FullyVital Hair Growth System Reviews – Will It Work For You?

The FullyVital Hair Growth System is a supplement and a hair serum regimen that helps men and women to grow their hair back as it thins out. This hair care regimen involves both topical care and oral supplements, and both of these formulas are essential to getting the support needed.

What is the FullyVital Hair Growth System?

Hormones can significantly impact hair, mainly when estrogen is produced at high concentrations. As the primary hormone in a woman’s body, it drastically drops as the body gets older. Without proper estrogen levels, hair follicles shed and begin a gradual increase in testosterone that replaces it. Hormone imbalance can be terrible for hair, causing significant and rapid hair loss without allowing new hair growth to replace the old.

Choosing a doctor-formulated science-backed remedy like the FullyVital Hair Growth System can strengthen the hair follicles that have become so used to letting go of new growth. By dealing with DHT (Dihydrotestosterone), women can improve their hair follicles and strengthen their hair for continued growth. With this strength, the hair follicles can also grow new hair, making the scalp healthier and thicker.

To establish this impressive growth, the FullyVital Hair Growth System includes the following:

  • A supplement that nourishes the hair shaft from within.
  • A topical serum that provides strength to the hair externally.
  • A Goldilocks bamboo hairbrush that provides stimulation to the scalp for better circulation.
  • A roller that stimulates the hair at micro points.

The entire FullyVital Hair Growth System uses 12 plant extracts plus complementary vitamins to nourish the hair follicles.

How FullyVital Hair Growth System Works

Each of the science-proven ingredients used in the FullyVital system impacts the hair. The supplement starts by reducing how stress affects the rest of the body, which offers nutritional support to the hair follicle. All of the ingredients used in the supplements are considered to be superfoods, and they are vegan-friendly. The 2135mg supplement blend of ingredients includes:

  • Saw palmetto, which can reduce male hormones and prevent DHT absorption.
  • Pumpkin Seed extracts are great moisturizers that nourish hair follicles and can promote hair thickness and hair count.
  • Pine bark supports hair growth with improved blood circulation in the scalp.
  • Green tea provides antioxidants that can purge free radicals from hair.
  • Curcumin, which comes from turmeric, reduces inflammation.
  • Ashwagandha reduces stress and reduces the risk of hair loss.
  • Pterostilbene is an antioxidant that supports healthy cellular energy.
  • Ginkgo biloba widens blood vessels to deliver more nutrients to the scalp and hair.
  • Biotin supports hair regrowth.

Users will need four capsules of the FullyVital Hair Growth System supplement daily to get support for their hair properly.

The FullyVital Hair Growth Serum is a much different formula because it is applied topically. Some of the ingredients include:

  • Caffeine improves circulation in the scalp and can increase hair length.
  • Copper tripeptides reduce inflammation and prevent the buildup of DHT in the scalp.
  • Melatonin is an antioxidant that supports hair regrowth and protects from cell damage.
  • Capixyl is a peptide that can improve hair density by almost 50%.
  • Hyaluronic acid supports lubrication and hydration in the hair for healthier follicles.
  • Centella Asiatica is a Korean herb that helps with the skin’s natural barrier.

Consumers can take control of hair and scalp nourishment and have better odds of regrowth by using the supplement to support hair before it grows and the serum to nourish hair as it grows with a vitamin complex comprised of:

  • Vitamins K, B3, A, C, D, B12, zinc, iodine, selenium, and folate.

The FullyVital Hair Growth System contains no fragrances, wheat, dairy, soy, eggs, tree nuts, shellfish, or peanuts.

Purchasing the FullyVital Hair Growth System

The only way consumers can order the FullyVital Hair Growth System is by visiting the official website for the package. Users will receive the supplement and the hair serum for $118.00, with free shipping included. The official website states that by ordering the FullyVital Hair Growth System today, customers can get an $88 new customer discount and an extended 180-day money-back guarantee, with details on the checkout page.

They will also receive the Gold & Grow Roller and the Goldilocks Bamboo Thickening Hairbrush for free, though they are essential parts of this hair regrowth regimen, and with purchase, a free hair consultation with experts.

If the user finds that the FullyVital Hair Growth System doesn’t work for them, they have up to 120 days to return the products to get their money back.

The customer service team is available via phone at 866-860-2082 or by email at support@fullyvital.com.

Frequently Asked Questions About the FullyVital Hair Growth System

Q. What’s included with the FullyVital Hair Growth System?

A. In each order, consumers receive the Enhance Hair Supplement, Enhance Hair Serum, Gold & Grow Roller, a Thickening Hairbrush, and a free consultation with hair experts.

Q. Who created the FullyVital Hair Growth System?

A. The creator and founder, Faraz Khan, runs a top-rated podcast, Anti-Aging Hacks. Along with the help of experts from around the world:

  • Dr. Sharon Keene – hair loss expert
  • Dr. Gorana Kuka – stem cell and exosome expert
  • Dr. Dan McGrath – hair specialist
  • Dr. John Cole – hair transplant surgeon
  • Dr. Thierry Hertoghe – a world-renowned hormone expert
  • William Gaunitz – Trichologist, hair specialist
  • Dr. Alan Bauman hair transplant surgeon

Q. How does FullyVital stand out against other hair products?

A. The whole point of this treatment system is to help consumers regrow their hair. However, their perspective is slightly different because the creators understand the shame and anxiety that comes with hair loss from a firsthand view. Their remedies culminate in years of traveling to find solutions that work for them. They maintain complete transparency and are clear about what goes into every part of the formula to earn trust among customers.

Q. How long will consumers wait to see improvements after using the FullyVital Hair Growth System?

A. Users should see a noticeable change within 60 days of starting the regimen.

Q. What is the best way to track hair regrowth results?

A. The creators recommend using before and after pictures, getting different angles and views of the hair before starting the treatment, and after 60 days. Use the same lighting each time to get the best idea of the progress.

Q. Should users have their hair wet or dry when they use the FullyVital system?

A. Applying the serum treatment to dry hair will give the best results. Using any brush on wet hair can damage the strands, but the roller from the system is entirely safe to use on dry or damp hair.

Q. Is there a way that consumers can get their results faster?

A. The best way to support new hair growth is to maintain consistency with the treatment plan. Users will only need 3-5 minutes daily to use the regimen, slowly stimulating better growth.

Q. Are the ingredients in these products safe and natural?

Yes. Every ingredient used in every part of the system is natural and vegan-safe. Those who should not use the FullyVital Hair Growth System are on blood-thinning medications; consult your doctor before using this, and those who are pregnant or nursing.

Q. How long should users leave on the Enhance Serum to treat the scalp?

A. Once users apply the serum in the evening, they will leave it on until morning. By morning, the serum should be dry, and no residue will be left behind. It will reduce hormonal imbalances and ease stress.

Q. Will more hair fall out when the user brushes their hair?

A. Technically, yes. Hair grows in cycles, but the only hairs that should fall from the scalp are those disconnected from their follicles over two months ago. The FullyVital Hair Growth System gives users new hair that will be much thicker and healthier.

Q. How should the roller be used?

A. After removing the roller from the case, sanitize it by immersing it in 70-90% alcohol for five minutes. Then, use medium pressure while rolling it eight times (varying in direction) over areas on the scalp with the most thinning.

Q. How frequently should users treat their hair with the roller?

The roller must only be used twice a week to stimulate hair regrowth. However, once the initial three months have passed, they should be able to use it just once a week to keep up with results.

The customer service team is available via phone at 866-860-2082. They can also be reached via email at support@fullyvital.com.


The FullyVital Hair Growth System allows consumers to improve their hair thickness and eliminate balding/thinning with multiple products. The formulas involved are entirely natural, leaving users only focused on using it as they need to for the next two months. Customers receive numerous gifts with their FullyVital Hair Growth System order, ensuring they have everything they need for better growth.


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