Rapid Smoothie Diet Reviews: Rapid Fat Loss Smoothie System?

The Rapid Fat Loss Smoothie System is a complete weight loss program with multiple supplements and bonus guides to explain the best way to get in shape. The formula helps to burn through stubborn belly fat at a rate of 171% faster than other methods.

What is the Rapid Fat Loss Smoothie System?

When someone is desperate, they’ll do just about anything they can think of to lose weight. Cutting calories is a difficult struggle, but it works for many people. Even getting to the gym can make a big difference, but those changes don’t impact everyone the same way. Anyone over age 40 experiences one of the biggest roadblocks to fitness – their metabolism. As hormones change, so does the natural ability to burn through calories, but the Rapid Fat Loss Smoothie System aims to change all of that.

According to the many customer stories posted on the official Rapid Smoothie Diet website, using this program provides impressive changes for the user. Some of the claims say that users can lose up to two dress sizes, melt up to 171% more belly fat, and eliminate the cravings for carbohydrates at night.

When consumers lack the nutrients that they need, toxic fat builds up in their body and prevents hormones from producing at the rate that they should. It creates extra fat along the abdomen, which is the most dangerous area to carry it. Even with diet and exercise, losing weight is an impossible struggle to overcome. Using the Rapid Fat Loss Smoothie System makes the process much easier, purging the extra fat for a healthier physique.

The reason that the smoothies of the Rapid Fat Loss Smoothie System are so effective is because they have a twofold approach – targeting abdominal fat and thinning out digestive bile. When the bile is thick and congested, it is impossible to eliminate the extra fat. This problem is incredible common among men and women over age 40. By eliminating the congested bile, all of the weight loss efforts finally make a difference.

About the Rapid Collagen Smoothie Mix

The first part of the system is the Rapid Collagen Smoothie Mix. With this blend, consumers trigger weight loss in a fast and effective way. However, instead of just burning through the fat, this mixture also provides the nutrients needed by the body to lift, firm, and provide overall support to the body. Users don’t have to combine the use of the smoothie mix with any diet changes or exercise. In fact, they don’t have to change anything at all.

To make these effects possible, the smoothie mix contains:

  • Type 1 collagen
  • Type 2 collagen
  • Type 3 collagen
  • Acerola cherry

Users will need to add a serving of the mix to coffee or a smoothie in the mornings. The powder blends easily, and it helps users to burn through extra calories throughout the day.

Type I Collagen

Type 1 Collagen is crucial for the health of the body, and it is found in the connective tissues. It maintains the structure of the bones, skin, hair, tendons, ligaments, blood vessels, and more.

Type II Collagen

The inclusion of Type 2 collagen is just as important as offering type 1. It is crucial for the formation and structure of cartilage, which is found in the ears and nose. It is also found between the joints and vertebrae. The body’s ability to maintain collagen production diminishes with age, which is why it is so important to this formula.

Type III Collagen

Type 3 collagen is mostly a part of the skin and organs, though it is already found in type 1 collagen. It is the reason that youthful skin tends to have greater elasticity and firmness. It is important to the formation of heart tissue and blood vessels.

Acerola Cherry

Acerola cherry provides the user with an incredible source of vitamin C in every serving. It promotes better collagen synthesis and helps with regeneration of cells to promote better fat-burning possibilities.

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is a common skincare ingredient, lubricating the skin to lock in moisture. Much like collagen, the body doesn’t have as much of it as it ages, but consumers need it to maintain the youthful appearance of the skin.

Horsetail Plant Extract

Horsetail plant extract has been used for centuries for its medicinal benefits. It acts as a source of silica, which is necessary for the production of collagen. Silica strengthens connective tissues, and it provides the body with antioxidants to purge free radicals.

Bamboo Plant Extract

Bamboo plant extract is primarily used in traditional Asian medicine, though it is also found in anti-aging skincare products. It is made up of 70% silica, adding to the support for collagen production.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 improves the absorption of collagen, which is helpful with three different types in this powder. According to some studies, being deficient in vitamin B6 can diminish collagen metabolism. Vitamin B6 also helps to fight against stress and the release of cortisol.

About the Rapid Fat-Loss Smoothie Protocol

The use of the collagen supplement is essential to the effectiveness of The Rapid Fat Loss Smoothie System. However, combining it with the Rapid Fat Loss Smoothie System maximizes the effect. The program takes the user through the next 20 days to lose weight quickly and safely.

The guide tells users everything that they need to know, including the right times to eat and drink, the foods that users should consume, and more. The recipes inside this guide are incredible, offering such flavor and effectiveness that some people may forget that they are trying to lose weight. This guide only needs the first 24 hours to trigger weight loss, though users should keep up with the recommendations through the entire 20 days. They’ll be able to eat plenty of food while they watch their stomach lose all the extra fat and bloating.

Individuals that follow the protocol often lose 3-12 lbs. within just the first 7 days.

About the Bonus Content

Along with the main program, users will get several bonuses to urge along their progress. The bonuses include:

  • 5-Minute Rapid Smoothie Recipe Book, which includes smoothies that only take a few minutes to make without sacrificing their nutritional value.
  • Weekend Rapid Smoothie Detox, which helps users lose up to 10 lbs. with a detoxification smoothie that may even reduce the appearance of aging.
  • Frozen Fruit Smoothie Recipe Book, which offers refreshing recipes that can be used as snacks or desserts while participating in the weight loss program.
  • Fat-Burning Collagen Protein Smoothies, which gives users an extra boost of protein that benefits consumers at any age to keep collagen production under control.
  • Rapid Smoothie Diet Quick Start Guide, which helps users to get started on this program without having to read every single page of the protocol in a single day.
  • 100 Calorie Fat-Blasting Collagen Smoothies, which includes a bunch of recipes that won’t overfill the body with calories when users need to create a deficit.

If consumers had to pay for this content separately, the total cost of the six bonuses would be $137. However, just for participating in the routine, users don’t have to pay anything extra. All of this information is a gift to consumers for taking a chance on the Rapid Fat Loss Smoothie System.

Purchasing the Rapid Fat Loss Smoothie System

Between the bonus materials, the smoothie mixture, and the main protocol, users are already getting an incredible deal for the Rapid Fat Loss Smoothie System. The website offers several different packages, basing them on the total number of jars of the Rapid Collagen Smoothie Mix the users want to buy. By making a purchase, all of the other content is delivered in the same package.

Choose from:

  • One jar for $69
  • Two jars for $118 ($59 each)
  • Four jars for $196 ($49 each)

Users are also responsible for the cost of shipping. So far, no other vendors sell the Rapid Fat Loss Smoothie System.

Consumers that don’t get the weight loss benefits that they’d hoped for can request a refund within 60 days of the original purchase.



The Rapid Fat Loss Smoothie System provides users with tons of informational materials, recipes, and supplemental powder that helps with weight loss. The program doesn’t take long to show results, though each piece has a different promise of success. While there is no definitive amount of time that users will need to take the collagen supplement, the protocol for weight loss only takes 20 days to see a lasting difference in weight and wrinkles. Plus, it is all backed with a money-back guarantee. Visit the Rapid Smoothie Diet website to find out more about The Rapid Fat Loss Smoothie System today!



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