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Diabetes is almost becoming the next epidemic in our society owing to our lifestyle and food habits. People belonging to this generation practically live on junk food, skip exercise because of a highly busy yet inactive (in terms of physical movement lifestyle), and are affected by stress instead of getting adequate hours of sleep. All of these lead to diabetes.

Since diabetes does not have any particular cure and cannot completely be eliminated from one’s body once it affects them, the only way out of it is medication, exercise, and diet. However, people often want to avoid medication for the fear of various side effects and that is where blood sugar supplements come in, promoting healthy blood sugar levels.

In this review, our research and editorial team has conducted thorough research on GlucoTrust, a nutritional supplement that helps diabetes patients to maintain their blood sugar level. This supplement, with its all organic ingredients, helps with glucose metabolism, and carbohydrate metabolism along with helping one to sleep well and thus manage the overall diabetic condition.

The best thing about GlucoTrust is that not all of its ingredients are directly associated with reducing blood sugar level but there are ingredients that help with other issues like sleep cycle and digestion and therefore ensure that optimal blood sugar is maintained in people who take this supplement on a daily basis.

Before we go into a detailed review of the supplement, here is a brief overview if you are in a hurry of leafing through the most important information:

Name of the product GlucoTrust
Targeted Issue Elevated Levels of Blood Sugar
  • Reduces insulin resistance in the body
  • Repairs beta-cells
  • Improves insulin sensitivity
  • Promotes the conversion of food into an easily burning form of energy.
  • Ingredients
  • Chromium
  • Zinc
  • Juniper Berries
  • Manganese
  • Licorice
  • Biotin
  • Gymnema Sylvestra
  • Cinnamon
  • Key Features
  • Gluten-Free
  • Non-Habit forming
  • Free from allergens
  • Soy-free
  • Non-GMO
  • Manufactured in FDA-registered and cGMP facilities
  • Made in the U.S.
  • Organic and natural
  • No side effects
  • Free shipping on three and six-month supply
  • Affordable
  • Comes with a great refund policy
  • Comes with bonus products
  • Side Effects None as claimed by the company and as testified by the users.
  • $69.00: Single-month supply
  • $59.00: Per bottle for three-month supply
  • $49.00: Per bottle for six-month supply
  • Money Back Warranty 60-day warranty
    Where To Buy Official Website

    What Is The GlucoTrust Supplement?

    With a growing trend of people wanting to opt-out of medication and deal with diabetes in a more natural way, blood sugar supplements are on the rise. GlucoTrust is one such blood sugar supplement that is promoting healthy blood sugar levels with its completely natural elements-based formula that helps the consumer to sleep well and also control their metabolism and blood sugar levels.

    The creator of GlucoTrust, James Walker has mentioned that consuming GlucoTrust definitely helps with sleep. Made in FDA-approved research facilities, this supplement uses ingredients that help you keep yourself healthy and prevent a rise in your blood sugar level.

    The guidelines revealed by the supplement mention that taking it daily also helps one to keep their hunger in check and thus helping with the blood sugar level.

    What Is The Core Mechanism Of GlucoTrust?

    For promoting healthy blood sugar levels, GlucoTrust, unlike a lot of blood sugar supplements available in the market, addresses the primary cause of diabetes. Consuming GlucoTrust ensures that fats from your liver, cell, and pancreas are eliminated. To maintain healthy blood sugar it also helps in the conversion of protein and carbohydrates to a type of energy that can be burnt rather quickly.

    GlucoTrust also helps in the reduction of insulin along with increasing insulin sensitivity and production which in turn makes sure optimal blood sugar is maintained and more blood sugar complications do not arise.

    Does Science Back GlucoTrust – Scientific Evidence And Proof Testifying To Its Efficacy

    The creators of GlucoTrust have not provided any scientific data to support their claim regarding the health benefits that this supplement apparently offers. However, there is a number of third-party evidence that shows that consuming GlucoTrust helps control blood sugar levels and keep a high blood sugar level in check. Besides helping the user to maintain healthy blood sugar levels, this dietary supplement also helps the nervous system function better and thus ensures overall good health. All these findings are primarily based on the natural excipients that this supplement works as elements like biotin, chromium, licorice, juniper berries, and cinnamon have been proven to reduce blood sugar levels.

    As explained by WebMD Chromium is an important mineral and trace element that is essential for maintaining good health. Chromium can generally be consumed via food. However, diabetic people along with people who suffer from high cholesterol can consider taking Chromium supplements besides their regular diet to maintain optimal blood sugar.

    A lot of groundbreaking studies on diabetes have focused particularly on Licorice, an essential ingredient of GlucoTrust. In a study conducted in 2012 found that this ingredient consists of promising and potential anti-diabetic elements. Moreover, Licorice has also been used as a solution to treat problems in the stomach and airways. In more recent years, this ingredient has also been proven to have anti-diabetic, and anti-inflammatory qualities along with providing support to blood sugar levels and helping to maintain overall good health.

    Biotin, also going by the name of Vitamin B is another organic element that is included in the formula of GlucoTrust. It is also a popular vitamin that is taken by diabetic patients. As explained by PeaceHealth.org biotin supplements have been proven to affect blood sugar levels in a positive way in diabetic people. Another study conducted in 2013 in Iran, showed that biotin helped people with type 1 have better control over their blood sugar levels. The researchers had used biotin in addition to traditional treatment that involved the usage of insulin. However, this does not discredit the fact that biotin helps to maintain healthy blood sugar levels as has been observed in the other study as well.

    Cinnamon, like another natural element Licorice, has its own unique connection to help with blood sugar management and diabetes relief. A number of studies have associated cinnamon with better control over blood glucose. For instance, this study conducted in 2003 showed cinnamon to have positive effects on lipid and blood sugar levels in people who have type 1 diabetes. Participants were made to take a generous amount of cinnamon per day (ranging between 1000mg to 6000 mg) and a significant drop in their blood sugar and cholesterol levels was observed. Another study conducted in 2013 showed a similar outcome, showing that cinnamon helped people with type II diabetes after 40 days of use.

    Besides these ingredients, there are other elements present in GlucoTrust that do not have a direct effect on blood sugar but are rather used to support your sleep cycle so that your body can balance its blood sugar level over the course of the night. People might wonder if a good night’s sleep can actually have any effect on one’s blood glucose level. To answer that question, let us look at this study conducted in 2007 where the researchers discovered that lacking adequate hours of sleep can lead to an increase in insulin level and affect glucose metabolism which ultimately are contributing factors to getting diabetes. People who have sleep disorders are more likely to get diabetes than people who have a well-maintained sleep cycle. Despite the fact that GlucoTrust does not reveal which particular ingredient the company uses to help the users sleep better, the supplement might work wonders with your sleep schedule if taken at night.

    Therefore, it can safely be said that GlucoTrust consists of a plethora of natural elements that help one to maintain optimal blood sugar. However, one problem with all the discussed evidence is that the supplement lacks dosage information. It is not clear whether they use 1000mg-6000mg cinnamon extracts as had been used in the studies or whether there are only trace elements of this ingredient in the supplement. With very restricted information on ingredients and dosage, it is not a very easy task to compare GlucoTrust with the other diabetic supplements available in the market and are sold online.

    What Are The Benefits Of GlucoTrust?

    GlucoTrust, a great blood sugar supplement to manage diabetes contains ingredients that not only help one to maintain a healthy blood sugar level but also help with nervous system function and stimulate insulin production. This supplement ingredients are the key factors in ensuring the consumer’s healthy blood sugar level.

    Helps Promote Healthy Blood Sugar Levels

    Insulin resistance is one of the key factors that help in the maintenance of blood glucose levels. GlucoTrust, one of the various blood sugar products available in the market, works on insulin hormones and helps consumers with their diabetes.

    Promotes Healthy Blood Flow And Blood Circulation

    To keep diabetes in check, it is important that you have proper blood circulation through your blood cells. The organic materials of GlucoTrust promote healthy blood flow through the blood cells and that ultimately contribute toward maintaining a healthy blood sugar level. It is important that the blood cells are not deprived of a healthy blood flow as it increases the risk of worsening diabetes.

    Helps Regulate Blood Pressure

    In a lot of cases, diabetes is accompanied by high blood pressure. Having GlucoTrust as a nutritional supplement helps to halt blood pressure along with helping in even blood circulation in the blood cells. This ensures that a diabetic patient does not fall victim to high BP as well and maintains both his blood sugar and pressure level.

    Promotes Healthy Metabolism

    A diabetic person’s metabolic abilities often suffer because of the disease. GlucoTrust helps a consumer to cut down on their desire to have junk meals and thus help with both carbohydrate metabolism and lipid metabolism. This helps one to maintain their desired and healthy blood sugar level.

    Promotes A Good Night’s Sleep

    One of the key reasons behind getting diabetes is lacking a good night’s sleep. GlucoTrust ensures a good night’s sleep for the user and thus helps them to maintain optimal blood sugar. Most of the review details shared by the consumers of this supplement mentioned that they had a better night’s sleep than they were having prior to taking GlucoTrust.

    Promotes Insulin Production

    There are various blood sugar support supplements now available in the market as more and more people look for organic ways to manage their blood glucose levels. GlucoTrust, one such supplement consists of natural elements as its primary components and helps a user maintain healthy blood sugar level as it helps to stimulate insulin production. It also works on the resistance of insulin and thus ensures maintaining a healthy blood sugar level consistently.

    Helps Reduce Food Cravings

    Junk food cravings and sugar cravings are two of the key factors leading to diabetes. If junk food cravings along with sugar cravings are controlled then it is possible to maintain a healthy blood sugar level. GlucoTrust addresses these two causes of diabetes directly and with its all organic ingredients helps to cut down on junk food and sugar. This not only maintains one’s blood sugar levels but also keeps their cardiovascular health in a healthy position.

    Helps You Lose Weight

    Obesity is another contributing factor to increasing blood glucose levels. Obesity is primarily caused because of junk food cravings and that is why the high-quality blood sugar support supplements work on helping the user cut down on fast food.

    Using GlucoTrust will help you with your desire to consume fast food and thus make you lose weight. It also helps with insulin resistance by directly working on insulin hormones. This makes sure that not only your diabetes is being taken care of by this supplement but also your cardiovascular health is also maintained.

    Helps Reduce Depression and Anxiety

    Unable to get a better night’s sleep not only plays a major role in increasing blood sugar levels but also affects mentally and leads to depression and anxiety. All of these prevent one from maintaining a healthy blood sugar level.

    Taking GlucoTrust on a daily basis will ensure that you have deep sleep at night and thus not have mental health issues induced by lack of sleep which will ultimately work toward helping you maintain your blood sugar level. Adequate sleep will also help you to keep your nervous system healthy and thus enhance your overall health conditions.

    GlucoTrust Reviews – What Is The Take Of GlucoTrust Users?

    GlucoTrust has gained a lot of positive reviews on the internet. Verified users have confirmed that this supplement fulfills what they claim and brings in desired results within a fixed timeline. A lot of the reviews commented on how it helps in insulin resistance by working on insulin hormones as that is one of the key factors that help in keeping the blood sugar level at a healthy point.

    Ingredients In GlucoTrust That Work

    The nutritional supplement GlucoTrust helps the body convert food into energy that is easily burnt. The ingredients of this supplement ensure that the body’s natural hormonal balance is maintained and also help regulate blood sugar levels by working directly on the insulin hormones.


    Chromium, an essential trace element, helps to maintain the body’s natural hormonal balance and healthy blood sugar levels. It is among the natural ingredients of GlucoTrust and may help diabetic patients with treating diabetes by improving their metabolism rate of lipid and carbohydrate, protein suction, and glycemic control. This ingredient works particularly well for burning belly fat.


    Zinc is another one of the natural ingredients used in GlucoTrust to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels in people who are at risk of being diabetic patients.

    Laboratory studies show that serum zinc levels are often low in diabetic patients, therefore supplementation of zinc can help achieve healthy blood sugar levels, again. Since zinc binds to the insulin receptors, activating insulin signaling pathways. This results in the uptake of glucose by the cells which in turn helps in clearing up glucose from the blood, therefore bringing the levels of sugar in the blood back to normal.

    Most effective blood sugar support supplements contain zinc because it also has other benefits to help achieve optimal levels of glucose in the blood.

    These include correct processing, secretion, as well as storage of insulin. The correct secretion of insulin, in turn, can help protect the number of beta-cells from being lost from the body. Since the loss of beta-cells is a hallmark of diabetes, zinc helps prevent the condition by protecting the beta-cells.

    Juniper Berries

    Juniper is a tree that grows in specific parts of North America, Europe, as well as Asia. The berries from the tree, known as Juniper berries have shown great results in terms of controlling blood sugar levels while also helping individuals with diabetes lose weight.

    Not only do Juniper berries help regulate blood sugar levels but also aid in the promotion of complete health by tackling issues such as urinary tract infections, kidney stones, and other conditions.

    Although Juniper berries are claimed to have myriad benefits, there is a lack of scientific evidence that testifies to the claims, therefore they are not very popular when it comes to tackling diabetes.

    However, numerous users who tend to go with a natural approach and stick to nutritious and proper diets, instead of blood sugar support supplements claim that Juniper berries can do miracles when it comes to regulation of sugar in the blood.


    Manganese is another one among the natural ingredients of GlucoTrust that helps in treating diabetes and maintaining optimal blood sugar among diabetic patients. It helps with the production of insulin so that blood sugar can be converted into energy and also takes care of the nervous system and the brain.

    Licorice Root

    Licorice root is one of the natural ingredients of GlucoTrust that helps diabetic patients to maintain stable blood sugar levels. Licorice root is high in antioxidants and helps with low blood sugar level and ensures that the user can maintain optimal blood sugar. Licorice root also increases insulin sensitivity and enhances heart functions.


    Cinnamon is one of the most important natural ingredients present in GlucoTrust. Consumption of cinnamon helps diabetic patients to maintain stable blood sugar levels. It also helps one to lose weight and thus ensure optimal blood sugar is achieved. Besides ensuring healthy blood sugar levels, cinnamon also helps with resistance of insulin and digestion.

    Gymnema Sylvestra

    Gymnema Sylvestra is a medical plant that has been used in India for several centuries to treat various ailments. It is one of the key components of GlucoTrust and helps in insulin resistance and works on the insulin hormones. The usage of this plant also helps one to cut down their desire to consume anything containing sugar and thus maintain their blood sugar level.


    Biotin, also known as Vitamin B helps to restore the body’s natural hormonal balance and also helps with insulin production. It helps in carrying nutrients and enzymes throughout the body. In the case of people with diabetes, this ingredient helps in the conversion of food into energy and metabolizes fats, carbohydrates, and proteins. This in turn helps the diabetic patient to lose weight and thus manage their blood sugar levels better. Biotin also ensures healthy skin and hair and can be taken daily.

    What Are The Side Effects Of GlucoTrust?

    This dietary supplement is made of completely natural excipients, aimed at promoting the complete health of the individual in a holistic manner, as claimed by the makers. This translates to the fact that the supplement has little to no side effects.

    In fact, no side effects have been reported by the users so far, either.

    However, given the ingredient label, you may experience diarrhea for the initial few days, due to the presence of cinnamon and licorice which lead to loose stools. You may also feel an upset stomach initially, however, these problems should go away in a few days, possibly a week at most, as your body finally adjusts to the supplement.

    However, if you face any severe side effects, it is strongly advised to stop the supplementation of GlucoTrust and consult a professional physician immediately.

    Safety Instructions To Be Followed While Using GlucoTrust

    However, GlucoTrust is a supplement, after all, and it must only be used to supplement your daily routine for the betterment and not replace the medications you are on.

    In fact, if you are currently taking medications to treat your sugar levels, you should always consult a licensed healthcare provider. Your licensed healthcare provider should be able to tell you if the supplement is safe for consumption and whether or not it interferes with your medications.

    To be on the safe side, pregnant women or women who are expecting to conceive or currently lactating should also avoid GlucoTrust due to its strong and potent ingredients that might interfere with the body’s biology during pregnancy, pre-pregnancy, or after birth.

    If you are someone with low blood sugar levels, a condition known as hypoglycemia, you should avoid taking the supplement at all costs.

    This dietary supplement is designed to “reduce” sugar levels in the blood back to normal and NOT “rise” it back to normal.

    Therefore, if you are suffering from hypoglycemia, GlucoTrust should be avoided at all costs. If you did accidentally consume the supplement, consult a professional physician immediately.

    How Much Does The Supplement Cost?

    GlucoTrust comes at an affordable price of $69 per bottle which lasts a complete month. There is also a small shipping fee of $9.00 attached for shipping within the U.S.

    However, if you opt for the 3-month supply of 3 bottles or the 6-month supply, you can get your hands on lucrative discounts.

    The 3-month supply comes at a cost of $177.00 which brings down the cost of each bottle to $59.00, instead of $69.00 for a single-month supply. You also get free shipping on the three-month supply within the U.S.

    The 6-month supply comes at a cost of $294.00 in totality which brings down the cost of a single bottle to $49.00. You also get free shipping within the U.S. upon opting for the 6-month supply.


    Is There A Money Back Guarantee?

    Yes, GlucoTrust comes with a money-back guarantee on all the purchases, be it a single-month supply, a three-month supply, or a six-month supply.

    It comes with a money-back guarantee of 60-days which means that if diabetic patients or people with pre-diabetic symptoms are unable to see any results within 2-months of consumption of GlucoTrust, they can claim their guarantee and get their money back without having to provide any explanation.

    What Are The Bonus Products Offered With GlucoTrust?

    Following are the bonus products offered by GlucoTrust as a part of their bundle:

    100 Great Tasting, Fat Burning Green Smoothie Recipes

    It is often seen that people with high blood sugar levels find it difficult to lose weight. Since diabetes and pre-diabetic symptoms also affect overall health apart from contributing to obesity, this guide comes as a boon.

    It is a comprehensive and easy-to-follow recipe book that comes free with GlucoTrust blood sugar support supplement.

    Yes, you can get it without any additional cost attached!

    The book brings recipes for irresistible smoothies that can help you lose weight as the body burns fatty acids with the help of the recipes provides.

    If you wish to lose weight without having to give up on nutritious and equally tasty meals, this guidebook and show you how you can do just that!

    The Ultimate Guide To Superfoods

    Superfoods have many health benefits as we all know. The inclusion of superfoods in your diet leads to the promotion of overall health and helps you lead a healthy lifestyle.

    However, which superfoods to eat? How to cook these superfoods?

    The Ultimate Guide To Superfoods comes at no additional cost with the GlucoTrust Blood Sugar support supplement, providing you with the answers you were looking for.

    With the help of this guidebook, you can promote healthy blood flow in the body and improve your immune system as you include the superfood recipes mentioned in the book into your meals.

    The 3-Day Liver Cleanse Breakthrough

    The 3-Day Liver Cleanse Breakthrough is a guidebook that aims to help users understand how they can naturally cleanse their liver, improve blood circulation, and immune system, and achieve a healthy lifestyle.

    When you naturally cleanse your liver with the help of the guidebook, you flush out the harmful toxins from your body, therefore promoting overall health.

    Summing Up – Is GlucoTrust Worth Buying?

    Upon careful evaluation by our research and editorial team, we have come to the conclusion that GlucoTrust is a legitimate supplement and definitely worth purchasing.

    However, our conclusion should not be the only deciding factor when it comes to investing in the product. You should decide on the extremity of your diabetes and take action accordingly.

    The supplement is not intended to treat or cure diabetes but only to improve levels of blood sugar in the body. This means that if you are suffering from an extreme case of diabetes, it is ideal to take medication post consultation with your doctor rather than a supplement.

    Thus, if you want some help preventing pre-diabetic symptoms or if you are suffering from mild to moderate diabetes, the supplement may be of help and you may purchase it upon consultation with your doctor.

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