Silencil Review: Do NOT Buy Yet!

What is Silencil?

Silencil is a revolutionary new product designed to help treat tinnitus. The purpose of taking the supplement is to help those suffering from the medical condition without visiting a health practitioner, thereby saving them a considerable amount of cash and time. People who suffer from Tinnitus tend to have other health concerns as well, something the ingredients in Silencil are likely to help as well as memory loss. Individuals suffering from the health condition have been searching for a viable treatment for years. Let us see if the supplement delivers as promised.

What is Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is a health condition in which people suffer from a continual ringing in the ears. There are several factors believed to cause or contribute to irritating health issues. The ear is a susceptible organ of the body. It is also delicate in nature, prone to injury, suspected of causing issues like tinnitus. Injury to the ear can happen for any number of reasons, and since the ear is responsible for one of our five senses, it is important to keep the ear functional.

Reasons for tinnitus are arguable, but no one can deny inner ear damage contributes to the health problem. The ear is made up of three separate areas, each containing tiny bones or pieces of cartilage. Together, the three parts make up the entire ear, allowing us to pick up sound vibrations, transmute them into words or music or other desirable sounds.

When the bones in the ear are damaged by loud music or head trauma, ringing may persist for years or the individual’s entire lifespan. Other factors that contribute to Tinnitus may be linked to unwanted bacteria in the gut. When too much of the unwanted bacteria take hold or parasitic fungus grows, several unwanted health issues, like Tinnitus, begin. It is not for certain what the main cause of Tinnitus is, but it is believed it is likely to start from damage and increase from other factors. Various reasons cause most health problems, one of which is inflammation, something absolutely linked to Tinnitus.

Who Makes Sliencil?

Silencil was created by Henry Sanders, a former sufferer of Tinnitus. For Henry, the ringing was so bad it landed him in a mental hospital. After dealing with a hum so loud it drove him near insane, he began to have suicidal thoughts, which lead to him getting checked into a psych ward. Henry is not the only person suffering from Tinnitus who has lost their mind. Many people who suffer from it report a general loss of the desire to live life. When the ringing gets bad enough, those living with the loud hum are often depressed and are not motivated to do anything. After years, they cannot bear the pain or irritation. Not everyone who has tinnitus is suicidal, but everyone who had tinnitus is living a lower quality of life than those who do not have it. It is because of each of these factors; Sanders decided to find a cure for Tinnitus. Through his research and findings, he developed Silencil, designed to end the ringing once and for all.

How Does Silencil Work?

Silencil works in a couple of ways. First, it targets inflammation, one of the key issues believed to be responsible for Tinnitus. Inflammation caused the bones in the inner ear to vibrate when they are not supposed to. By reducing swelling, you increase blood flow and shrink things down, so more vibration is needed to cause the bones to interact with each other and produce sound. Silencil does not only lower ringing by reducing inflammation, but it also is a proactive supplement designed to slow down inflammation in general throughout the body.

By proactively healing the body before inflammation begins, people can better maintain their inner health, thereby stopping Tinnitus before it starts. Another benefit is that inflammation is reduced in the ear and through the entire body as well. This translates to Silencil improving your overall health and, therefore, quality of life.

Silencil does more than stop inflammation; it also improves brain functionality. It causes the neural firing sequences of the brain to function better. When neural firing sequences are more efficient, information is transferred faster, so the brain needs to work less. Ringing is reduced when the brain works more efficiently since the info load is not as heavy.

One of the purposes of Silencil is to help people suffering think clearer. It was important to Sanders to improve how people think since Tinnitus caused mental illness in him. Clearer thought means less thinking or more silence, the basic principle the supplement stands for – peace of mind. Considering Silencil is all-natural, the supplement is a good start for treatment vs. more expensive medical procedures.

What Ingredients Are in Silencil?

There are five major ingredients in the supplement, each of which is all-natural – some already occurring in the body. Below is a list of the ingredients you will find in the supplement.

Skullcap & Hawthorn – These two ingredients compose most of the supplement. They are the primary ingredients responsible for lowering inflammation levels in the body. And as we stated earlier, inflammation may be the leading cause of Tinnitus.

Oat Straw – The focus of Oat Straw is brain function. The ingredient helps the brain function at a higher rate, increasing mental clarity and lowering the number of metabolic processes a person has. It helps silence the mind to help improve the individual’s peace of mind and quality of life.

Mucuna Pruriens – This ingredient acts as the proactive agent, protecting the ear and other vital organs of the body from future levels of inflammation. Preventive treatment mixed with current treatment is essential for the long-term effectiveness of any product.

Vitamins B1, B2, B6, & Potassium – Each of these ingredients is used to support brain activity and increase functionality. Many health practitioners believe improved brain function lowers ringing in the ear caused by Tinnitus.

GABA – GABA is a molecule found in the body and brain. It is responsible for stress management and mood stability. Considering Henry Sanders was hospitalized for mental issues, it makes sense he put a mood enhancement ingredient in Silencil. Low GABA levels in the body have also been directly linked to Tinnitus.

Together, these ingredients will help eliminate Tinnitus and effectively stop ringing or humming in the ear. They also increase brain function and help stop memory loss, possibly even hindering any diseases linked to memory loss. And since they are all 100% all-natural, they are safe for anyone to take.


What Are People Saying About Silencil?

According to the official website, people are stating Silencil is an effective supplement for reducing the health issue of Tinnitus. Most people state at some point, Tinnitus becomes unbearable and lowers their quality of life. After a couple of weeks to a few weeks of taking the supplement, they report lower ringing or that ringing stops.

Is Silencil Safe?

The manufacture claims, Silencil is made with all-natural ingredients. If the supplement is taken as directed, it is considered safe. Still, you must speak with your doctor before taking any new supplement; only they can be sure it is safe for you. Silencil is also made in facilities approved by the FDA in the USA and does not contain any harsh chemicals or artificial additives.

Where Can I Buy Silencil?

To avoid counterfeit product and ensure users receive a high-quality supplement is recommended to order Silencil directly from their official website, Silencil.com and restrain from ordering from third-party websites such as Amazon or eBay.


Silencil Final Verdict

According to the official website, Silencil is known as a safe supplement. While it is designed primarily for people suffering from Tinnitus, it is likely a beneficial supplement for anyone to take, considering the ingredients. Also, Silencil is said to work as a preventive measure to tinnitus, helping treat the symptoms of the issue.

It is also important to mention nearly 125,000 people have already tried the supplement. Moreover, it is a lot easier to take a supplement than to go through any lengthy health procedure to improve your hearing. Lastly, there is a 100% money-back guarantee. To learn more about Silencil and if it can work for you, visit the official Silencil website.


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