Coors Field Parking

All MLB fans in Colorado know about Coors Field as the Colorado Rockies’ home field. However, the 50,144-capacity baseball stadium is much more than that! Since its opening on April 26, 1995, the venue has hosted several sports events, concerts, and shows from artists around the world. If you have an event scheduled to attend at Coors Field, you might as well get some tips about Coors Field parking!

How To Buy Coors Field Parking

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Located at 2001 Blake Street, Denver, Colorado, Coors Field features three official parking lots for visitors to conveniently park their cars and get to the stadium within a few minutes. Each facility is paved, well-lit, and opens 2.5 hours prior to the events during game days. While you can use your credit card and cash to get a parking spot, it’s safer to reserve Coors Field parking in advance.

The main parking facilities include Lot A, Lot B, Lot C, Valet/VIP Lot, and Parking Garage. Lot A is adjacent to the stadium, located just outside Gate A, Lot B is also adjacent to the field, next to Lot A, and Lot C is available through a pre-purchased Coors Field parking pass only. If you want to secure a spot at one of them, you should book your passes as soon as possible.

Coors Field club parking and VIP/valet parking are available at the Valet/VIP lot. They can be pricier than the public parking passes because of added amenities and services. You can opt for them if you wish to have a hassle-free parking experience. Some season ticket holders might already have parking access in the stadium for the entire season, while club members might also have the same benefits. If you don’t, you can purchase the tickets now and enjoy similar advantages.

Visitors bringing their EV can find four charging stations in the Parking garage. Using the stations is free of cost for guests who have a ChargePoint card. You can check the price of using one online through the venue’s official website or in the secondary marketplace. Visitors looking for Coors Field garage parking can also head to the Parking Garage to find a suitable spot.

In case of accessible Coors Field parking, visitors with disabilities will find parking spaces in the area adjacent to Gate A. You can also use escalators, ramps, and elevators to get to any level of the stadium without difficulty. An accessible parking permit, state-issued license plate, or hang tag is mandatory for the vehicle owner to carry while securing these spots. If you have any confusion or need help to get to the stadium from the parking area, you can ask the friendly parking staff members to guide you.

Parking at Coors Field is relatively cheaper than other MLB stadiums, but there are other options if you want to reduce the costs even more! Dairy Block Garage – 1560 19th St, Beverly Lot – 2000 Larimer St, Kristi Lot – 2060 Larimer St, MVP Lot – 2201 Blake St, 1150 20th St. Outside Parking Lot, Music Garage – 1615 18th St, Atrium Garage – 1678 19th St, Garage – 1549 18th St, and 2061 Arapahoe St lot are some cost-effective Coors Field parking options for those who are looking for the lowest prices for parking near the stadium.

You can find special rates for all Coors Field parking lots if you look online. Drive-up parking isn’t advised while visiting the stadium as it can lead to disappointment and frustration during popular events. There are many reliable websites available today for you to safely purchase your parking passes. However, make sure you’re cautious to avoid mishaps.

While tailgating at the venue’s premises isn’t allowed, you can still look forward to a memorable time with your group as there are many great restaurants and bars around it. If you’re unsure where to go, we recommend the ViewHouse Ballpark, Lodo’s Bar & Grill, Falling Rock Tap House, Blake Street Tavern, Jackson’s LODO, and ChopHouse & Brewery Diner.

Getting Coors Field parking can get challenging when MLB teams like Milwaukee Brewers, Washington Nationals, New York Mets, St. Louis Cardinals, San Diego Padres, and Los Angeles Dodgers visit. In addition to that, concerts of popular artists like The Avett Brothers, Motley Crue, Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over the Lazy Dog, and Def Leppard also attract thousands of visitors.

The three official Coors Field parking facilities have around 4,300 parking spaces. You can get to the stadium through public transport or your private vehicle and have a good time. Although the lots are available for on-spot booking, it’s a much easier and more convenient process to have your Coors Field parking passes booked in advance to avoid any kind of issues. Good news for those arriving on a bicycle, bicycle parking is free at Gates A and E!

Reserve your Coors Field parking today for the upcoming events; the sooner, the better! Since thousands of people attend sports events and shows every year, parking tickets are becoming more popular than ever. By reserving your pass now, you’ll have a space waiting for you as you arrive at the spot. You might not be able to secure one if you wait too long.

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Coors Field VIP Parking

One of the main reasons why visitors opt for Coors Field VIP parking is that this option provides various perks to the ticket holders. You’d be allowed to access the VIP parking lots for the most convenient parking experience, offered valet services before and after the events, and given top-notch service. Book a VIP parking ticket as soon as possible if interested.

How Much Does Coors Field VIP Parking Cost?

Depending on the event type, day of the week, the popularity of the artist or team, and several other factors, VIP parking passes can cost $40 and above. You can book one online by comparing the prices among different platforms to get the best deal. We suggest you don’t wait too long if your events are near as many other enthusiasts might be looking for the same.