Bellevue chiropractor is one of USA’s leading practitioners helping those with sciatica

Technique is more effective than drugs, more successful than surgery

If you’re dealing with sciatic pain from a slipped or bulging spinal disc, the usual treatment options can be discouraging. But for many patients, there’s a better way. Drugs can offer some relief, but they only help to manage the symptoms. And drug use has its own risks, including addiction or unwanted side effects.

Surgery is available, but the 50 to 75 percent failure rate is less than inspiring.

Dr. Steven Thain, DC of DISC Centers of America – Bellevue is one of America’s leading practitioners of Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression (NSSD). The technique has shown a high rate of success: in a study published in the Journal of Neuroimaging, there was a 90 percent reduction in the size of herniation in 71 percent of the patients receiving NSSD treatment.

“Most sciatic conditions are due to a disc problem in the lower back,” Thain says. “And NSSD is a non-surgical, non-drug approach to addressing sciatic issues, with an incredibly effective success rate.”

The technique allows a practitioner — usually an MD or a Doctor of Chiropractic — to isolate the specific disc involved, and decompress it. “We’re able to get the segment of the spine to literally decompress, which means distraction without muscle contraction,” Thain says.

Thain is highly qualified. He holds a national certification from two American universities, he’s been asked to instruct at national certification programs, and was recently appointed to the International Medical Advisory Board for spinal decompression — one of only about 20 doctors from across the country to sit on the board

The NSSD apparatus was developed by Dr. Allan Dyer, MD, whose research was also instrumental in the development of the heart defibrillator. Dyer was inspired by his own debilitating back pain to create a non-surgical treatment.

Another doctor who has personal experience of sciatic pain, Dr. Eric Kaplan, DC, founded the International Medical Advisory Board that Thain sits on. Kaplan was on the President’s Council on Fitness in the Clinton administration, and has worked with the Trump family and organization. “He’s a pretty well-known guy, and he’s been through this himself. That’s what inspired him,” Thain says.

NSSD treatment is not suitable for patients who have already had screws, plates or rods surgically installed, he said, but it may be the right option for many people. “The patients that would benefit from this are those with back pain or neck pain that may be initiated by disc issues. It could be patients suffering with sciatica leg pain or arm pain; also numbness or tingling into the legs or arms or hands or feet,” he says.


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