Confitrol24 Reviews – Natural Women’s Bladder Control Pills That Work?

Confitrol24 is a daily remedy to improve incontinence for women to reduce the risk of leakage and embarrassment. The formula only includes a few ingredients to achieve this effect, and users only need to take the remedy once a day.

What is Confitrol24?

As lonely and isolating as lacking control over the bladder can be, women may be surprised to find that they aren’t actually alone. Millions of women struggle to control the sudden urge to urinate as they get older, and the problem can impact nearly every part of their life. Going anywhere where a bathroom is not around for just a few minutes is out of the question, and getting a good night of sleep can seem next to impossible. Constantly waking to go to the bathroom takes over one’s life, and the lack of energy inhibits everything.

Though most people see incontinence as the reason women have unfortunate bladder accidents, there are actually two reasons. Stress incontinence occurs when the bladder leaks due to different activities that put pressure on the organ. Urge incontinence is a different story, caused by a miscommunication between the brain and spine. The latter is unpredictable, often resulting in leakage with no warning or explanation. Whether the woman has given birth, experienced health issues, or has different lifestyle problems that may contribute, no one should have to be too embarrassed to go anywhere.

No matter the reason for incontinence or the type that one experiences, the use of Confitrol24 are beneficial. This formula’s main purpose is to fight back against incontinence, helping the user keep their bladder under control. This control helps them eliminate the embarrassment of leakage and decreases how frequently the individual experiences urgency with no warning. The ingredients included in this formula promote better health for the urinary tract and reduce infection risk exponentially.

Users won’t have to worry about all of the frustration and embarrassment that can come with incontinence. Instead, they can take Confitrol24 once a day to have relief all night and day. There’s no prescription required, and users have to focus on taking the supplement as directed.

How Do Women Know If They Have Incontinence Issues?

The stress of dealing with a bladder that doesn’t hold onto the urine can be a frustrating ordeal. Still, before settling on the problem of being incontinent, women want to make sure the issue isn’t something else. Perhaps they waited too long to use the bathroom, or they drank more than they thought they did.

Here are a few signs that the leakage may be more than a temporary ordeal.

  • Going to the bathroom to urinate 8+ times daily.
  • Needing to urinate with no warning and no ability to wait.
  • Only being able to urinate a small amount, despite going frequently.
  • Frequently having bed-wetting accidents as an adult.
  • Experiencing difficulty sleeping (due to frequent bathroom visits).
  • Leaking when they laugh, cough, or engage in various exercises.
  • Leaking when participating in sexual intercourse.

Some people try to deal with their incontinence with pelvic exercises and toning, but these changes don’t make enough of a difference that women actually need to end the problem. Instead, Confitrol24 can make a big difference in what the body does.

How Does Confitrol24 Work?

The Confitrol24 formula specifically focuses on helping women take control over their bladder with herbal ingredients blended into just two capsules once a day. Though there are not that many ingredients, all of them can improve and substantially impact incontinence. The formula also deals with the urinary tract’s health and the bladder, ensuring that users have no issues with the organs impacted by incontinence.

This all-natural blend, which focuses on eliminating the embarrassing leakage that can happen to any woman. They won’t feel like they constantly have to use the bathroom throughout the day and night, and Confitol24 will strengthen the bladder muscles to prevent minor leakage issues caused by every cough or sneeze.

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The blend is a patented remedy, which means that no other formula can achieve what it does. The proprietary blend is called Urox®, and this particular type of formula does not show exactly how much of any of the ingredients are included. While all of them have impressive benefits, it is impossible to see how much of any one of them is included. However, they all have some relationship with the pelvic floor and sphincter, allowing for more control as these tissues strengthen. In fact, it can also increase the production of collagen.

Users will find that the supplement is inspired by herbal medicines worldwide, targeting every organ’s health tied to the urinary tract.


The Ingredients Of Confitrol24

Each ingredient plays a major role, of which none can be ignored. The ingredients of this formula include:

  • Raw horsetail
  • Cratevox®
  • Lindera aggregata

Please read on below to learn about each of the ingredients and their role in eliminating incontinence.

Raw Horsetail

Raw horsetail provides users with an enzyme that helps them break down vitamin B1 (also known as thiamin). It reduces inflammation in the body, and it tends to have an antidiabetic impact. It also contains a high amount of antioxidants, reducing the risk of kidney or bladder stones. It may prevent users from dealing with urinary tract infections, and it helps the user reduce the risk of incontinence.

Ultimately, whether users choose this formula or a different one, horsetail is one of the most important ingredients that should be included in any of them.


Cratevox® is a patented version of the Three-Leaf Caper extract. This extract offers antioxidants (much like the horsetail in this formula), reducing inflammation. It eases the pressure associated with passing kidney and bladder stones, which can cause incredible discomfort and issues with incontinence. Some people use this type of extract to purify the blood.

Lindera Aggregate

Lindera Aggregate is an herb, and it is often used as a major part of Chinese medicine. It is used to eliminate frequent urination, particularly helping the body eliminate aging on the urinary tract. It is also a treatment for urinary incontinence that comes from a cold.

A quick google on this ingredient shows a study conducted by the National Library of Medicine that documented in a 2018 randomized, double-blind, and placebo-controlled trials of two, four, and eight weeks of 150 women that reported they had urinary frequency, that showed results of by week 8 of the study, their urinary day frequency was significantly lowered. Urgency, overall incontinence was also lower in the group. Significant quality of life improvements was also reported after treatment, with no major side effects observed.


How to Use Confitrol24

Now that users understand everything that goes into the Confitrol24 formula, they must also follow specific instructions to ensure they get the desired results. According to the trial, women will only need to take two capsules a day to get the results. Most people see a change in their incontinence within two months of use, so users will need to stick with this regimen for quite a while before they gain more control.

The formula has already been backed up with clinical research that supports all of the ingredients in the proprietary blend, ensuring that users have a good chance of eliminating incontinence. The trial participants who tested this proprietary blend primarily found that they did not need to urinate as frequently, and they went to the bathroom only half as much at night. They also experienced a 60% improvement in control over incontinence.

Purchasing Confitrol24

The only way to get ahold of this formula is to go through the official website. Other websites have not been authorized to sell this product, which is why the creators of Confitrol24 offer impressive pricing.

For one bottle of Confitrol24, the total cost is $49.99 for just one bottle. However, users can choose one of the larger packages to stock up as well.

Other packages include:

  • 2 bottles for $89.99
  • 3 bottles for $124.99
  • 6 bottles for $239.99
  • 12 bottles for $399.99

Return Policy

The creators of this formula understand that Confitrol24 may not work for everyone. Users who don’t see an improvement after the two months’ recommendation of use can request a refund from the customer service team. Users have 67 days to send back the product from the day their purchase originated; customers are responsible for covering the shipping and handling costs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Confitrol24

Who is Dr. Lauren Schulz?

Dr. Schulz, according to the website, works in New York as a urology specialist. Though she is not the creator of this formula, her endorsement is due to her belief that the supplement has the adequate ingredients needed to eliminate urinary incontinence.

What is Confitrol24®?

Confitrol24 is a supplement for improvements in bladder health, reducing the risk of incontinence and strengthening the urinary tract, promoting better bladder function.

What ingredients are found in the proprietary blend (which is also known as Urox)?

The blend includes horsetail, three-leaf caper extract (Cratevox™), and Lindera aggregata extract. The formula is entirely made with natural ingredients.

Can users improve their daily life with Confitrol24?

Users that take this formula will prioritize improving their overall control with their bladder. Women of all ages can use this remedy, even if they try to overcome their interruptions each night when they try to go to sleep. The remedy can help with incontinence issues due to stress or physical activity as well.

Are there any side effects associated with Confitrol24?

No. All of the ingredients are natural, and the clinical studies on this proprietary blend indicate that no one had to withdraw from participation due to adverse reactions to the body.

How long will users have to continue taking Confitrol24 to see a change?

While the creators recommend using this formula for a total of two months for the full effect, users should see a change much sooner. In fact, most people see gradual change starting as early as two weeks after they begin this regimen.

Can Confitrol24 be used with any current medication?

While the supplement should not interfere, users who want to remedy their medication should first speak with a doctor to alleviate any concerns.

Is the user’s email address secure?

Yes. The website is completely secure, and there is no risk that the user will experience any loss of privacy or that their information will be forwarded to a third party for spam purposes.

What will this charge appear to be on a credit card statement?

Users can look for a charge that comes from leadingedgehealth.com or www.leminternet.com.

How is Confitrol24 shipped?

There are several shipping options available at the checkout, but the standard shipping takes about 2-7 days. Users that exceed $100 in their purchase will get free shipping.

For any other questions or concerns, consumers can reach out to the customer service team by calling 1-866-269-3487.



Confitrol24 makes it possible for women to gain control over their urinary issues to prevent embarrassment and frustration. They don’t have to experience any exercise, and they don’t need to change anything in their daily activities or diet. The formula requires no prescription, which means that users can take care of this problem in their own home’s privacy, and the Confitrol24 is delivered in an inconspicuous box. If you have any questions or want to learn more about this solution, visit the official Confitrol24 website.

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