Best Teeth Whitening Kits [2022]

A bright smile can be welcoming and friendly, but too many people allow their dietary and lifestyle choices to cause terrible stains. These stains can’t be brushed or flossed away, leaving consumers to make their next dentist appointment for a whitening treatment. However, the dental industry found that offering at-home services with whitening kits made it possible for anyone to get the healthy-looking teeth they want.

Any kit can provide the whitening power consumers need, but they don’t always live up to their promises. Some kits erase any side of staining, while others do nothing but waste the time of customers. With this guide, consumers will get a better idea of which kit is suited to their needs with proven ingredients and technology to back it up.

The Top Teeth Whitening Systems/Products of 2022

Based on specific criteria, the top whitening systems of this year include:

  • Primal Life Organics Teeth Whitening System
  • SNOW Teeth
  • Cleaner Smile
  • Smile Brilliant
  • AuraGlow
  • GLO Science
  • Crest White Smile
  • Smile Sciences
  • DiamondSmile
  • Ghost White
  • LivFresh
  • U-Blanc Max
  • Zimba
  • V-iWhite Pro
  • V-iWhite Brush
  • Idol White

Read on below to learn more about what makes these remedies so effective:

Primal Life Organics Teeth Whitening System


The Primal Life Organics Teeth Whitening System helps users to improve whiteness in their teeth with a Mouth Detox. Advertised as a way to help consumers look up to a decade younger, this system can potentially whiten the teeth by six shades within 16 minutes of use. These fast results are what give it the top spot in this guide.

The Primal Life Organics system is highly transparent, showing consumers every ingredient used in the detox on the website. These details make it easier to compare against others online, and users can check for potential allergens. The formula combines extra virgin olive oil, diatomaceous earth, sodium bicarbonate, and peppermint oil.

The system is pretty straightforward. They start by applying the Primal Life Organics gel to their teeth or the included mouthpiece. Then, they put in the LED mouthpiece and leave it for 16 minutes to get results.

SNOW Teeth


SNOW Teeth provides everything that consumers need in one kit. It focuses on providing safe and bold whiteness, but it also caters to an individual with sensitivities. Other systems might try to entice customers with the promise of a few minutes of use, but SNOW focuses on delivering more for less. Every system provides enough of its ingredients for over 75 treatments for a gradual change.

This brand has one of the most well-known names in the world, and it has already been featured on the Ellen DeGeneres show and other platforms. The brand isn’t exclusive to whitening systems; it also offers toothbrushes, magic strips, and whitening wands.

Cleaner Smile


Cleaner Smile is one of this guide’s most affordable teeth whitening kits. This kit only takes one use to make a substantial difference, but users will need to keep up with the regimen for no less than 30 days to see the best results possible. Cleaner Smile is backed up by clinical studies, showing that it can take away the stains associated with age, tobacco use, coffee consumption, and tea consumption.

To get the brightness desired, Cleaner Smile uses a cleansing gel that whitens under the included LED light. The user must apply it to their teeth or the mouthpiece (their choice) and expose the treated teeth to the LED light. The main ingredient found in this remedy is 35% carbamide peroxide.

Smile Brilliant


Smile Brilliant is all about getting the best fit for the customer. They use custom-fitting for the whitening trays, helping users improve how white their teeth can get. Users order Smile Brilliant online, making the dental impression to send back for a custom mouthpiece. Rather than molding the mouthpiece at home, Smile Brilliant offers this service as part of the overall cost.

When the company sends the user their mouthpiece, they can add whitening gel daily to get the whitening benefits. Most people need to use 7-14 treatments to get the stain removal benefits. Every product comes with a 45-day trial, and a 2-year warranty covers it. Users can choose to add features, like heavy or light stain cleansing or remedies for sensitive teeth.



AuraGlow provides users with whitening products that are safe for enamel to protect them during the whitening process. This brand has multiple systems and products, including the Complete LED Whitening Kit. The kit is backed by scientific evidence, using LED light and teeth whitening gel. Most people using the AuraGlow system will see a change within the first few treatments.

Every remedy from AuraGlow comes with a 30-day return policy for anyone who doesn’t get the desired results.

GLO Science


GLO Science is one of the most time-efficient systems here, only requiring that the user takes about 8 minutes to do the whitening treatment if they don’t have sensitivity. The system is FDA-registered; users can even participate with crowns, bridges, and veneers. The LED mouthguard is comfortable for most users, and the system is already found in dental offices. To date, over 4,000 offices use their system, providing validity to their performance.

Users can choose from a few different kits to get them whiter teeth. The program was founded by a dentist named Dr. Jonathan B. Levine, an oral health expert. Marketing teams may advertise plenty of benefits, but GLO delivers with their dentists’ approvals and support.

Crest White Smile


Crest White Smile comes with one of the biggest names in dental hygiene. Consumers can shop Crest products to whiten their teeth with strips, LED kits, gel, and even toothpaste. However, some people are overwhelmed by the options, so they provide clarity with the different options online.

If the user just can’t decide, there’s the Ultimate Whitening Bundle that includes everything users need to improve their teeth whiteness. Consumers who want a solution that they can go anywhere using might want to consider the Crest 3D Whitestrips, which can be found in grocery stores, pharmacies, and other locations. Users can even choose from the sleeping products or their 1-minute treatments, depending on what works for their needs.

Smile Sciences


Smile Sciences is a brand with individual products and complete systems, depending on what the user hopes to achieve. All of their remedies use vegan ingredients, ensuring users can have the smile they want without increased sensitivity. The brand is family-run and female-owned, offering FDA-registered treatments with scientific proof to back up their whitening benefits.

Users can choose from an array of whitening options, including pens, strips, or other options.



DiamondSmile focuses on the difference that LED light can make when creating a brighter and cleaner smile. The system takes about 20 minutes to work its magic, making the user’s smile whiter with each use. UV technology is also used in cheaper methods, but this brand mainly includes blue LED lights instead. The kit doesn’t require any batteries to stay on. Instead, users can plug in the USB cable to charge it between uses.

Treating the teeth with this device doesn’t take much time. However, users will need to treat their teeth for at least two weeks to see a lasting change in whiteness.

Ghost White


Ghost White provides users with incredible results, using the name to jest that the results are so good that they are “scary.” The user needs to treat their skin for less than 10 minutes to get the desired results, and they can track progress against a scale that ranges from white to yellow.

To whiten the teeth, apply the gel and plug in the mouthpiece. Then, they’ll need to keep it in their mouth as they whiten it. The device is safe for enamel with many unique ingredients to ensure users get results rapidly.

The device comes with two mouthpieces and is relatively affordable for most budgets. It’s the ideal set for couples, friends, or loved ones to treat their teeth simultaneously, making it a social engagement too.



LivFresh allegedly improves plaque removal by 250%, and it has already gained the admiration of many dentists, which is no easy task. It is one of the top-rated products, using ingredients that are so safe that they are edible. Along with removing plaque, this whitening system improves the user’s breath, prevents tartar formation, and supports an overall healthier mouth environment.

The official website states that thousands of dentists have already given their patients a recommendation to use LivFresh for their teeth. The user applies the gel as they would apply toothpaste, allowing it to fight plaque and other damaging substances molecularly. Users can choose from mild peppermint, peppermint, and wintergreen flavors for the included gel.

U-Blanc Max


U-Blanc Max isn’t a complete whitening system. Instead, it is a powerful but safe toothbrush that helps users whiten every time they clean their teeth. Users should brush daily to improve their teeth quality, giving users an experience they might only experience in a professional setting otherwise. It takes away the stains and discoloration, and it is waterproof.

Individuals who order in a multipack can bring down the cost as low as $49.



Zimba is meant for consumers who want to improve the quality of their smiles without having to pay a ton of money. Users pay less than half of what they expect to pay with other whitening solutions, and they even make this formula in a way that is safe for people who have tooth sensitivity. It has an impressive grip and multiple flavors, ensuring that users have no discomfort or trouble when they brighten their teeth.

The Zimba brand provides users with four categories for their whitening products – LED lights, strips, pens, and powders. Users can choose to apply one or more products at the same time to get the whitening benefits advertised. Plus, all of the ingredients are safe for enamel.

Customers can shop online or in stores for Zimba products. They also get a 20% discount if they sign up for the auto-ship program on their website.

V-iWhite Pro


V-iWhite Pro helps users improve teeth whiteness within 5 minutes of the treatment. It is done with an LED light and whitening gel, allowing users to sit and relax or get something else done while waiting for the treatment to be over. The advanced light therapy is powered by an internal battery that lasts for an entire month with each charge.

As long as the user practices good dental hygiene simultaneously, it is easy to improve whiteness with this system. As well as acting as a whitening mouthpiece, the device is a toothbrush simultaneously. With 5,000 vibrations per minute, it works efficiently to eliminate any buildup in the teeth. It also fits the mouth with artificial intelligence to get the best fit possible.

V-iWhite Brush


V-iWhite Brush is a whitening toothbrush that helps users reduce how often they have to see the dentist. It can minimize tea, wine, tobacco, and coffee stains if the user regularly keeps up with the regimen. While some people use the V-iWhite Brush, others combine it with the other V-iWhite Pro system to get the best whiteness possible. This remedy might be a good option for consumers who want to whiten their teeth without all the different products involved.

Idol White


Idol White, the final product on this list, is a post-brushing pen. The user starts by brushing their teeth and drying them off, which may initially feel awkward. However, drying is necessary so that gel dispensed from the pen can cling to the surface of teeth. Users will need to allow the gel to remain on the teeth for 15 minutes before rinsing it, though their teeth should be noticeably whiter afterward.

Most of these whitening systems do not claim how they’d polish the teeth, but that’s another way that Idol White sticks out. Unfortunately, they don’t have the same transparency as other brands, which is why it doesn’t rank higher.

Best Supplements for Whitening Teeth

Though these whitening systems are a great way to deal with the topical aspects of improving teeth, an excellent oral health supplement helps manage cavity-causing bacteria in saliva. While some of them reduce inflammation, others directly target tooth health.

  • Dentitox Pro
  • Steel Bite Pro
  • ReNew Dental Support
  • G-Force
  • Denti-Strength
  • DentiVive
  • Gum & Teeth Fortifier

Dentitox Pro


With Dentitox Pro, consumers get a blend of essential vitamins and minerals that will improve the health of saliva. The remedy combines elderberry, licorice, and other essential ingredients. With this combination, users can reduce the damage to the gums, reduce inflammation, protect against infection, and rejuvenate the teeth. The formula isn’t used to whiten directly, but it has many inherent benefits for the teeth.

Users will need six drops of the Dentitox Pro supplement daily for results.

Steel Bite Pro


Steel Bite Pro helps users to reduce the risk of an oral infection, but it also breaks down plaque and tartar. Without these problems with the teeth, users will notice an impressive improvement in their whiteness.

The reason that this formula is called Steel Bite Pro comes from the ability to tighten teeth and their roots. The creator claims that this formula helped him reduce loose teeth, and users will need two capsules daily to get the effects. So far, no side effects are associated with the remedy, and users will need to keep up with it for 30 days.

ReNew Dental Support


ReNew Dental Support is a gum that strengthens the teeth with natural ingredients. Combined with a two-capsule supplement, users should be able to improve the teeth’ strength without any side effects or visit the dentist to correct the problem. Users with stronger teeth and gums have the right conditions for healthy white teeth.



G-Force supports overall dental health by improving the teeth and gums from within. Users will need two capsules each day to get the desired results, processing through the digestive system to keep oral health at its peak. The formula combines the support offered by zinc, milk thistle, beetroot, artichoke, and other essential nutrients directly linked to tooth and gum health.

The optimal audience for G-Force is people with inflammation and bleeding in their gums. It also helps people with dental infections or severe oral health concerns. People who experience dental pain and are in desperate need of assistance might be able to bypass the dentist by supporting health with G-Force.



Denti-Strength supports oral health with turmeric, berberine, celery seed, dandelion, and other natural ingredients. The formula eliminates oxidation and targets mouths with excessive inflammation that can be painful and dangerous to the teeth. This formula doesn’t directly impact teeth whiteness, but it strengthens the gums to put them at a reduced risk of whiteness and cleanliness.

This formula can help individuals with both minor and major dental issues. The formula can also help anyone who wants to avoid oral health issues.



DentiVive helps consumers reduce the risk of decay, gum issues, or other common dental concerns with a blend of plant-based ingredients and minerals. The formula was developed by Michael Clark, a medical professional that believes in the power of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents. It doesn’t clean the teeth directly; it will help users promote better oral health, which can help whiteness.

Users get the support of ingredients like milk thistle, berberine, green tea extract, and resveratrol, offering an all-natural remedy.

Gum & Teeth Fortifier


Gum & Teeth Fortifier is the final supplement, improving oral health with exclusively natural ingredients. Users must use two capsules daily to prevent gums and bones from deteriorating. The formula promotes immunity, reduces dental damage, and improves energy levels. The remedy is just a quick stop in the day for better gums and teeth, helping users to get the baseline they need for whiter and healthier teeth.

Choosing the Rankings of the Top Teeth Whitening Systems/Products

Every teeth whitening kit claims to offer the best support for consumers who want brighter teeth, but they aren’t always practical. Luckily, this guide used specific criteria to help separate the good from the bad.

Science-Backed System & Ingredients

No matter what technology or ingredients were used, they had to have the support of scientific evidence to be included in this guide. The top kits relied on processes that could be proven by the current research on the market today.

Honesty in Advertising

No remedies currently whiten the teeth entirely with just one use. Any product that claimed this type of power for instant brightness was not likely to secure a place in this guide. Instead, companies had to be open and honest about their ingredients to make a difference.

Free of Side Effects

The ingredients and technology used had to be safe for consumers with no risk of side effects. Unfortunately, many products can erode enamel, leaving consumers with incredible damage and sensitivity. The kits had to be safe for enamel without any potential impacts.

Customization Options

While some people already have perfectly aligned teeth, many consumers don’t have textbook-level teeth. A one-size-fits-all mouthguard excludes many people, but some treatments include mouthguards that can be warmed so the user can shape it to their jaw. Some kits include optional adjustments for sensitivity and other concerns.

Dentist-Approved System

The top systems available for whitening have already been approved by dentists, though they also create them. GLO Science is one of the best options for consumers, and they have a dentist on staff! The medical support behind any whitening system gives it more validity in the market.

Ease of Use & Time of Application

Improving the whiteness of teeth takes time, but no one wants to get out of hour-long whitening treatment at a dentist’s office to replace it at the same time at home. These kits had to be easy for consumers to use without taking time to achieve results.

Clean & Natural Ingredients

The best way to avoid serious side effects is to use natural ingredients and no harmful chemicals. The kits that earned the top reputation had clean and healthy ingredients.

Price & Value

Consumers can lose hundreds of dollars every visit with a professional whitening session. That’s why the at-home sets became so popular – affordability, time, and value. Everyone has a different budget that they can afford for these services, but the value and price have to measure up with each other.

Clinical Trials

The top brands have taken the time to pursue clinical trials that show how effective their products can be. Though a clinical trial costs, the company makes its money back tenfold by offering this proof of effectiveness on the website. With scientific evidence and a clinical trial, consumers can determine the best option for their needs.

Refund Policy & Moneyback Guarantee

If the product doesn’t work, the only way to keep customers happy is to give their money back. If a company didn’t offer some refund policy, they might have other shady areas, like how they make their formulas.

How Do Teeth Whitening Kits Work?

There are a few ways that teeth whitening kits can help consumers, depending on what users are trying to achieve.

With LED teeth whitening kits, there are special gels that can cleanse the teeth’s surface. Users put the gel on directly or wear a mouthpiece that already has the gel in it. Then, they activate the LED to activate the whitening benefits of the decision. While the process may seem strange, it is effective.

With teeth whitening strips, users get the support of natural bleach to whiten teeth, like hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. The strip goes directly onto the teeth, using the active ingredients to whiten them safely.

A toothpaste for whitening has familiar ingredients, using the same components as teeth whitening strips. The only difference is the friction caused by brushing with the toothpaste. Some kinds of whitening toothpaste contain abrasives rather than bleaches. They eliminate stains but have no impact on the enamel.

At a dentist’s office, users benefit from professional equipment with lasers, specialized bleaches, and other ingredients that only professionals can access. These ingredients deeply penetrate the layers of the teeth without destroying them.

Most of the kits on this page will use peroxide gels and lasers to help clean the stains off of teeth. However, other technology and abrasives can also be quite helpful.

Top 10 Natural Teeth Whitening Tips

While teeth whitening might seem complicated, consumers who perform this service for themselves don’t find it to be that difficult. The kits found in this guide can substantially help teeth whiteness, but there are natural ways to help.

Here are the top ways that consumers can whiten their teeth, as supported by dentists and other professionals.

Stop Smoking

Smoking is one of the most significant ways that consumers stain their teeth because each puff exposes the teeth to nicotine and tar. Individuals who maintain a smoking habit for longer tend to have more buildup than others. If the user is already whitening their teeth, smoking will put them up against a constant battle.

Don’t Drink Tea or Coffee

Tea and coffee have acids and other ingredients that can challenge the healthy appearance of teeth. While some of them stain the teeth, others cause significant damage to the enamel.

Avoid Soda and Fruit Juice

These drinks have tons of acids, dyes, and significant sugar levels, which are pretty damaging to the teeth. Individuals with tooth issues should consider eliminating these juices.

Use a Straw for Drinking Other Beverages

Consumers who don’t want to give up the drinks above might want to switch to using a straw. With a straw, the beverage won’t entirely bypass the teeth, but it keeps the sugars and other compounds away from the front of the mouth, reducing the risk of staining.

Reduce the Amount of Sugar in the Diet

Sugar damages the teeth, so avoiding juice is the best option. Sugar tends to stick to the teeth, which causes the mouth to create more bacteria. The bacteria are dangerous to enamel, destroying it over time.

Brush and Floss Regularly

The best way to keep teeth healthy is through users’ routine – brushing and flossing. Without it, it is nearly impossible to keep teeth healthy.

Include Teeth-whitening Toothpaste While Brushing

While some people might be worried about the potential scam of this type of product, there’s nothing to fear. Studies show that whitening toothpaste works, mainly when it includes baking soda. Other mild abrasives are found in these products to break down stains, but consumers should be cautious about how abrasive they might be.

Keep Up With Regular Visits to the Dentist

Dentist appointments happen twice a year to help consumers be sure of the state of their teeth. At-home kits might be effective for whitening or more, but nothing can replace the care of a professional going through each tooth to check for problems.

Be Cautious While Using Hydrogen Peroxide

Social media platforms have recently started encouraging consumers to use hydrogen peroxide as the best solution for teeth whitening. However, consumers must be careful about how much they use because it can cause substantial damage.

Have a Chat With a Dentist About Any Tooth Sensitivity

Anyone with sensitive teeth should consult their dentist to find a solution. This sensitivity can cause discomfort, but a dentist can apply potassium nitrate or fluoride to help.

Science-Backed Teeth Whitening Products

Some remedies are better for teeth whitening than other options. AARP, dentists, and healthcare professionals concur that consumers can find a few products to make a difference at home.

Baking Soda

Baking soda toothpaste is relatively effective in removing stains from the teeth’s surface. Baking soda can be added directly to the toothpaste, or consumers can dip their toothbrush in baking soda before brushing (if they want a more cost-effective option).

Whitening Toothpaste

The market is filled with whitening toothpaste that uses mild abrasives or baking soda. These remedies can be used daily to improve whiteness. However, consumers who want the most support from their routine might want to try whitening kits or strips.

Teeth Whitening Strips

These strips are thin plastic pieces that use whitening gel to improve the teeth. The strip goes directly onto the teeth’s surface, putting the peroxide in direct contact with the teeth but not the skin. The strip removes stains while it is on.

Whitening or Bleaching Trays

A whitening tray is a device already filled with the whitening gel consumers need. Some kits involve an empty tray with a gel dispenser so that users can put the gel themselves.

Laser Whitening

Laser whitening is not a service that users can get for at-home use. The procedure is only done in a dentist’s office by a tech who brushes the peroxide-based gel onto the teeth. The gel is activated by laser light, which is much more potent than LED light.

In-Office Bleaching

Individuals who don’t mind working around the scheduling of a dentist’s office can go to get their teeth bleached there. It takes about 30-60 minutes and usually costs around $600.

Worst Products for Teeth Cleaning

Though many whitening systems show incredible results for cleansing stains from teeth, some products claim to offer the same without any evidence to back it up. Here are some products that consumers need to avoid to protect themselves from further damage.

Charcoal Toothpaste

Charcoal toothpaste is one of the latest natural crazes for improved teeth whiteness, and it is featured in multiple commercials on television nowadays. However, the evidence behind their success is minimal. Numerous studies show that it can cause more damage than positive results.

Oil Pulling

The natural health community supports the use of oil pulling as a way to treat the teeth. However, there is no scientific evidence to currently back it up. It is the opposite; studies consistently link the use of oil pulling to a heightened risk of lipoid pneumonia, which happens when oil enters the lungs. It can also cause diarrhea or an upset stomach.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has many benefits for consumers for weight loss or other effects. However, there isn’t much research to support the whitening or cleansing of the teeth. The acidic composition of apple cider vinegar makes it a risk to teeth for erosion.

Scientific Evidence for Teeth Whitening Systems

The use of an at-home teeth whitening system or an in-office whitening treatment can be beneficial, according to the American Dental Association (ADA). These treatments can include over-the-counter whiteners, products provided by doctors for at-home use, and in-office bleaching procedures. These methods are highly effective for anyone who wants to reduce staining.

Mainly, these systems include carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide to deal with the dental hard tissues that need to be whitened. Baking soda is another teeth whitening ingredient that is often included in toothpaste. A study from 2017 – which was published in the Journal of the American Dental Association – showed that toothpaste with baking soda was more effective than toothpaste with other whitening agents. They were also less abrasive, and they caused minor damage to teeth.

One of the most extensive reviews on whitening toothpaste discovered that these products could improve the appearance of teeth significantly. With regular use, researchers concluded that they could offer a whitening effect on teeth. The study involved comparing regular toothpaste to whitening toothpaste, concluding that there was a significant effect on the appearance of teeth.

Most of these formulas provide whitening with LED lights, activating the included serums to ensure that the ingredients work. In a European Journal of Dentistry study in 2018, the researchers tested whitening toothpaste with or without an LED device. The individuals who used the LED device could whiten teeth at a rapid pace. Furthermore, the researchers found that the devices were safe to use regularly without damaging effects.

These results were found in 2012 in another study as well. The researchers from the earlier study used a 44% carbamide peroxide gel with an LED system. The researchers determined that a 14-day treatment with these conditions was enough to show substantial improvements. Unfortunately, when the user stopped treatment for two weeks, the whiteness of their teeth went back to normal.

Colgate – one of the leading dental hygiene brands – found that the type of light makes a big difference in these treatments. When it comes to whitening, UV rays can be risky to consumers. Instead, research supports the use of halogen lights and lasers for whitening.

Whitening treatments aren’t exclusive to the use of bright lights and serums. Instead, consumers looking to go the natural route sometimes use vinegar to cleanse their mouths—people who use this liquid claim that it cleanses the mouth to improve the user’s oral health. Though there is some evidence that this type of remedy could kill off the bacteria, the acidic nature of vinegar could cause tooth erosion when used repeatedly. A study in 2021 determined that ingestion is incredibly damaging for adult enamel, leading to worse issues.

Though charcoal toothpaste is sometimes praised as well, it comes with its potential side effects. In a study in 2019, researchers said that toothpaste wasn’t an effective remedy for whitening. Furthermore, it was linked to gum damage, discoloration, and other problems. Plus, bits of charcoal can be stuck between the teeth in gum pockets.

Ultimately, the evidence currently suggests that the correct teeth whitening system for the user can improve whiteness. Consumers can also regularly get support with toothpaste, lights, and other products meant for whitening.

Potential Side Effects of Teeth Whitening Kits

Most importantly, high-quality teeth whitening kits are not associated with significant side effects if used as directed by healthy adults. If the user has dental issues, medical problems, or medications, they might want to check with their doctor or dentist to ensure that this remedy is safe.

Based on the statements of the ADA, the side effects that are most often associated with these kits include:

  • Tooth sensitivity (though it is temporary).
  • Inflammation in the gums.

Mostly, no side effects are reported when using teeth whitening kits.

Frequently Asked Questions About Teeth Whitening Products

Q: What’s the best way to whiten teeth?

A: Preventative care is the best way to protect teeth. When consumers avoid drinks commonly associated with staining – like coffee, soda, tea, and sugary juice – they won’t have to worry about these stains. Consumers can also use teeth whitening kits or a whitening toothpaste if this preventative care is ineffective.

Q: How does teeth whitening work?

A: These treatments use peroxide and other whitening agents to bleach teeth and promote a whiter appearance. It cleans the dentin of the teeth.

Q: What’s the difference between a dental cleaning and teeth whitening?

A: Standard cleanings are essential to promote dental health, removing plaque and tartar that can lead to disease. While the cleaning is necessary, only a whitening treatment eliminates stains.

Q: How long does it take to whiten teeth?

A: If the user follows the complete directions of the product, a high-quality teeth whitening kit can improve the teeth within a few days. Most systems take 5-10 uses for the initial changes, but it could take up to 4 weeks to get the desired changes.

Q: Will teeth whitening work for everyone?

A: Most people have a great response to teeth whitening procedures. However, each person has different types of staining. Most systems are designed to work on yellow stains rather than gray stains.

Q: Does teeth whitening hurt?

A: While it is normal to experience some sensitivity while whitening the teeth, it shouldn’t be painful. This sensitivity can impact the teeth and gums. If the experience is painful, users should stop use right away.

Q: Do teeth whitening kits damage enamel?

A: As long as the customer chooses a high-quality product from a brand with a good reputation, they should not experience any damage to their enamel. However, using alternative methods of whitening teeth at home – like undiluted bleach – is very damaging.

Q: How much does teeth whitening cost?

A: For an at-home kit, the typical cost of teeth whitening ranges from $50 to $200. If the user chooses to have their teeth whitened at a clinic, they will probably pay from $400 to $1,000.

Q: Will teeth whitening work on veneers and false teeth?

A: No. These types of services will only work on natural teeth surfaces.

Q: Is teeth whitening safe?

A: For most adults, whitening teeth is entirely safe. Anyone concerned about this treatment should speak with their dentist or a doctor to learn more about their particular body.

Q: How long does teeth whitening last?

A: If the treatment is done correctly, consumers might be able to maintain their whitening results for months. Always brush after eating and avoid the beverages that are more likely to stain the teeth (like wine and coffee). Users should also get their teeth cleaned regularly to ensure the results last.

Q: How do teeth whitening kits work?

A: Most of these kits will include carbamide or hydrogen peroxide to whiten the teeth. This bleach is safe for regular use because the body naturally produces the chemicals.

Q: What’s the best natural way to whiten teeth?

A: Preventative care is the best way to ensure teeth are white. Certain foods (like coffee, wine, and tea) make users more prone to staining, but good habits like regular teeth cleanings and flossing can help.

Q: Does activated charcoal whiten teeth?

A: Though studies do not significantly link charcoal toothpaste to whitening power, many people use it regularly to help. Still, using charcoal on teeth should be limited because it can be harmful.

Q: What’s the best teeth whitening kit?

A: The top whitening kits can be found on this page. Those sets include SNOW Teeth, Primal Life Organics Teeth Whitening System, Smile Brilliant, and Cleaner Smile.

The Top Teeth Whitening Systems/Products of 2022 Final Thoughts

Though this treatment used to be rather expensive, the popularity of at-home teeth whitening kits has made it possible for anyone to find one for an affordable price. With proven scientific evidence to back it up, many kits include natural ingredients that eliminate stains from tooth enamel to improve the brightness of anyone’s smile. Try a top teeth whitening system/product above today!


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