky dogs tend to appreciate, which may prove itself useful if your dog is stingy about the types of treats it will eat.

Reviewers find that it is especially friendly for senior dogs that may have trouble with harder treats, which is important when you are looking to treat arthritis and joint pains, with one reviewer pleased to find that their 17-year-old dog was walking around again as if it was years younger. Other reviewers have found similar effects for similarly aged dogs, allowing even senior dogs to get the bounce back in their steps.

Things We Liked

  • The chewy and soft texture being friendlier toward older dogs
  • The lower price compared to other CBD-containing treats
  • The broad-spectrum hemp used to cover numerous areas

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The lack of flavor variety for pickier dogs
  • The number of additive ingredients that are not health-focused
  • The addition of gluten in the treats for dogs with sensitive stomachs
  • The relatively low amount of CBD can be unhelpful for larger dogs

CBD Dog Treats Buying Guide

Chances are that you have heard about the benefits of CBD for people and that there has been an increasing acceptance toward CBD-containing products for chronic conditions such as anxiety and pains, but you may understandably be worried about giving CBD to your dog. For dogs, while there hasn’t been a formal study conducted on what CBD does, it is widely understood that cannabinoids (the main component of CBD) work on specific receptors in the nervous system in a way that maintains balance and helps the body function as it should.

How Does CBD Work in Dogs?

Just as in people, when cannabinoids work on the endocannabinoid receptors in the nervous system, it has been shown that dogs can experience reduced pain, anxiety, and offer anti-inflammatory properties. The addition of anti-inflammatory properties can help dogs with sensitive digestive systems, dogs with arthritis, cardiovascular health in all dogs, and even more than this.

While we all know that there are objective benefits to CBD use, it would make sense to be concerned about the idea of using CBD in dogs, especially when there are minimal studies conducted on the effectiveness and dosage. Because of this, it is important to always check with your veterinarian first before administering any CBD-containing product to your dog, as your vet can guide you on what to look for that would indicate that your dog has had too much.

What Side Effects Can There Be?

As with offering anything to your dog, you should be aware that there are potential side effects. Most websites that offer CBD products will also offer dosing guides for their own products that you will want to follow, just as you should follow your vet’s advice, but there are still some natural and expected side effects to look for.

CBD has been associated with a decreased production of saliva in people, and it would make sense for this to happen to dogs as well. This typically presents as your dog being thirstier than normal, and subsequently, urinating more than it usually would.

Your dog may also become more tired than normal on CBD, especially CBD products that are meant to treat anxiety. This is because the calming effect that these anxiety-focused products tend to have can be translated by the body into drowsiness, particularly when using high doses of the product in small dogs.

Some dogs may experience low blood pressure, but keep in mind that this isn’t always easy to see externally in dogs. If your dog is prone to low blood pressure or has chronic blood pressure problems, it may be worth talking to your vet about the safety of using CBD with your particular dog, given the circumstances.

What Should You Look for in CBD Dog Treats?

To make sure that you are purchasing the best treats for your dog, you will want to make sure that you spend some time researching companies and their reputations for their treats so your dog can get the treats that will help it out the most.

Typically, you will want to try and stick with organic-only products, as non-organic products can contain trace amounts of pesticides, solvents, and other chemicals that can be harmful to your dog. You will also want to not focus on the price as much, as price correlates strongly with the purity of the CBD, meaning that particularly inexpensive products may also contain solvents and heavy metals in them.

CBD Treats for Dogs Conclusion

When it comes to taking care of our animals, we all want what’s best for our pet. In cases regarding CBD treats for dogs, we know that giving our dog the most beneficial treat can sometimes be worth the price.

Royal CBD Dog Treats not only offer specialized treats depending on your dog’s needs but also offer a dose of CBD that is high enough to help larger dogs while also still being safe for most smaller dogs. Through using organic CBD that has been studied and evaluated to be certain that it doesn’t contain anything harmful to your dog, these treats can also offer the cannabinoids your dog could benefit from.

Whether your dog is older and is developing aches and pains or your dog has a chronic fear of thunder and storm season is approaching, you will find that the best CBD dog treats have the potential to make a difference in your dog’s daily life.