Sunday Scaries: Reviewing the Sunday Scaries CBD Products

Have you ever been hit with a wave of stress, anxiety, or nervousness during Sunday nights? Do you dread the Monday morning ritual and the beginning of your stressful work week? You are not alone, “The Sunday scaries” is an ongoing problem for a large variety of millennials and middle-aged adults.

The company Sunday Scaries has created a solution to your feelings of worry and anxiety during these times. Sunday Scaries creates outstanding CBD products to help deal with the stressors throughout the week that can creep up during the weekend. Their mission is to alleviate the stress and fear of societal pressures and high-stress jobs. Sunday Scaries strives to deliver a product to help you live in a world where you feel calm and relived every single day.

Sunday Scaries differs from all other CBD brands because of their company mission and transparency. Led by burnt-out bartenders, Mike and Beau needed a way to handle the everyday stress thrown at them. The beginning of Sunday Scaries evolved from a common problem that the average person desperately seeks a solution to – anxiety. Sunday Scaries various CBD products, including oils, gummies, candies, edibles, and topicals, all equipped with top-tier hemp.

What is Sunday Scaries?

The foundation of Sunday Scaries began with a passion for living life without worry, stress, or anxiety. Sunday Scaries evolved from two regular guys seeking a way out of the stressful rat race filled with social pressures. Both Mike and Beau believe that community and humor are the best medicine for any worry or loneliness. From there, they began coming up with CBD products to help thousands of people struggling for a solution.

Mike and Beau quickly realized they were not alone. Sunday Scaries has tackled a common problem among many millennials struggling with anxiety, stress, and depression during weekend evenings. Their products were created with clean and natural resources. Sunday Scaries began utilizing only top-tier CBD and hemp for their early products.

Sunday Scaries only picks high-quality hemp and utilizes independent labs to conduct full-panel tests and screening before product launch. All Sunday Scaries products are GMP certified and are associated with the Hemp Industries Association.

Sunday Scaries challenges the status quo in many ways with the ultimate intention of providing their customers with relief. Sunday Scaries offers fantastic CBD products which are easy to use for first-time users.

In 2021 Sunday Scaries maintains many 5-star ratings on their products while supporting many non-for-profit initiatives to help fight against mental health problems and suicide. Sunday Scaries empowers their customers with relief of excessive worry, the ability to relax and focus, and maintain composure during stressful times.

In addition to outstanding customer reviews, Sunday Scaries is also paired with The Trevor Project, an organization aimed towards promoting mental health support within LGBTQ communities, and The Pink Agenda foundation, which donates funds toward furthering breast cancer research. Sunday Scaries funds these organizations from their product profits by donating a select amount off every customer order. In this way, Sunday Scaries is emotionally involved with the evolution of their company’s wellbeing and value system.


Sunday Scaries Supplements

All Sunday Scaries products contain broad-spectrum CBD oil grown directly within the USA. Broad-spectrum products are made with a varying range of cannabinoids and other compounds found within hemp products that contain essentially zero THC. Both Mike and Beau have personally met with the hemp farmers within Greeley, Colorado, to ensure the safety of the CBD products and that the products are derived from top-tier organic materials.

The USA-grown hemp is then moved to a supply chain within Denver for testing. Sunday Scaries utilizes only the safest screening and testing protocols which include GMP screening and ISO 9001 audits. Sunday Scaries maintains a license to operate from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. Lastly, Sunday Scaries performs a full-panel screening on every product to ensure zero metals or pesticides.

What makes Sunday Scaries stand out from their competitors is the additional healthy ingredients found within every one of their products. Sunday Scaries includes 400 IU of Vitamin D3 and 11 mcg of Vitamin B12, supporting overall health and longevity.

The combination of top-tier CBD, vitamin D3, and vitamin B12 makes the best triad to ward off stress and anxiety while supporting the immune system and overall health. The addition of vitamins within Sunday Scaries’ proprietary blend only enhances every CBD experience.

In the future, we hope Sunday Scaries can implement more products within their packages. It is too often that one order will not supply you with enough product to last a month. This can cause a headache when trying to stock up on CBD products.

  • Big Spoon – Vanilla Cream CBD Oil for sleep
  • Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies
  • Everyday Scaries CBD Gummies
  • Vegan AF CBD Gummies
  • Bra Bearies – Strawberry CBD Gummies
  • Unicorn Jerky – CBD Candy
  • CBD Oil Tincture
  • Tub Cub – CBD Bath Bomb
  • Side Piece
  • Everyday Scaries
  • Rando

Read below to learn more about Sunday Scaries products listed by category:

Sunday Scaries Sleep Line

Big Spoon – Vanilla Cream CBD Oil for sleep


This 30ml bottle is the hidden gem for sleep serums. The Big Spoon vanilla cream flavored oil is infused with 5-HTP, Lemon Balm, Valerian Root, and a combination of Sunday Scaries top-tier CBD and CBN oil that will put you right to sleep.

Big Spoon is a broad-spectrum product that delivers essentially zero THC. In addition, Big Spoon also contains optimal quantities of vitamin D3 and vitamin B12 to support proper immune system function and improve sleep quality.

Big Spoon CBD Oil is perfect for those who prefer an easy-to-use dropper. Big Spoon has made a name for itself by utilizing the benefits of potent CBD and CBN oils while also taking advantage of GABA and L-Theanine to help you quickly fall asleep.

The subtle hint of vanilla cream offers a delicious explosion of taste and flavor within every drop. The flavor is delicious and by no means overpowering if you would like to combine it with food.

Sunday Scaries notes that the optimal serving size may range depending on everyone’s needs. Start with the recommended dose of .5ml (half a dropper) before bed for the best results possible. We recommend taking advantage of the subscribe and save payment option to receive 20% cash savings.

Pricing – Individual Purchase

  • 1 bottle – $59
  • 2 bottles – $113
  • 3 Bottles – $160

Sunday Scaries Gummies + Candy Product Line

Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies


If you prefer an on-the-go snack that includes the stress-reducing benefits of CBD, then Sunday Scaries CBD gummies are the best option for you. These CBD Gummies are the highest-rated product from Sunday Scaries, and it’s no surprise why.

These CBD-infused gummies promise relief from the fear of Mondays, support relaxation, enhance mindfulness, and keep you on track during the day.

We love these gummies because of the perfect amount of 10mg CBD mixed with a dynamic range of flavors.

Sunday Scaries Gummies is a broad-spectrum CBD product infused with optimal levels of Vitamin D3 and B12 to support health and longevity. Each gummy contains the perfect amount of pure CBD oil that is always infused rather than artificially sprayed on during manufacturing.

Each bottle contains 20 gummies of CBD-infused gummies. Each gummy contains 10mg of total CBD.

Everyone has different needs; therefore, starting with 2-3 gummies daily is one way to ensure the best results. We recommend taking advantage of the subscribe and save payment option to receive 20% cash savings when purchasing.

Pricing – Individual Purchase

  • 1 bottle (20 Gummies) – $29
  • 2 bottles (40 Gummies) – $56
  • 3 Bottles (60 Gummies) – $79

Everyday Scaries CBD Gummies


These potent CBD gummies are part of the Everyday Scaries bundle option brought to you by Sunday Scaries.

These multi-flavored CBD gummies contain 10mg of CBD per gummy to deliver optimal amounts of daily CBD as well as optimal levels of vitamin D3 and B12 to enhance relaxation.

The combination of top-tier CBD, vitamin D3, and vitamin B12 within these CBD gummies makes the best triad to protect against stress and anxiety.

We love Everyday Scaries CBD gummies because of the collaboration between Sunday Scaries and Everyday Scaries California. This initiative aims to decrease the mental effects that isolation and social distancing have had on many people.

Within every Sunday Scaries bottle comes 20 CBD gummies and a limited edition Everyday Scaries hat. Each gummy contains 10mg of total CBD.

Everyday Scaries CBD gummies should be taken 2-3 times when you are feeling stressed or worried. We recommend taking advantage of the subscribe and save payment option to receive 20% cash savings.

Pricing – Individual Purchase

  • 1 bottle (20 Gummies) – $49

Vegan AF CBD Gummies


Sunday Scaries is now offering vegan-friendly CBD gummies created with no gelatin or animal products throughout manufacturing.

Vegan AF still maintains the extremely loved and effective proprietary blend of the highest quality of CBD oils and top-tier hemp found within the Sunday Scaries CBD gummies. Vegan AF will offer relaxation, a healthy way to destress and reduce your feelings of anxiety, all while keeping animals safe from harm during the manufacturing process.

We love Vegan AF Gummies because they maintain the benefits of their staple CBD gummies while caring for the health of animals and their customers.

Vegan AF CBD gummies come in various flavors, including lemon, tangerine, lime, and cherry. Each bottle contains 20 CBD-infused gummies that contain 10mg of total CBD.

Everyone is different; therefore, starting with 2-3 gummies is one way to ensure the best results. We recommend taking advantage of the subscribe and save payment option to receive 20% cash savings when purchasing.

Pricing – Individual Purchase

  • 1 bottle (20 Gummies) – $29
  • 2 bottles (40 Gummies) – $56
  • 3 Bottles (60 Gummies) – $79

Bra Bearies – Strawberry CBD Gummies


There is nothing better than an effective product that is also backed by a great cause. For this reason, Sunday Scaries CBD Bra Bearies is one of the best CBD gummies to take if you are looking to de-stress while promoting breast cancer research.

Bra Bearies is a delicious strawberry flavored gummy infused with the highest quality CBD as well as an optimal dose of Vitamin C to support your immune system.

Bra Bearies is simply fantastic because of not only the effective product but because of the wholesome initiative beyond every purchase – for every bottle purchased, Sunday Scaries donates $2 to The Pink Agenda foundation for breast research.

Each bottle contains 20 10mg total strawberry-flavored CBD gummies.

Everyone is different; therefore, starting with 2-3 gummies is the best way to enhance your CBD experience. We recommend taking advantage of the subscribe and save payment option to receive 20% cash savings when purchasing.

Pricing – Individual Purchase

  • 1 bottle (20 Gummies) – $29
  • 2 bottles (40 Gummies) – $56
  • 3 Bottles (60 Gummies) – $79

Unicorn Jerky – CBD Candy


Sunday Scaries has created another fantastic CBD product with a great cause to back it up. Unicorn Jerky offers an overload of incredible fruity flavors within every CBD-infused candy and is entirely GMO-free.

Unicorn Jerky is a CBD-infused candy in the form of rainbow stripe gummy. The flavor is a refreshing fruity kick with a subtle hint of sour. Each strip of Unicorn Jerky offers relief, relaxation, and a stressless experience.

We recommend the Unicorn Jerky rainbow strips if you want to change things up or try a different style of CBD candy. Rainbow Jerky is a refreshing change from the Sunday Scaries CBD gummies.

These rainbow strips were created per The Trevor Project, which aims to reduce suicide rates within the LGBTQ community. For every bottle purchased, Sunday Scaries donates $1 to The Trevor Project.

Each package contains 10 CBD rainbow strips which should be taken up to 3 times daily during stressful times. Unicorn Jerky is one of the most affordable and delicious product options from Sunday Scaries and offers a cost-effective CBD-infused snack for a reasonable price.

To save even more, we recommend taking advantage of the subscribe and save payment option to an additional 20%.

Pricing – Individual Purchase

  • 1 package (10 Rainbow Strips) – $19
  • 2 package (20 Rainbow Strips) – $37
  • 3 package (30 Rainbow Strips) – $52

Sunday Scaries CBD Oils Product Line

CBD Oil Tincture


Tincture CBD oil is created with only top-tier hemp and always goes through third-party screening. The proprietary blend includes 100% organic CBD with optimal levels of Vitamin D3 and B12, which help to improve immune system function and energy levels. This oil is best for events that require high amounts of CBD and offer quick relief.

Tincture CBD oil stands out because Tincture oil is slightly different from pure CBD oil, unlike any other CBD company. Tincture oil is a liquid extract combined with a binding agent to optimize the concentration of CBD oil.

Sunday Scaries infuses every CBD oil with Vitamin D3, Coconut Oil, and Vitamin B12 that help balance mood swings, calm the mind, and provide energy throughout the day.

The CBD oil is available in a broad-spectrum oil that can be taken in various amounts depending on your needs. Sunday Scaries recommends taking 1/3 of the dropper anytime you are feeling anxious or on edge. We recommend taking advantage of the subscribe and save payment option to receive 20% cash savings when purchasing.

Pricing – Individual Purchase

  • 1 bottle – $49
  • 2 bottles – $94
  • 3 Bottles – $133

CBD Bathroom Editions

Tub Cub – CBD Bath Bomb


Sunday Scaries now offers aromatherapy in for form of an effective CBD bath bomb packed with the benefits of CBD. Tub Cub is packed with 100mg of CBD and comes in orange, lemon, and lavender options to help deliver an incredibly relaxing sensation to help your de-stress in times of need.

If you are looking to pay a bit of a premium for CBD, then Tub Cub CBD Bath Bombs are the perfect addition to your nightly routine to help you unwind after a hard day. Tub Cub enables you to reset your equilibrium by giving you top-tier CBD within the bathtub.

We felt this product was a bit on the pricier side and could benefit from a cosmetic rework.

CBD bath bombs are ideal for people looking to take advantage of the benefits of CBD by simply incorporating products into their daily routine.

Sunday Scaries recommends dropping one Tub Cub CBD bath bomb into your bath when you want to destress and relax. The color explosion of the bath bomb is a great addition and contains a broad spectrum of illuminating floral colors for your tub.

Pricing – Individual Purchase

  • 1 Tub Cub CBD Bath Bomb – $11
  • 3 Tub Cub CBD Bath Bomb – $27
  • 6 Tub Cub CBD Bath Bomb – $46

Sunday Scaries Bundles

Side Piece – $54

One bottle of CBD Gummies, one bottle of CBD Tincture Oil

Side Piece includes the highly rated Sunday Scaries 10mg gummies and the Sunday Scaries CBD Tincture Oil. If you are interested in trying various CBD products, this bundle is the right option.

Everyday Scaries – $49

1 CBD Gummies (Everyday Scaries), 1 Everyday Scaries Hat

If you are looking for new CBD apparel to go with your order of CBD gummies, then look no further. This bundle includes multi-flavored CBD gummies with the addition of a black Everyday Scaries hat.

Rando – $75

One bottle of CBD Vegan AF Gummies, one bottle of CBD Tincture Oil, one bottle of CBD Gummies

Rando includes a triad of CBD products that allows you to explore a variety of tastes and CBD products types. This is by far the best bundle for anyone looking to take advantage of massive savings while still getting the top-tier products from Sunday Scaries.

Sunday Scaries: What Do Customers Have To Say?

To fully understand the effectiveness of Sunday Scaries CBD products, it was essential to investigate what customers were saying about Sunday Scaries and their products’ effectiveness. Sunday Scaries maintains an average of 5/5 star ratings on all their products, with over 2,000 individual reviews, testimonials, and ratings from their website alone. Sunday Scaries CBD gummies maintain the highest number of ratings with over 720 reviews, with 90% being over 5+ stars. Tub Cub CBD bath bomb has 50 reviews and is Sunday Scaries lowest rated product but still maintains 4.96 stars out of 5.

There is a consistent theme of overwhelmingly positive reviews, testimonials, and overall experience coming from their customers found on their website. Sunday Scaries CBD products appear to follow through on their promise of providing relief to stressful times but could benefit from re-evaluating product prices to keep customers happy.

After further investigating third-party platforms, it appears that Sunday Scaries is a reputable company that delivers on its promise when it comes to its CBD products. Many genuine testimonials and ratings can easily be found after a quick internet search.

Sunday Scaries also allows their customers to browse a large number of ratings and reviews within their website. This process could be made more precise by allowing a filtering option to identify lower-tier ratings.

Many lower ratings were based on product pricing rather than effectiveness. One example of this is commonly seen on reviews for Sunday Scaries Tub Cub. Some customers felt that the price of the bath bomb could not be justified.

Some customers noted that the CBD price per mg was relatively high compared to other CBD companies. Many customers seem to note that this premium price is because of the top-tier and USA-manufactured CBD oil infused into every product.


  • A vast number of 5-star ratings from genuine costumers
  • 3rd party lab testing and screening protocols
  • All products are fortified with essential vitamins
  • Free shipping for all subscription purchases
  • Associated with many not-for-profit organizations and causes
  • Associated with the Hemp Industries Association
  • GMP certified products
  • Sourced from established and identifiable lab – KND Labs
  • Resources on CBD benefits provided to customers on their website
  • Subscribe and save payment options


  • Limited sales and mark-down prices
  • Lack of flavor options for edible CBD products
  • Total CBD amount within each product was hard to find
  • Product per package was relatively low

Sunday Scaries Refund Policy

Sunday Scaries offers a 100% money-back guarantee within 30-days of your purchase. To refund a product, reach out to Sunday Scaries via email, no questions asked. The refund process can take up to 3 business days.

Customers who have had to place a return in the past have noted that this process was highly effortless, and getting a hold of Sunday Scaries to request their refund was made easy due to their communications staff.

Contact Sunday Scaries

  • Located at 1495 Pacific Highway, Ste. 375, San Diego, CA 92101
  • Contact via email: Happiness@SundayScaries.com
  • Phone: (619) 892-7174: Monday – Friday 9am – 4pm EST

Sunday Scaries Recap

Sunday Scaries was founded upon the belief that everyone should have the opportunity to live in a world without overwhelming feelings of stress, guilt, and anxiety. This company has identified that many millennials and middle-aged adults suffer from high levels of onset stress, depression, and work-related anxiety during weekends. Sunday Scaries aims to deliver products that can ultimately help you eradicate unnecessary stress, worry, and anxiety through the power of CBD. All their products are created from clinical research and clean manufacturing procedures.

Found within every Sunday Scaries product is the combination of top-tier CBD, vitamin D3, and vitamin B12 makes the best triad to ward off stress and anxiety while supporting the immune system and overall health. The addition of vitamins within the Sunday Scaries proprietary blend only enhances every CBD experience and makes Sunday Scaries more than just an average CBD company.

Where Sunday Scaries stands out is their premium CBD oil and USA-grown hemp. The manufacturing process begins with a screening process that only selects the best quality hemp. If the hemp does not meet the requirements, it doesn’t make it into any Sunday Scaries CBD products. Both owners mandate this by frequent visits to supply chains and manufacturing hubs.

Sunday Scaries only offers safe products that have been rigorously third-party tested through a broad spectrum of screening protocols, all of which can be found on their website with a full-lab panel available.

The products are all premium grade, contain top-tier infused CBD, are cost-effective, and provide results with the expectation of only one Sunday Scaries product – the Tub Cub. The labeling and marketing were extremely simplistic and transparent, which makes them very appealing. We hope that in the future, the Sunday Scaries product per package will increase. In most cases, one order does not seem to be enough for a month’s supply, making it a bit of a headache to keep a constant supply.

For the most savings, Sunday Scaries offers a subscribe & save option, which allows you to take advantage of 20% money-back savings for each order. A 20% savings is relatively high compared to most CBD companies, and we highly recommend you take advantage of this option when ordering. We like how the subscribe & save option is available for every product. This eliminates the need to place product orders regularly.

If for whatever reason you are not satisfied with their products, Sunday Scaries offers a full money-back guarantee on all their products within 30 days of purchase.

We investigated the reviews and testimonials found on the Sunday Scaries website and other third-party reviews. Sunday Scaries holds a consistent 4.86 out of 5-star rating with over 2,000 reviews and testimonials from their website. From third-party reviews, Sunday Scaries has been deemed a very reputable company that offers adequate levels of CBD within each product. A few products like Tub Cub may be slightly overpriced, but this may be due to the quality of CBD oil found within the product.

For the reasons mentioned above, Sunday Scaries is a premium CBD company that delivers on its goal of providing its customers with stress relief in the form of premium-grade CBD products that can accommodate anyone’s needs.

Sunday Scaries Final Thoughts

Sunday Scaries has kept its mission eloquent and simplistic. This premium CBD company does attempt to shoot beyond what they can obtain and has earned a large amount of respect for its simplistic, clean, and transparent foundation. Sunday Scaries genuinely understands that a large majority of millennials, Gen-Z’s, and middle-aged adults are facing an enormous amount of mental health problems derived from societal pressures. Sunday Scaries has identified this problem and has created a solution by utilizing the power of CBD and essential vitamins to safeguard against this worldwide issue.

Its customers highly respect Sunday Scaries because of its effective CBD products and their impact on mental health awareness. Sunday Scaries goes above and beyond by pairing with non-for-profit organizations to help tackle mental health issues worldwide.

If you are looking for a clean CBD company with a goal you can resonate with and offer products that deliver results, then Sunday Scaries is just for you. Their CBD oils are unlike any other on the market because of their top-tier quality. Sunday Scaries offers one of the most transparent and relatable marketing, making it that much easier to purchase from them.

Before making any product purchase, it is always best to conduct your research to investigate if Sunday Scaries is the best CBD company for you. Sunday Scaries offers full disclosure and transparency by making their independent lab testing panels available for every CBD product. If you have any general or health concerns, you should always speak with your healthcare provider before taking any supplement.