Kailo Pain Patch Reviews: Real Relief That Works?

Kailo is a pain relief patch that uses nanotechnology to stop the pain instantly. As per the instructions on the official website, you wear the patch daily, and Kailo uses your body’s natural electrical signals to stop pain at the source. It may sound like a strange concept – but many people use Kailo regularly for pain relief.

How does Kailo work? What does Kailo do? Find out everything you need to know about this unique pain relief solution today in our review.

What is Kailo?

Kailo is a pain relief patch that targets pain without drugs or chemicals. You can buy the patch online today through GoKailo.com or GetKailo.io, both of which sell a starter kit for around $100.

Each patch contains billions of nano capacitors. These nano capacitors act as contact points with your body. Your body’s natural electricity runs through these contact points. You place the Kailo patch anywhere on your body to relieve the source of your pain.

Once you’ve found the source of your pain, you should notice a significant lessening in pain. You attach Kailo to that part of your body, then wear it daily for short-term pain relief.

As many people admit, Kailo sounds weird. It sounds like a scam. It sounds like it shouldn’t relieve pain. However, many people wear Kailo daily to relieve pain quickly and easily.

Kailo recently released a clinical trial proving their patch leads to a significant reduction in pain. This is the first major study proving Kailo leads to noticeable pain relief. It is made by a Utah-based company named Kailo Labs, LLC. The skin patch is designed, engineered, and manufactured in Utah.

Let’s take a closer look at how Kailo works and what it does to your body.

Kailo Features & Benefits

Kailo claims to offer all of the following features and benefits:

Works Anywhere: Some people place Kailo on their knees and elbows. Others use it for head and neck pain. You can wear it to your back, stomach, hands, feet, shoulders, or wherever else you feel pain.

Relieves Pain Quickly: You should notice it instantly relieve a small amount of pain at the site. The patch relieves more pain within 60 seconds to 10 minutes of use. Many people feel significant pain relief within a few minutes of placing Kailo on their bodies.

Drug-Free Solution: Some people use oral medication to manage pain. But this is a drug-free solution to relieve pain with zero side effects or tolerance issues.

Patches Last for Years: You need to replace its adhesive strips periodically, but the Kailo patch itself lasts for years. You can continue reusing the patch as long as you have the adhesive strips.

Waterproof: You can wear Kailo all day, using it while swimming, in the shower, or anywhere else. It’s a durable, waterproof patch.

Backed by a Refund: If Kailo does not relieve your pain quickly and easily, then you are entitled to a complete refund. All purchases are backed by a 30 to 90-day refund, depending on where you purchase it.

How Does Kailo Work?

This device uses your body’s natural electricity to its advantage. Each patch contains contact points that interact with your body’s natural electrical system.

You move the patch over your body until you find the right spot for pain relief. You might move the patch up and down your elbow, for example, to target elbow pain. Others wear Kailo to their head or neck to target migraines and other problems.

Once you’ve found a good spot for it, you attach the patch with an adhesive strip. You leave it on your body as long as needed, providing temporary pain relief anywhere on your body.

You should feel Kailo working instantly. If done correctly, it can relieve pain at the site of application within seconds.

Then, over the next few minutes of using Kailo, you should feel increased pain relief. Many people experience maximum pain relief within 5 to 10 minutes of applying the device. Some claim their pain is completely gone after using Kailo, while others claim it’s a noticeable reduction in pain.

How to Apply your Kailo Patch

Using the Kailo patch is easy. It’s just like applying any adhesive skin patch. Here’s how it works:

Step 1) Move the Kailo patch over the part of your body where you want to target pain. Move the patch slowly, testing to see where the patch works best. You should notice a difference in certain spots of your body. You may feel like the Kailo patch is tingling or warming up. This means the patch is working, and you should start feeling pain relief in seconds.

Step 2) After finding the right spot, unpeel the adhesive backing from one of the strips, then attach it to the Kailo patch. Line up the adhesive with the back of your Kailo pain relief patch, then remove half of the adhesive backing and press the adhesive against the Kailo patch. Then, remove the other half of the adhesive. At this point, you can store Kailo for future use – or stick it to your body immediately.

Step 3) When you’re ready to apply Kailo to your skin, peel off the clear adhesive backing from Kailo, then apply the patch to your skin or clothing. You can wash this adhesive and reuse it multiple times. Each Kailo kit comes with three adhesive patches. Once you’ve used all your patches, you can order more (a 10 pack costs $25 from GoKailo.com).

The patches are wearable, reusable, and waterproof. After removing the patch from your skin, you can wash the adhesive off to restore its stickiness, allowing you to reuse the adhesive multiple times.

You can wear each Kailo patch as long as you like. Some people wear it all day. Others wear it for an hour. Some wear it for just a few minutes to enjoy fast and easy pain relief.

The Technology Behind Kailo

The power of Kailo lies within the nano capacitors within the patch. These nano capacitors interact with your body’s natural electricity through your skin or clothing – similar to how a TENS system works.

Each Kailo patch contains billions (yes, billions) of small capacitors. These capacitors react to electrical charges in your body. They take your body’s natural electrical signals, modify them slightly, and adjust your body’s natural communication signals.

Your body uses its natural electrical system to send pain throughout your body. Kailo claims to disrupt this messaging, preventing pain signals from spreading throughout your body. By placing Kailo at the source of your pain, you can tell your body to stop sending pain signals.

Kailo sounds like some crazy technology, but it’s similar to the technology used in antennas, signal transmission, biometric identification systems, and energy storage systems. Kailo makes this technology safe for humans, placing all of this electrical communication system inside a small skin patch.

Kailo sticks to your body using a silicone adhesive strip. You buy silicone adhesive strips separate from the Kailo pain relief patch. You can reuse each adhesive strip multiple times, washing it after use to restore its stickiness.

You don’t need electricity to use Kailo, and the system has no battery whatsoever. It simply takes your body’s existing electricity, propagating that electricity and modifying the signals slightly.

Kailo Versus TENS

If you have ever used TENS to relieve pain, then Kailo may sound familiar. TENS is a battery-operated device that uses low-voltage electrical current to target pain. You place the electrodes near the source of your pain, and TENS stimulates nerves in the affected area, scrambling the signal. This prevents pain from reaching your brain, and your body never receives the signal to feel pain.

Kailo seems to use a similar technology to TENS – without using active electricity or a battery.

Kailo uses your body’s natural electricity instead, helping you relieve pain quickly. It’s like a TENS system but without the electrical current.

Where to Use Kailo

The official Kailo website recommends testing Kailo on different parts of your body for optimal use. You can target different types of pain in different parts of your body.

Some of the target areas where Kailo can relieve pain include:

  • Headaches
  • Shoulder pain
  • Knee pain
  • Elbow pain
  • Other pain throughout your body

Scientific Evidence for Kailo

After several years on the market, Kailo is finally backed by scientific evidence.

In January 2021, the makers of Kailo released the results from their clinical trial. The results were published in an international, peer-reviewed journal named Anesthesia and Pain Research. It’s genuine, scientific evidence that Kailo works to reduce pain.

Here’s what researchers concluded after analyzing Kailo:

“This interim analysis showed a marked and a significant decrease in pain severity and pain interference scores while using the Kailo Pain Patch, as well as a significant decrease in concurrent medication usage.”

In other words, participants reduced pain and reduced their pain medication usage after applying Kailo regularly.

In that trial, researchers analyzed the effects of Kailo on 66 patients with mild, moderate, and severe pain. The pain was caused by arthritic, neuropathic, and musculoskeletal issues – all common sources of pain.

Researchers told participants to use Kailo or a placebo to manage their pain. The results were significant:

  • After 30 days of using the patch, patients reported significant decreases in the Brief Pain Inventory (BPI) Severity score, with pain dropping 67%.
  • 98% of participants reported using “less” or “a lot less” oral medications to manage their pain
  • 97% of patients were “very/delighted” with the patch and preferred the patch to oral pain relief medications
  • Patients reported significant improvements to the quality of life, mood, relationships with other people, and other benefits

Overall, the trial shows Kailo can prevent and block short-term pain, leading to significant improvements for people who deal with chronic pain daily. The trial involved just 66 participants, and it’s the first real trial on Kailo. However, it’s legitimate, science-backed evidence showing Kailo relieves pain in many people.

Clarity Science performed the trial.

There’s other evidence that nanotechnology can relieve pain in various ways. A growing amount of research shows that nanotechnology could be the new frontier for pain relief.

In this 2018 study, for example, researchers examined research on nanotechnology and pain relief. Researchers summarized that nanotechnology was “a promising new paradigm for the control of pain after reviewing evidence.”

There’s also plenty of evidence that transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) can relieve pain. As this 2009 study concluded, TENS has been used to treat various painful conditions for decades. Modern science tells us that TENS relieves pain without drugs, surgery, or tolerance issues, making it an effective pain relief system for many people.

Other studies have been similarly supportive of TENS. In this study, researchers reviewed dozens of clinical trials involving TENS systems and found that TENS was linked with patient-reported pain relief of 30%, on average. TENS relieved both chronic and acute pain in adults.

Kailo is not TENS, although they seem to use similar technology.

Ultimately, we need more research to state that Kailo works with all participants definitively. Still, some research suggests Kailo can provide fast, effective pain relief to adults without drugs’ side effects.

Kailo Pricing

You can buy a Kailo starter kit for $119. You can also buy multiple units of that starter kit to get a discount across all units. Here’s how pricing breaks down:

  • 1 x Kailo Kit: $119
  • 2 x Kailo Kits (Buddy Pack): $195
  • 5 x Kailo Kits (Family Pack): $469
  • 10 x Kailo Kits (Group Pack): $889

Each kit comes with 1 reusable Kailo patch, 1 soft carrying case, and 3 adhesive patches.

If you purchase the starter kits through GetKailo.io, pricing is slightly different:

You can also buy Kailo’s accessories separately from the Kailo store, including replacement skin patches and skin tape:

  • 1 x Soft Carrying Case: $13
  • 10 x Adhesive Strips: $24.99
  • 30 x Roll of Kailo KT Tape: $11.99

You can buy Kailo online through GetKailo.io or GoKailo.com. The websites offer similar pricing and identical products.

Kailo Refund Policy

You can request a complete refund within Kailo within 30 to 90 days, depending on which product you purchase.

Even the best pain relief solutions don’t work for everyone. Kailo backs up its claims with a generous refund policy.

All Kailo products come with a minimum 30-day refund policy. You can request a refund on most Kailo products within 30 days of your purchase.

However, some Kailo products come with a 90-day refund policy, giving you extra time to see if Kailo works for you.

Who Created Kailo?

Kailo is made by a Sandy, Utah based company named Pain Relief Technologies, LLC. That company makes and distributes the Kailo patch.

The company also does business under the name Kailo Labs, LLC. They’re based in the heart of “Silicon Slopes” in Utah. Kailo is made, engineered, and designed within the state of Utah.

Kailo first appeared online via Indiegogo. The company quickly met 5,029% of its funding goal, with 12,800+ backers pledging $1.87 million to make Kailo a reality.

You can contact the makers of Kailo through the following methods:

  • Email: support@gokailo.com
  • Email Form: https://gokailo.com/pages/contact-us
  • Mailing Address: 8184 S. Highland Dr., Suite C6B, Sandy, UT 84093

GetKailo.io is operated by GiddyUp, LLC, an eCommerce firm that partners with inventors like Kailo. The company sells Kailo online at similar prices.

Final Word

Kailo is a pain relief patch that uses billions of nano capacitors to interact with your body’s natural electricity, blocking pain at the source.

By applying Kailo to your skin daily, you can enjoy fast, effective pain relief.

Kailo is backed by a clinical trial (released in January 2021), showing it significantly reduced pain and improved participants’ quality of life. Many people use Kailo daily to enjoy fast and easy pain relief without the side effects of drugs.

To learn more about Kailo’s pain relief patch and how it works, visit online today at GoKailo.com.


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