Bezzie Reviews – Quality At-Home Dog Food Delivery That Works?

Bezzie is a subscription program that allows consumers to improve their dog’s nutrition with a customized box of their preferred foods. The creators use the dog’s activity level and food preferences to curate the body to their taste.

What is Bezzie?

Anyone who loves their dog wants to ensure they feel him well. Most people go for the most popular brands, but that doesn’t mean it is a good nutritional choice. Too many brands shortchange customers, saving money for themselves while leaving pets to pay the price. With Bezzie, consumers can customize their dog’s feeding experience from home.

Bezzie offers a unique opportunity to curate a dog food box that uses lean proteins and superfoods to nourish pets. The total cost is highly affordable, and users get a chance to test out their dog’s menu before committing to a subscription.

How It Works

The whole point of Bezzie is that consumers can customize their dog’s meals, starting with building a “dream bowl.” In the first step of the process, customers tell Bezzie about their furry friend, including details about their age, weight, and activity level. This small amount of information is enough to create the perfect meal plan.

With these details, consumers then have the option to customize further. The experts at Bezzie offer multiple recipes that customers can select, choosing between wet (nosh), dry (lil bites), or a combination as their main food. They will also have the option of chicken or beef for the nosh, though the dry food is available with salmon, lamb, or chicken. Users can even view the recipe for the different proteins before they check out.

The creators at Bezzie understand that every dog is different, and even the best planning might not lead to a winning selection. That’s why they send a personalized trial box with all the customizations the consumer asked for.

If this box is to their liking, they can set up automatic deliveries without needing to check back. However, if the match is wrong, they can adjust the menu. Adjustments can be made at any time, switching up the meat or the texture of the food to keep the dog nourished and interested.

Buying a Bezzie Subscription

Once the user goes through all the steps to choose their dog’s best meals on Bezzie.com, it is time to set up the 2-week trial. Users must input their current zip code, their dog’s name, and other details about their dog before reaching the checkout page.

The two-week trial is just a starter box, and users will see exactly how many bags they will receive when creating their order. The total cost will vary with the amount of food the dog needs and the trial isn’t free. Instead, the trial is simply to ensure that the foods are a good match before the automatic subscription begins.


Frequently Asked Questions: Bezzie

How is Bezzie different from traditional kibble?

Clinical trials confirm that delivering nutrients with kibble is one of the easiest ways to get a healthy diet with kibble. It is often easier to store and less expensive than other options. Unfortunately, traditional kibble can contain fillers and unhealthy ingredients to cut costs. On the other hand, Bezzie’s kibble comes with easily digestible ingredients that improve energy levels and offer probiotic support.

What is chicken meal?

Most people hear the phrase “chicken meal” and immediately think that the brand isn’t as high in quality as they claim, but that’s not the case. Chicken meal is the ground meat and skin of the chicken (sans bones) that provides dogs with necessary proteins for growth and development.

Are there fillers (corn, wheat, soy, etc.) in the Bezzie recipes?

No. The creators at Bezzie avoid fillers and empty calories in their foods. There is only lean protein, gentle fiber, and safe superfoods.

Does Bezzie offer cat food?

Not yet. However, the creators of this food seem to be open to it in the future.

How should Bezzie’s food be stored?

All the food available through Bezzie is shelf-stable, so users won’t have to worry about putting them in the fridge or freezer when they arrive. After they are opened, they should be consumed within five days. The resealed bag can be placed in the fridge.

How are the Bezzie recipes made?

The foods are prepared at a low temperature to keep the cooking process’s vitamins and minerals from being destroyed. All foods are made in North America.

What ingredients are used in Bezzie?

All of the different types of food offered by Bezzie are traceable and human grade.

How can customers track their shipment?

Customers receive a tracking number in their email after their order has been shipped out.

To learn more from the customer service team, call 1-888-686-5438 or email paws@bezzie.com. The team is available every day of the week except Sundays.


Bezzie provides consumers with an easy way to improve their dogs’ nutrition daily. Considering the dog’s age, breed, and more, the creators show users exactly how much of this food is necessary for each month of use. Consumers have their choice of various proteins to pick from, and they never have to worry about giving their dog filler ingredients. Learn more by visiting Bezzie.com today to give your dog the best nutrition possible.



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