TestClear Reviews: Do NOT Buy Test Clear Yet!

For the past 26 years, Testclear has been working to create products that have helped people clear drug tests and detox. Testclear is designed to make the task of passing drug tests easy and hassle-free, something that’s gotten in hot water with many drug testing companies.

In this article, we shall review Testclear and understand how the company works and what products it offers.

Brand TestClear
Description: Providing 360-degree drug testing support and solutions.
Type: Mixed – pills, drinks, testing kits, and more.
Website: Testclear
  • Drug Test Kits
  • Drug test passing solutions
  • Drug testing resources
  • Detox pills and programs
  • Powdered urine
  • Features:
  • Kits and products to help you pass blood, saliva, and urine-based drug tests
  • Quick results-based drug testing kits for accurate tests
  • Resources to learn more about testing.
  • Cost: Varying based on the product
    Money Back: No refund or returns are offered.

    Testclear has a database of the various drug testing companies and the type of tests they offer. Today, our research and editorial team has brought a detailed review of some of the popular products that TestClear sells to help people who are looking to pass drug tests.

    So without further delay, let us get started with this detailed review of Testclear.

    What is TestClear? – An Overview Of The Brand

    Testclear is an industry leader in the drug testing space. It provides individuals with different solutions to help them with passing drug tests, detoxification, and more.

    Over the last 26 years, Testclear has been able to build a solid consumer base which is all thanks to their tried and tested formulas and products. Testclear products are made to detoxify your body and free it of all toxicants and drugs, readily at home to help you pass any supervised test.

    It has solutions for urine tests, saliva tests, hair tests, and more. Testclear also has a detox range that allows consumers to bring about natural detoxification of their bodies. They additionally also have other products such as drug test kits.

    TestClear sells only proven solutions for drug tests and detoxification. All of their products have been made through thorough research and high-quality ingredients.

    What Products Does TestClear Feature?

    Primarily, Test Clear products can be classified into four major categories. These are as follows:

    • Pass drug test kits and products
    • Detox products
    • Drug Testing Kits
    • Drug testing research

    These products are made and used to avoid doping test failures, especially with unsupervised drug tests. Other popular products like hair shampoos help with hair drug tests, multi-day detox programs, and more.

    Pass a Urine Drug Test Products

    A urine test is the most common way of testing the presence of drugs in someone’s body, as human urine can contain traces of drugs up to a few days after consumption. Testclear offers a variety of products to help people pass urine tests that test the uric acid present in human urine samples.

    Their powdered urine kit, Synthetic urine kit, and other urine test-related products, complete with a temperature strip and heating pad, are top-rated and widely used. Powdered, Synthetic, and fake urine can be used to substitute a human urine sample in an unsupervised urine drug test. Their urine powder has been made after studying various urine drug tests. Here are some of their most popular products in this field.


    The Urinator is a modern science marvel made to help you pass urine tests. It comes with $100 worth of powdered urine or synthetic urine and any easy-to-use application kit, which with the help of its temperature strip, can help maintain a steady testing temperature for up to four hours. One of the main reasons people fail a urine test is due to temperature. Urinator aims to tackle this problem. You should use warm water while filling up your fake urine syringe and avoid getting any air bubbles.

    The synthetic urine or powdered urine included with Urinator ensures that your get guaranteed clean urine every time. It comes with a flexible heater pad made of silicone, a computerized controller, and other well-engineered parts that help you always emulate drug-free and real human urine. This is also why the Urinator is one of their most pricey products.

    Urine Simulation With Powdered Urine Kit

    The Urine Simulation with powdered urine kit is another product designed to help you pass an unsupervised urine drug test with the help of fake or synthetic urine that can work like human urine. All you need to do is mix the Testclear powdered urine with room temperature water to get synthetic urine that smells, looks, and behaves like real human urine. This TestClear powdered urine kit comes with air-activated heating pads that keep your synthetic urine made from powdered urine at the correct temperature.

    Thus, as long as you can use the powdered urine kit during your test, you should be able to clear any unsupervised urine drug test with ease. This powdered urine kit is best when the person administering the drug test won’t watch you during sample production at the testing facility. The imitation urine from the Testclear powdered urine kit and the heating pad that helps maintain proper temperature has helped many people clear urine drug tests by providing them with a free-of-drugs urine sample.

    Klear Urine Additive

    Another popular TestClear product is their Klear Urine Additive. It isn’t as good as the powdered urine kit, but in some cases, it gets the job done. According to Testclear, the Klear additive is not recommended for use in the USA. This is because many US drug test labs can easily detect the presence of Klear, unlike Testclear powdered urine or synthetic urine, which is just like human urine.

    Klear additive is not a urine powder but instead just a simple additive. Instead of making your fake urine from powdered urine, with Klear, you add the additive to your real urine sample to make it pass any drug test. This is ideally meant for an unsupervised urine test outside of the USA. Suppose you are getting tested inside the continental USA. In that case, you might want to go for the Testclear Urine Kit, which is almost identical to human urine.

    Pass a Hair Drug Test Products

    Another popular range of products that Testclear has is its shampoos that can help pass a drug test. These special shampoos are made with natural ingredients to help you pass a drug test that involves hair-related tests.

    Ultra Clean Shampoo

    Unlike cleansing products that you would commonly find today, Ultra Clean Shampoo is a complete solution that can help you get rid of medication, chemical build-up, and other toxins from your hair and scalp. It is a complete solution in that it comes with a shampoo, detox, and conditioner.

    The shampoo removes any external material to bring out the inner hair. The cleaner then reaches deep and penetrates to the bottom of the hair, all the way to the scalp and hair roots, to deep-cleanse it and rid it of all unwanted material. Lastly, the conditioner gets rid of any tangles while improving manageability. It is stated that this product won’t clean your hair for drug testing, but when used in addition to other products, it can help. The Ultra Clean Shampoo can last up to 24 hours, unlike cleansing products that fade away after a couple of hours.

    Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid Shampoo

    The Toxin Rid Shampoo is an excellent pairing with the Ultra Clean shampoo. The Toxin Rid shampoo comes in 8-ounce bottles. According to some test results, it is made from naturally occurring material to help you deep clean your hair and scalp, ridding it of all unnecessary toxins.

    Pass A Blood Drug Test Products/Detox Programs

    Blood tests are another common form of drug test. Drugs that you consume end up in your blood through absorption. Your blood then transports them to your entire body. If you want to pass a drug test that involves a blood test, then Testclear has a range of Detox program and pills that helps you rid your blood of toxins, making you ready for any drug test.

    10-Day Detox Program

    The most popular detox product that Testclear offers are its 10-Day Detox which is suitable for people about to give a drug test in 10 or more days. This 10-day program comes with three main components – 150 Toxin Rid pills, 1 ounce of dietary fiber, and 1 ounce of detox liquid to offer you a complete detox solution that is somewhat akin to blood drug test detoxification programs.

    Firstly, the pills are meant to be taken at least three times a day with ample water and in combination with a healthy, balanced diet for best results. Then we have the detox liquid. You can take these detox drinks with the last batch of your tablets in two parts. Lastly, dietary fiber is the most crucial step for people who have a drug test between 1 to 4 days of completing the detox. This 10-day detox is made to help people with unaddressed drug issues and help them get better opportunities in life.

    7-Day Detox Pills

    The Testclear 7-day detox pills are perfect for someone who has a drug test in about a week. Like the 10-day detox plan, this also comes with pills, drinks, and dietary fiber, all synergizing to rid your body of toxins. It is also known to work for THC drug tests. Remember that this product’s effectiveness depends on various personal factors such as height & weight, diet, metabolism, and more.

    5-Day Detox Program

    Another detox product that Testclear offers is their 5-day detox. It can help people who have a blood drug test, a saliva drug test, or a urine drug test. It comes with detox pills and liquid to help your body eliminate traces of drugs and other substances. It is said to work on all toxins and not just THC. Each pack contains 75 pills, dietary fiber, and a detox liquid that can be consumed by mixing with distilled water or orange juice.

    3-Day Detox Program

    The 3-Day detox program is also popular among Testclear customers. This test-clear product comes with pills, fibers, and drinks, all of which are made to accelerate detoxification to help you pass any blood, saliva, or urine drug test and ensure you get that job.

    1-Day Detox Program

    The fastest detox product that Testclear sells is their 1-day detox. This is marketed toward people who have mild toxin exposure. It is a 1-day program to flush out your body of all toxins and foreign substances. It comes with tables that are to be taken at regular intervals. It also has detox juice and dietary fiber. Don’t forget to follow all the instructions exactly as stated on the product. This Testclear product is so popular that it is often out of stock.

    Pass A Saliva Drug Test Products

    A saliva test is another type of drug test. It is common practice in many workplaces. A sample of your saliva is taken for forensic analysis to check the presence of THC or other drugs and toxins. TestClear has more than a few products to help you pass a drug test that involves a saliva test. TestClear also has a range of drug test kits that can be used for offices and workplaces to enforce quick drug tests.

    SalivaConfirm 5-Panel Oral Fluid Screening Kit

    The SalivaConfirm is a quick drug testing method. This screening Kit can confirm the presence or absence of 5 drugs in less than 10 minutes. This drug test kit offers non-invasive sample collection and is ideal for business use. It can detect the presence of drugs such as marijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine, opiates, and other amphetamines in less than 10 minutes without having to use a bathroom. This TestClear drug test kit is made with the latest technology making it easy to use and very convenient.

    Toxin Rid Detox Mouthwash

    The Toxin Rid Detox Mouthwash is made to help you pass a drug test of oral nature. Just take the mouthwash a few minutes before your oral drug test to pass it. It is one of the few products provided by Testclear that comes with a manufacturer money-back guarantee.

    Drug Testing Kits

    Testclear also offers a pervasive range of drug testing kits. These testing kits can be used by workplaces or individuals alike. People use this to test their drug levels before an official drug test, while organizations can use it for routine checks.

    Some of the popular testing kits that TestClear has are as follows:

    Marijuana Testclear Kit

    One of their most popular drug testing kits is the single-use Marijuana Testclear Kit. This popular kist is ideal for checking yourself if you know you have an unsupervised drug testing session coming up. This is a urine test-based kit wherein it takes your urine sample to determine if there are traces of THC present in your urine or not.

    Hair Testclear Kit

    The Hair Testclear Kit checks the presence of drugs through hair follicles. It screens for marijuana, cocaine, or cocaine metabolites, codeine, morphine, meth, amphetamines, ecstasy, and more.

    Cocaine Testclear Kit

    TestClear also has Cocaine Testclear Kit that gives you results in less than 5 minutes. They work similarly to a pregnancy test kit. Dip the kit in urine for up to 99% accurate and quick results, all in the privacy of your home.

    Ecstasy Testclear Kit

    Another popular product is the Ecstasy Testclear Kit, meant for personal or official use. It provides quick and accurate results by using a urine drug test method.

    Nicotine Testclear Kit

    Nicotine Testclear Kit is suitable for mild smokers or people who are around other smokers. It can help them test out if they have been exposed to nicotine or not in the privacy of their home with a urine drug test.

    Cleansing Drinks

    TestClear also has cleansing drinks that are the affordable version of a detox system. These drinks help you eliminate toxins from your body to flush out the drugs. Not only is that help with drug tests but also general health for your body.

    Drug-Testing Resources

    In addition to all these products and testing kits, TestClear has a comprehensive database of resources to help you out even more. It has a vast range of drug testing information, information on drug testing organizations, and other drug testing solutions for anyone who wants to research more about this field.

    A list of companies that drug test, use of powdered urine, drug test-related court cases, powdered urine kits that can check for synthetic urine, and drug testing information to help you understand false positives and how various tests such as urine or blood drug tests work are all testing resources that TestClear offers.

    What Do Reviews Say About Testclear?

    You can find genuine and honest reviews about the various products that Testclear offers on their website. These include both negative and positive reviews. The majority of the customers that have used TestClear have left positive reviews about their experience and how TestClear helped them be drug-free. There are a handful of negative claims, but most stem from the misuse of the products.

    What Is The Testclear Refund Policy?

    There is no return or refund policy currently offered by TestClear on unused products. Some products, however, do come with a manufacturer guarantee.

    Testclear Final Verdict

    So, to sum up, in our TestClear review, if you are looking for drug testing solutions, a detox solution, or a way to pass drug tests, then TestClear has got you covered. It is your best bet in avoiding negative results in your tests. It is a well-trusted brand that authentic and honest everyday customers use, and we recommend it.