ProstaMend Reviews: New 2021 Safety Consumer Scam Complaints

ProstaMend is a daily supplement to improve prostate health that according to the official website is a blend of 32 potent and natural ingredients that reduce inflammation and protect the prostate.

What is ProstaMend?

Nothing is quite as humiliating as an accident because one doesn’t quite reach the bathroom. The health of the prostate is important, but hardly anyone prioritizes it before it’s too late. Considering the millions of men with prostate cancer or related prostate conditions, this part of the body needs just as much support to stay healthy as the muscles, brain, and sex drive do.

Studies show that there has been a significant increase in the risk of prostate issues in men over age 40 throughout the last 50 years. The most common problem that men will face if dealing with an unhealthy prostate is frequent bathroom visits, interrupting every activity, and a night of sleep. However, that is just one direct impact that this issue makes.

Men who suffer from prostate inflammation deal with feelings of emasculation, as well as pain and insomnia. Even though this problem is common, it can also become rather expensive to deal with amongst all of the medications and protective undergarments to avoid leakage on the way to the bathroom. ProstaMend provides men with a way to correct the problem by addressing damage in the prostate and repairing it.

The entire remedy is made with 32 natural ingredients that are sourced exclusively and are entirely safe for the body. The formula improves the prostate’s overall health, which means that users reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction.


The Dangers of Prostate Medication

With many medications are available that already support the prostate, Big Pharma cashes in greatly on this major health concern. There are medications currently being touted by pharmaceutical reps to doctors to help profit from prostate conditions. Some of these medications are incredibly expensive, while others pose a major risk to the user’s health.

Considering how flooded the industry already is, you may be wondering why ProstaMend is adding another supplement to choose from. The medications on the market come with significant side effects, which can put the user at a greater risk than only getting up to go to the bathroom each night multiple times.

Take two of the leading medicines on the market today – Avodart and Proscar. These medications are both inhibitors of a protein called 5-alpha-reductase. The ProstaMed medication’s purpose is to reduce an enlarged prostate, but both medicines have quite a history. Last year, a class-action lawsuit named Avodart as their target, saying that the formula increases the risk of prostate disease.

Even by looking up the information about these two products, users will find that the typical side effects include:

  • A decreased libido
  • Impotence
  • Pain and inflammation
  • Tenderness in the chest
  • Dizziness
  • Weakness
  • Fatigue
  • Headache
  • Bloating
  • Hives or welts
  • Weight gain
  • Rash

Research shows a high likelihood that the user’s sexual health side effects may not be reversible to make matters worse. Luckily, the same is not true of ProstaMend.

How ProstaMend Helps the Body

This entire formula goes back to the inflammation that occurs in the prostate that causes pressure on the bladder. According to the creators of ProstaMend, much of this inflammation can be due to rising levels of DHT. DHT is produced when the body converts testosterone; most people have only heard this in advertisements for hair loss products.

With high levels of this chemical, the androgen receptors inside the prostate bind directly to it. The receptors typically help the prostate to function properly, but the trigger from DHT can cause inflammation instead. This inflammation is exactly why the bladder never fully empties, and men constantly feel as though they have to go to the bathroom without warning.

Though it may seem like the right solution to stop the inflammation, it wouldn’t solve the problem. The inflammation they trigger is a defense method, and the body naturally inflames areas that need healing. Having inflammation allows white blood cells to heal and protect the body, serving a necessary purpose.

Inflammation of the prostate puts men at a greater risk for urinary tract infections, as well as damage to the bladder wall, incontinence, erectile dysfunction, and even blood in their urine. When the inflammation remains, that is when real problems begin.

Using this supplement, healing the inflammation and eliminating the bladder’s extra pressure becomes significantly more comfortable. With significant testing to find the right combination of ingredients, the company ultimately chose a small group of natural ingredients that gradually heal the prostate.

Inflammation goes away, and users don’t endure the same pain and embarrassment that they formerly had. Plus, the entire body can feel the health benefits that the ingredients provide.

The Ingredients of ProstaMend

Though the formula comprises 30 two different extracts from minerals, plants, and herbs, only a few mention the official website. Each one plays a role in inhibiting DHT, reducing inflammation, and improving individuals’ health with prostate problems.

The ingredients mentioned on the website include:

  • Maitake, reishi, and shiitake mushrooms
  • Red raspberry
  • Annona muricata
  • Pygeum africanum
  • Saw palmetto
  • Stinging nettle

The three mushrooms all work to eliminate the unwanted bacteria that builds up in the body. Mushrooms have long been known as an excellent source of protein, fiber, and antioxidants, so they can also reduce the risk of certain health conditions. With their high content of selenium, they even include an essential mineral that the body does not usually get enough each day.

Red raspberry is also loaded with antioxidants, as well as other nutrients. Some evidence suggests that red raspberries can help protect individuals from developing diabetes, cancer, arthritis, and other conditions. It reduces the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of aging, and they are a delicious addition to any diet. For women, red raspberry is often included to promote better breast milk flow to restore the body’s health after childbirth.

Annona Muricata, which also goes by the name soursop or Graviola, has impressive health benefits for the body. The extract has primarily been found in tropical areas, and it is used medicinally as a solution for diabetes, fever, and even cancer. The potent concentration of this ingredient earned it the nickname “the cancer killer.” In ProstaMend, also helps the body to deal with the inflammation that has buildup within it.

Pygeum Africanum, which comes from a tree, is primarily included to discourage the release and conversion. It reduces the risk of urinary infections as it reduces the symptoms associated with BHP and prostate cancer. Some people use this ingredient to treat kidney disease, stomach ache, and low libido.

Saw Palmetto also blocks DHT from being produced within the body, which is part of the purpose for taking this formula in the first place. Without DHT, users also have a significantly reduced risk of hearing loss since this chemical is necessary for the loss. This ingredient’s primary purpose is to promote testosterone, triggering a higher sex drive and reducing the inflammation in the body. Some people also use it to promote a healthier urinary tract.

The final ingredient, stinging nettle, is used to block DHT production to help reduce inflammation of the prostate. The leaves are the primary source of support for individuals with inflammation, mainly including their prostates. Stinging nettle can help treat the symptoms associated with an enlarged prostate. Some evidence suggests that it can reduce high blood pressure, treat hay fever, and promote better blood sugar levels.

Among all of these ingredients, users will only need a single serving a day to make a difference. However, if the issue persists, speak with a medical professional to get a checkup and learn more about a possible problem.

Purchasing ProstaMend

To get access to the ProstaMend remedy, users will have to purchase the official website formula. It isn’t available in stores, and it won’t be offered from a third-party website.

Even though users will have to cover a small shipping fee when they order a single bottle, they can altogether avoid it with a larger order to get free shipping.

If the user finds that this formula doesn’t work for their needs, reach out to the customer service team for a refund within the first 60 days to get a refund.


Frequently Asked Questions About ProstaMend

How does ProstaMend help the body?

The formula provides the user with specific nutrients that help the reproductive system’s health and reduces the prostate’s inflammation with age. It reduces DHT, preventing the body from developing prostate diseases. The remedy is entirely made up of natural ingredients.

What is the best number of bottles to order to get the most benefits?

Continual use will likely be the best way to promote change in any of the multi-bottle packages offer it. Individuals that only want to try out this product for a month may find the best benefits by ordering a single bottle, but it will only cover one month of use. By requesting a bigger package, users get the best value for each bottle and free shipping on the purchase.

Who is the optimal customer for using ProstaMend?

ProstaMend can help anyone who wants to reduce their prostate’s size or who has been diagnosed with BPH.

Is there a refund policy?

Yes. The refund policy is in effect for the first 60 days, allowing users to return their unused bottles their money back.

How many people have already used this formula?

According to the website, approximately 109 thousand men worldwide have already seen success with this formula.

Are there any side effects?

No adverse effects have been reported at this point. All of the ingredients are natural, and none of them are common allergens.

How long will users still be able to procure their purchase of ProstaMend?

Due to the impact, this formula may have on Big Pharma’s profits; the creators do not believe it will be up for a long time. Users that want to place an order should do so while the advertisement is still available.

How do users purchase ProstaMend?

Users will need to go through the official website to submit their orders. There is no authorized third party, online or in-person, who has been approved to sell the formula.

For customers that still have other questions before they make their purchase, send an email to support@prostamend.com.



ProstaMend allows men to improve the healing within their prostate without putting their bodies at risk for the many side effects that medications have today. The remedy is primarily known for reducing inflammation, though the inhibiting of DHT significantly reduces their risk of developing prostate cancer. Though this formula is not a medication or a guarantee that the user will not develop prostate cancer, it supplies the body with nutrients that it otherwise would not receive.