Buy Weed Online Legally: Top 15 Companies to Buy From

While it’s easier than ever to legally purchase weed both in-person and online, let’s go back in time. At the start of the new millennia, it would have been laughable to suggest that we were close to a federally regulated cannabis industry.

While it was possible to find state-sanctioned medical cannabis in limited locations during that time, no state had gone so far as to legalize the recreational consumption of weed. In 2012, however, Colorado and Washington became the first states to do so. Now, the previously laughable idea that federally regulated cannabis is possible has moved into reality.

After a wave of states legalized both medical and recreational cannabis, it’s now more likely than not that you live in a state which has allowed at least one of them. Moreover, in 2018, the US Farm Bill legalized hemp and hemp-derived products at the federal level.

While the regulators were trying to slowly open the door for cannabinoid products to reach a legal marketplace, it became easier than ever to legally buy weed online, even psychoactive versions. Currently, it’s possible to buy weed online and:

  • Pick it up at a dispensary
  • Have it delivered by a ‘delivery only’ dispensary
  • Receive it via snail mail and have it left in your mailbox

A Quick List of the Top 15 Companies to Legally Buy Weed From Online

  1. Everest – Pure products, beautiful design, premium value at an honest price.
  2. Kiva – Their mint chocolate bar will change your life, or at least help you sleep better.
  3. 3Chi – The best vape carts at the best possible price.
  4. Area 52 – Products as potent as they are flavorful.
  5. Secret Nature – Luxury cannabis served in elegant packages.
  6. Koi – Great rates for gorgeously designed hemp products.
  7. Sun State Hemp – Our favorite shisha in the world, tasty and effective.
  8. Arete – Clean, traceable products that you know are non-GMO.
  9. NuLeaf Naturals – Full-spectrum, deliciously potent products that are grown organically.
  10. Raw Garden – You’ll drool over their crystal clear crushed diamonds.
  11. Chill Plus – Saliva-inducing hemp oils grown with organic methods.
  12. Pacific Stone – Premium flower at unbeatable prices, you can’t go wrong.
  13. CannaClear – This super potent weed is grown right here in America.
  14. Rogue River Labs – Perhaps the cleanest mystery buckets on Earth.
  15. Hempire Direct – We could eat their moonrocks if they weren’t so good to smoke.

With so many ways to legally buy weed online, we had to filter our top 15 best companies through a series of important questions. Such questions ask:

How well does the business present itself online?

Going to a new website is like meeting a new person. You get a first impression, you get to know them, then, after some time interacting with them, you may make a judgment call about their character or personality. Maybe they’re good for you. Maybe they aren’t.

For us to thoroughly enjoy a company, we need to get to know them a bit. We get the first impression through their website’s loading time, as well as the first images and written content that we see and read.

We understand their values based on the structure of their website and what type of content they offer. We go through a shopping experience with them and see how we’re treated all the way through check out. But we also ask our friends about their previous experiences with an online weed company.

In this way, we’re taking a multilateral approach when judging online weed companies.

How easy is it to buy and receive the product?

The purchasing process could be included with the online experience, but we believe it goes far beyond that. We’re looking at payment options, shipping costs, return information, and more.

If it’s simple to understand how to buy, how much it’s going to cost, and the buying experience matches what’s presented online, then we’ll find ourselves satisfied. We’ll give bonus points to companies that go above and beyond in any of these regards.

Does the company build a relationship with the customer?

Does the company have a strong social media presence? Are they blogging or podcasting all they can about the online weed industry? Are they genuinely being helpful to their audiences or just promoting their own material? We like to look at how online weed companies are building relationships with the community. When we see genuine attempts to inform and help instead of brazen blustering and heartless self-promotion, we’re more likely to include them in our list.

These questions and more will help us decide the top places to legally buy weed online. Let’s take a closer look at how we made this list before we break down the decisions.

How We Decided the Top 15 Companies to Legally Buy Weed From Online

Website User Experience

Website user experience will largely focus on:

  • Load times
  • Ease of use
  • Clarity
  • Choice of buttons and widgets
  • Color schemes
  • Written content choices
  • Contact options
  • How informative the FAQ is
  • And more

When we’re swiping through our choices our where to legally buy weed online, we’re swiping left for:

  • Clunky design
  • Slow pages
  • Non-existent FAQs
  • Absent customer service
  • Ugly pictures
  • Written errors
  • And more

Customer Service

Speaking of swiping left, nothing makes us run for the online door quicker than poor (or non-existent) customer service. We have questions that need to be answered. Do we need them right now? Possibly. If we can’t get them right now, we like them quickly. Slow responses and uninformed representatives are two red flags when we’re looking for an online weed company to build a relationship with.

Payment Options

Gone are the days of cash-only weed purchases. To be fair, many brick-and-mortar establishments still require customers to pay with cash only. When buying weed online, however, this would be much more difficult.

Thankfully, credit cards are accepted at many online weed retailers. We’ve even seen companies offering discounts if we pay with crypto and providing interest-free payment plans so we can get the best even when we’re short on funds.

Shipping and Returns

How is our package being shipped? Discreetly and quickly? We hope so. That’s why we look for companies to buy our weed from online by seeing who is going to get us our packages in a timely fashion and without drawing any unwanted attention.

We don’t want to have to send our products back, but we know that it sometimes has to happen. Products get broken in transit, sometimes they even get lost. Whatever the case, we like to know the outcome before a disaster strikes. Most companies have already had to deal with these disasters and provide information on their contingency plans. If we’re fully aware of a product’s return policy, we’re always more comfortable buying it.

Lab Testing and Results

Since lab testing protocols vary between labs, we look for companies that like to use premium lab services. This means they aren’t just providing reports on how strong their products are (their cannabinoid profiles), but they’re also offering information on:

  • Pesticide levels
  • Heavy metal presence
  • Bacterial contamination
  • And much more

We love detailed reports and offer bonus points to companies that go through the wringer to provide them.

On the other hand, if we can’t find a company’s lab reports, we can’t offer them a place on our top 15 list of places to buy weed online.


When most people think about the potency of their weed products, they always want the most Delta 9 THC possible. While we appreciate that, we also enjoy products that have interesting blends and high levels of other cannabinoids. We might include a company for offering products with large amounts of:

  • Delta 8 or Delta 10
  • CBN
  • CBC
  • CBG
  • CBD
  • THCa
  • And more

So, we’re not just looking for the most intense psychoactive experience on the market, we’re also looking for companies that offer unique blends of cannabinoids.


While many online weed companies have access to the same seeds, they don’t have equal skills at growing the plants. How the plant is grown will impact its cannabinoid profile, color, appearance, and even its taste.

We’re looking for the tastiest weed products that we can find online. While we can appreciate the all-natural flavor of some hemp-derived products, such as tinctures, we also want to experience terpenes like never before. In our top 15 list of best companies to buy weed from online, you’re sure to find drool-worthy cannabis products.


Weed is not always weed. As we’ve discussed, some growers do much better than others. Moreover, there’s also the processing and manufacturing that goes into many weed products. Sometimes, products end up on the market that are more than just weed and not always healthy.

Many edible cannabis products are organically grown and well-cared for, so we’re looking for companies that put time and effort into their products to make them as natural and healthy as possible.

Brand Reputation

We’re not much for online gossip, but we do spend some time reading blogs and reviews on weed companies. This is especially useful when deciding which companies to quickly avoid. Not only are we reading what people have to say about the company, however, we’re also seeing how the company responds. Snarky responses turn us off while honest attempts to right the situation show us an extra level of attention. If we see a company doing what’s right while making people happy, we’ll give them a hefty bump for their positive brand reputation.

Do They Give Back?

Giving donations to charity is one quick way to our hearts and a good way to make our top 15 list of companies to buy weed from online. However, monetary donations aren’t the only way to give back to what’s important.

Some companies blog and podcast everything they know about cannabis and its benefits. Others use networking tools and events to connect people. We’re looking at how companies are giving back to the community and judging them accordingly.

Our Top 15 Companies to Legally Buy Weed From Online

1. Everest


We fell in love with Everest the moment we laid eyes on their beautiful website. The imagery and written content were soothing and hit us right where weed should.

Our love affair with Everest deepened as we found their blue raspberry Delta 8 gummies melting away in our mouths in a splash of refreshing cannabinoids. At the right price with all the good stuff involved, we don’t think it’s possible to find better online weed products at a better cost.

2. Kiva


Sometimes we can’t sleep when we have so many awesome brands to consider. But when we do want to go to sleep, we can’t help but reach for Kiva’s mint chocolate bar. They use the best ingredients to make their potent edibles and we love the design and approach of their products.

Their cold water hash blended with cacao keeps bringing us back, and that’s why they’re on this list. While you can’t buy from them directly online, they do make it easy to find where to find them near you.

3. 3Chi


When we’re in the mood for a vape cartridge, we don’t always want to pay a premium. That’s why we love buying 3Chi’s vape cartridges online. Not only do they come at the best price possible, but they’re also high-grade CCELL carts.

4. Area 52


We love logging onto Area 52’s website. It’s a fun experience that always has us picking up highly potent products that end up being incredibly delicious. There are lots of reasons to love Area 52 as a great place to buy weed online, and that’s why they’re so high up on this list.

5. Secret Nature


During our fancier moments, we’re opening a box of Secret Nature cannabis products. While you might not find the most powerfully psychoactive products with Secret Nature, that was never their intent. Instead, they offer the refined user elegant blends of cannabinoids in equally exquisite packaging.

6. Koi


Koi took over the CBD market before expanding into premium weed products of all types. We love their color scheme, design, and final products more than anything. In fact, there’s not a person on Earth who doesn’t love their gummies once they try them out.

7. Sun State Hemp


Sun State Hemp hits a homerun with their CBD products, but they hit it out of the ballpark with their Delta 8 shisha. Their Mango and Going Grape flavors are slow-rolling bowls of happiness that ooze flavor and juicy smoke. Once we found ourselves drifting off to heaven from our smoke-filled room, we knew Sun State Hemp belonged on our list.

8. Arete


Sometimes we treat our online weed purchases like they are our babies. That’s why we want to know exactly what they’re fed and how they grow each day. With Arete’s products, we know exactly what we’re getting

And they donate back to groups like Feeding America and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. What more can we ask from the companies on our top 15 list of best brands to buy weed from online?

9. NuLeaf Naturals


We love NuLeaf Naturals because they start with the best practices and end with the cleanest, purest products available. They use organic hemp to make their full-spectrum beauties, and they have mountains of loyal followers. Maybe we’re following the crowd, maybe the crowd is following some of the best online weed products you can buy.

10. Raw Garden


Most people look at diamonds and ogle over them. They want to put them on ornate pieces of jewelry and show them off to their friends. We don’t mind showing off our diamonds to our friends, but we also want to crush it and sprinkle them over a bowl.

The slowly dissolving product sends clear, delicious doses of whatever strain you’re sampling. Since they don’t offer direct sales online, they do offer a retailer locator to find where you can get some.

11. Chill Plus


Chill Plus offers some fun-looking products filled with great flavors. They use high-quality cannabinoids extracted from 100% organic hemp oil to produce things like their Delta 8 gummies that come in packages up to 200 doses. The unique blends of CBD and Delta 8 in some of their edible products offer an experience you won’t find elsewhere. It’s calming, soothing, and delicious.

12. Pacific Stone


There are lots of reasons we love Pacific Stone for our online weed purchases. The lovely pictures on their website take us to a Californian sunset. While we can’t buy from them directly, they do show us exactly where to find their awesome products. Pacific Stone offers:

  • Fantastic weed at the best prices around
  • Clean packaging and design
  • Family tradition and a history of clean, helpful products

The weed Pacific Stone sells today is grown in greenhouses their ancestors built. We love consistency, and they go far beyond that.

13. CannaClear


CannaClear uses American grown cannabis to make its diversity of products. From CBD isolates to Delta 8 THC sprays, the ingenious products at CannaClear are often one-of-a-kind and come independently tested by a third-party lab.

The fact that we can make our purchases directly on their seamless website makes them a clear contender on our top 15 list of best places to buy weed online. We were especially thrilled when we went to check on shipping costs and found a simple calculator that quickly showed us our costs.

14. Rogue River Labs


We can’t think Rogue River Labs enough for providing such in-depth lab reports on all their products. It’s how we know that any weed we buy from them is going to be of high quality and not detrimental to our health.

That kind of surety is peace of mind heading over to their store and finding an immediate 25% discount code. The ease of buying one of their samplers at a great rate is bolstered by the fact that their refund and return policy is fair and easy to understand.

15. Hempire Direct


Hempire Direct is one of our favorite places to buy weed online because:

  • Their online storefront is fun, colorful, and simple to browse
  • Their lab reports are clean and prices fair
  • They have a wide range of tasty, potent products for every consumer

How To Responsibly Consume Weed Every Day

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, weed has been getting stronger over time. Growing techniques and harvesting methods have made it possible to increase the number of cannabinoids in the plants. For NIDA, this is a problem that they say may “increase the negative effects of using marijuana.” For us, we don’t see the increase as a problem if consumers are informed about what’s going on.

So, if you’re looking to consume weed every day in a responsible manner, understand that you are interacting with some pretty powerful compounds. Of course, you’re in little danger, even if you accidentally consume too much. The worst cases of weed-related overdose involve:

  • Fits of extreme paranoia
  • Anxious breakdowns
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • And more

No one has ever died from consuming too much cannabis, but there is a safe way to consume it to avoid some of the potential negatives. For example, look at the package to see how much Delta 9 THC is in it.

While cannabis flowers have been getting stronger over time, extractions and concentrates have gone far beyond what’s even possible to find in a bud. Concentrations of above 90% are not uncommon when dealing with some concentrates, and super potent tinctures are found throughout the marketplace.

This means consumers should be cautious when consuming and the first attempt to find out how little weed they need to feel the intended effects. While this base level threshold can change as it adjusts to a person’s tolerance, it’s a good starting point and may help prevent you from going overboard.

Blending fast-acting products, like a vape, with longer-lasting but slower acting ones, like edibles, is a good way to reap the rewards of weed all day without suffering any potential negative side effects. With our top 15 list of companies to buy weed from online, you’ll be ready to get started today.

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