LiveCareer Reviews (LiveCareer.com) Legit Resume Help Writing Service?

LiveCareer is an online platform that helps consumers to create their best resumes with cover letters, references, and more. Along with the main content offered on the website, consumers can ask the online community for advice when writing their new resumes.

What is LiveCareer?

Finding work in this fluctuating economy can be an overwhelming struggle, especially for people who have spent a long time unemployed. While it helps to fill out a regular application, employers learn much more about their applicants when a personalized resume is attached. Many companies won’t even accept an application without one nowadays. Unfortunately, too many people enter the workforce without an idea of how to build a mediocre resume, and that lack of knowledge can hurt their careers.

Launching LiveCareer made it possible for consumers everywhere to get the support they need as they seek a career matching their skillset. The platform specializes in helping to create resumes, cover letters, and other tools that will help them get hired for the job they deserve. With over 700 templates collectively, users can take advantage of the review services with experts to see how else they can improve it. They even have a Resume Builder tool that takes users through every step to generate a high-quality resume within a few minutes.

Though LiveCareer is known for its support for creating resumes, they also offer job boards with numerous opportunities, giving users something to do with their completed resume. While other websites might use AI-based tools or grammar-checking tools as their source of editing, all of the information for cover letters and resumes are made by experts with LiveCareer. Users can choose from different file formats and templates until they create precisely the resume they want to have.

Building a Resume with LiveCareer

Consumers who want to start creating a resume for their needs right away can click the Build a Resume link at the top of the main page. They are directed to the first of a few pages, only requiring three steps to plug all of the details into their auto-generated resume.

The templates page allows users to choose traditional, modern, and creative templates. First, the user selects from the repertoire of templates with different professional-quality designs. Users will be asked about their work experience to find the best template and receive a lengthy list of recommendations. Of course, users won’t have to pick the template right then; they can opt to select the template later.

After choosing the template, users can start their resume from scratch or upload their current resume to be reformatted with this template. If they have a resume to upload, most of the upcoming questions about their address, work experience, and more will already be filled in. They will also recommend skills they can input based on their current job.

Users can take advantage of this platform to learn about the factors in their resumes that are specific to the industry in which they want to work. Users can download the content with the selected professional template when the first two steps are complete. What they do with this resume next is up to them, allowing them to print it off or start applying to their desired jobs.

To access the resume, users will need to create an account on the LiveCareer website, and they will need to pay for the resume they built.

Getting Access to the Resume Created Through LiveCareer

When users are ready to keep their access to the LiveCareer resume, they have a few options – a 14-day trial or a monthly payment. The 14-day Full Access option is $2.95, due the same day. The monthly cost is $5.95 and is billed on the same day.

There is a catch – signing up for the 14-day Full Access membership is a trial. Once the problem is over, they’ll be charged $23.95 every four weeks. Signing up for a one-month membership is also a trial, and users will be charged $71.40 annually after the first 30 days are over.

Users can choose from multiple formats to download their resumes by paying for this membership. They will also be able to see job matches that work for their result, and they can make multiple resumes with incredible quality.

Still, consumers are protected with the money-back guarantee, which gives them a refund within the first 14 days if they are unhappy with the results.


Frequently Asked Questions About LiveCareer

Q. How successful are the resumes built through LiveCareer?

A. According to the statistics online, customers who used the LiveCareer services to build their resumes have been hired at several major companies, like Chase, American Airlines, Ace Hardware, T-Mobile, and Amazon.

Q. Why is a good resume important?

A. A resume is often the first opportunity for an individual to make an impression on their future employer. However, scoring a job takes much more than a good resume. The experts through LiveCareer advise users on finding the right career path for their experience and work goals.

Q. How can users create an account with LiveCareer?

A. Users can click Sign In at the top of the main page, selecting Sign Up when the login window pops up. They need their email address to register, and they will have to create a password.

Q. What does Full Access membership give the user?

A. Users who sign up for an account can print and download unlimited resumes that they develop. With a paid account, users can access their cover letters and resumes for life, and they can use the platform to search for jobs that match their skill set. They also can access tools to examine the grammar, spelling, and more on their resumes so they are well-written.

They’ll also learn about the questions they may be asked during interviews with the responses employers are looking for. They can even view the typical salary for their desired position in different locations.

Q. What formats are the resumes available?

A. Consumers can choose from Microsoft Word, Simple Text, or PDF as the file type when they download their resumes.

Q. What are the main resume formats that consumers can choose from?

A. Users can select a functional, chronological, or combination format. Chronological resumes are the most popular and used by people with years of experience in the workforce. Functional resumes focus on skills, showing what the user can do before their work history is featured. Users will see features from chronological and functional resume formats with a combination resume.

Q. How do users know which format style is the right option for them?

A. Customers should base their resume format on their experience, length of employment history, skill set, and career goals.

Q. How long should users make their resumes?

A. The experts at LiveCareer recommend limiting their resume to no more than two pages. However, most employers want to have all pertinent information in front of them already, so limiting to just one page makes the content more concise.

Anyone who has a question or concern can call or send an email to LiveCareer at:

  • customerservice@livecareer.com
  • 800-652-8430.


LiveCareer’s platform is easy for consumers to navigate, showing them what they need to do to make the best resume for their needs. They’ll have to pay for complete access, but they’ll have unlimited outlines and cover letter templates. While the LiveCareer service isn’t free, a small membership fee allows users to make as many resumes as they need for their job search.



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