Snow Teeth Whitening Kit Review: Does It Really Work as Promised?

The Snow At-Home Teeth Whitening Kit is a complete system to bring more whiteness to the teeth within less than 30 days. It does not require a visit to the dentist, and it is much more affordable for repeated use.

What is Snow?

Smiling upon meeting someone new or even greeting old friends is common, but what does that smile say? Most people hope that their smile is warm and inviting, but yellowish scenes on the teeth can be rather distracting. Even though there are many ways that the teeth can become stained overtime, this discoloration is most often associated with dirtiness or a lack of brushing teeth.

Getting teeth whitened used to be a luxurious idea that only individuals of a certain class could get, due to how expensive it is. However, through the last decade or two, companies have started to make whitening systems more available to individuals who don’t have time or extra money in the budget to go to a dentist. There are whitening strips, different types of toothpastes, but none of these are quite as effective as the Snow At-Home Teeth Whitening Kit.

The Snow At-Home Teeth Whitening Kit makes it possible for individuals to take care of their own teeth whitening with just 9 minutes out of their day. Created in California, users can get their order shipped within 24 hours to their door. Plus, by simply participating with Snow, consumers inherently support children getting the dental care that they desperately need. The system requires no animal testing, and they do not include any harmful chemicals in the serums made for whitening. Plus, it can be used on any type of adult teeth.

While there are many alternatives to an at-home whitening system like Snow, they simply do not match up. Whitening strips often included pack that will provide approximately 14 treatments, but the results are not consistent. Every person’s teeth do not line up with the perfect edge of these strips, and the user just ends up throwing them away. Plus, the edge can leave an uneven line among each tooth, and it can be incredibly painful for individuals with a high sensitivity. Whitening strips also take up to an hour each day for just one treatment.

Getting teeth whitened at a dentist’s office is often the most reliable, but it is also most expensive. Users have to go around the schedule available at the dentist, rather than what is most convenient for themselves. That means that they need their teeth whitened before a big event, that may not actually happen. It can cost a lot of money to maintain this whiteness over time.

The Snow At-Home Teeth Whitening Kit is much different, considering that the majority of users see a whiter surface for their teeth after just one use. It is perfect for sensitive teeth, and it won’t cause any damage to the gums or enamel. It has even already been approved by dentists, and it is being used by celebrities and influencers. Even the busiest lifestyle can take 9 minutes to make their teeth look picture perfect.


Original vs. Wireless

The Snow system has a powerful and effective results for anyone who uses it. It is one of the top choices for whitening systems because it actually does everything it says it will. Using a proprietary tooth whitening serum, the system includes an accelerating mouthpiece that is worn to expose the teeth and whiten them. The process only takes about 9 minutes each day, though users are able to test it for the first 45 days risk free.

The wireless system is the 2nd generation of the whitening kits, and it was only recently launched in January 2021. With professional level results, it is incredibly portable with no need to be connected to any device while it is being used. This offers a distinct advantage over the original device, providing the freedom that consumers need to get the rest of their nighttime routine done. It still includes the whitening formula and it still only takes 9 minutes each day.

Both systems are safe for sensitive teeth, and they won’t over-expose the enamel. In fact, within just a few seconds of opening the package, users can already perform the treatment. The mouthpiece even is water-resistant, and it can be used for individuals with fillings, braces, or even crowns. It won’t damage any existing dental work, and it can even be used by older children. Though the wireless system is a little more expensive, it also has upgraded technology.

Purchasing the Snow At-Home Teeth Whitening Kit


No matter which system the user chooses, they can purchase them both from the official website. While the wired teeth-whitening kit is available for $149, the wireless kit is available for $299. Both are eligible for the interest free payments to break up the total costs into four installments. No additional fees will apply.

If the user finds that this whitening kit does not help them in the way they expected, they have up to 45 days to return it for a full refund.

Additional Products from Snow

Apart from the complete systems, consumers have the option of purchasing many of the components separately as replacements or individual products. Other products include:

  • Whitening wands ($29)
  • Charcoal floss ($15)
  • Accelerating LED mouthpiece ($30)
  • Rejuvenating lip treatment ($30)
  • Lip exfoliating scrub ($44)
  • Lip applicator/cold compress roller ($18)

The whitening wands are necessary, and users will need to purchase them whenever all of the serum is used. Consumers that subscribe for regular shipments can save 15% on every order with up to a 12-pack.

Charcoal floss gives a perfect cleaning between teeth, attracting the plaque to pull it out with natural fibers. With a gentle mint flavor, users get 52 yards of this floss that is entirely made with bamboo fiber.

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The accelerating LED mouthpiece can be used with the current Snow system, or it can replace the existing mouthpiece that comes with it. Unlike the kits, this mouthpiece is sold as its own item, and users will be responsible for getting their own whitening serum.

The rejuvenating lip treatment is not necessary for the whitening of the teeth, but it acts as a protectant against sub exposure. It keeps the lips soft and moisturized, and it improves collagen.

The lip exfoliating scrub comes with the applicator (described below), eliminating dead skin and dryness from the skin’s surface. It offers a combination of lavender and mint sugar flavors.

The roller allows consumers to eliminate puffiness under the eyes and to apply exfoliating scrub to the lips. It is not an essential part of the whitening process, but it can be used as a beauty tool.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Snow At-Home Teeth Whitening Kit

How is the Snow At-Home Teeth Whitening Kit different from other whitening systems?

The creators behind this regiment have already invested $3 million in their products and engineering. The company is based in America, though it helps customers in over 200 countries to gain access to this whitening system. Help all of their own products, and they do not outsource any step.

How is the Snow kit meant to be used?

First, the user will need to brush their teeth to make sure there is no debris or buildup on the surface. Then, use the included brush to apply the serum in the same way that someone would paint any surface. Then, place the whitening tray in the mouth as it lightens the color of the teeth for about 9 minutes. Users do not need to leave it in place for more than 9 minutes each day.

How is using the original kit different from the wireless kit?

The wireless kit will require charging. However, it provides more portability while whitening teeth so that users can get other tasks done at the same time.

What is the difference in the regular serum and the extra strength serum?

The extra strength serum is designed to work for faster results. There is no indication, but it is meant for more severe stains since both products work officially to remove them.

How much serum will the user need to apply?

Users should only need a few drops for each tooth they’re whitening.

How long should users wait to apply this formula after they have eaten?

But the creators recommend applying it no sooner than one hour after eating. However, the best timing to apply the serum is before bedtime, creating a regular part of the user’s routine.

Is this device safe for children?

Yes, but there are some conditions. This technology is only meant to be used on adult teeth, so children they use the system should not have any of their remaining baby teeth.

What type of stains can be removed from the teeth with Snow?

The whitening system is meant remove the hardest of stains to eliminate with teeth brushing alone. It is even capable of erasing the stains caused by red wine or coffee.

Will users experience increased sensitivity in their teeth or gums as they use Snow?

No. The formula and the rest of the system is made with a proprietary blend of ingredients found in the serum. This blend of ingredients will not cause any type of sensitivity.

Is the Snow kit safe to use if the user has fillings?

Yes. The system is safe to whiten teeth they have had dental work like fillings.

Is there a risk that the light exposure will cause cancer in the mouth?

Since Snow specifically uses LED wavelengths, there is no risk of causing any type of harm for the mouth or body (including any potential risk of cancer). This system has been thoroughly tested to ensure that there are no possible side effects.

How long will it take to get whiter teeth with this treatment?

If users follow the directions carefully, most people see a change in the whiteness within the first treatment. However, it can take up to one month to see definitive change.

Are there any payment plans available?

Yes. The creators have partnered with several providers to make it possible to break the payments into installment plans. There are no extra fees applied to participate.

What if one of the components of the Snow kit stops working?

All purchases are covered by a 5-year warranty.

What is the return policy of the Snow products?

The return process will vary, based on the amount of time it has been since the original charge. Individuals that returned their product within 45 days will get a complete refund to the payment method they used originally. However, if they want to return the product after that 45-day limit, they will be responsible for the shipping cost and they will only get a store credit instead.


For any other questions or concerns about the Snow whitening kit, send an email to support@trysnow.com.


The Snow At-Home Teeth Whitening Kit gives consumers the advantage of whitening their teeth from home without the need to schedule with a dentist. There are no strips that can possibly leave uneven lines, and users essentially paint on the serum to each individual tooth. The process of whitening takes just 9 minutes, which is much lower than any other product currently on the market. Since it is meant to be used each day for the first 30 days, it easily makes up its cost in that time period plus, even if the user finds that this is not the right product for them, they are covered by a money-back guarantee.

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