ActivatedYou Essential Skin Food Reviews – Real Collagen Support That Works?

ActivatedYou Essential Skin Food is a daily skin supplement that consumers use to trigger collagen production from within. However, unlike other products on the market today, there isn’t actually any collagen in the formula directly, helping users to create their own collagen effectively.

What is ActivatedYou Essential Skin Food?

The skin needs constant care, though many people ignore the nourishment that it requires. This care often includes topical support for the complexion with the right cleansers and lotions, but these products evolve as the user’s skincare needs change. Sometimes, the products need to help with acne and other blemishes, while other times of need require improvements in dryness. With the ActivatedYou Essential Skin Food formula, users don’t have to find which topical product works at all, because it isn’t actually applied to the skin.

This oral supplement is a combination of several proprietary blends, plus vitamin C and green superfoods, to nourish the skin from the inside. As the body processes all these ingredients through the digestive system, they absorb into the bloodstream to deal with the wrinkles and fine lines that come with age. The ingredients support collagen production, but users won’t actually get any collagen in the product itself. The creators of this remedy pride themselves in using natural and plant-based ingredients to handle everything, stimulating the natural production of collagen instead.

Aging skin has many unique needs. This type of complexion doesn’t have the elasticity that it has when an individual is in their 20s, and it doesn’t produce the same amount of collagen as before. Collagen is found throughout the body, even in the joints, providing a cushion between the opposing bones during movement. In the skin, however, collagen is the reason for the suppleness and softness of the face. Without it, the skin dimples and forms lasting wrinkles, though some people may even see the beginnings of these wrinkles when they are just 35-year-old.

Other products seem to correct this issue with the use of new collagen, but there’s a problem with this solution – it replaces the body’s current collagen. The only way to truly make a difference and to make the changing natural is to stimulate the production of collagen without any new source being introduced. That’s why ActivatedYou Essential Skin Food only uses plants instead of ever adding animal-based products to the body.

How Does Essential Skin Food Work?

To make this product work, the creators have assembled a collection of potent ingredients, though some of them have been trademarked to offer a more potent bioavailable version. The ingredients include:

  • Dermaval
  • Triple Amino Acid Complex
  • Vitamin C
  • Cosmythic™

Each one is crucial to the health of the user’s skin in this remedy. Read on below to learn about the role that they play.


Dermaval is a proprietary blend, allowing users to get the benefits of multiple ingredients. The included ingredients are:

  • Pomegranate extract
  • Coffeeberry
  • Quercetin
  • Camu Camu

The entire point of this combination is to improve the skin’s elasticity and firmness, which is often lost with age.

Triple Amino Acid Complex

The Triple Amino Acid Complex is another proprietary blend that delivers extra nutrients to consumers, keeping the skin plump. It also tightens the skin, which can lose its firmness with age. The amino acids include:

  • Lysine
  • L-Arginine
  • L-Proline

Vitamin C

Vitamin C has such a massive impact on the body that it easily stands on its own in Essential Skin Food. The primary purpose of this ingredient is to help reduce the free radicals that can damage the skin over time, keeping the complexion bright and radiant.

Vitamin C is also crucial for the strength of the immune system, improving the body’s defense against other germs that could impact the user’s health.


This blend helps users get all the support of polyphenols, triggering greater activity in the cells in the control of collagen production. These types of ingredients are important to include in a skincare routine for any age, making it even more important to take care of the skin.


Purchasing ActivatedYou Essential Skin Food

When shopping on the ActivatedYou website, consumers will have a few different packages to choose from, but none of them require the user to pay the full retail value (which is $69.95). Instead, the official website offers discounted packages, which include:

  • 1 jar ActivatedYou Essential Skin Food for $49
  • 3 jars ActivatedYou Essential Skin Food for $134
  • 6 jars ActivatedYou Essential Skin Food for $254

No matter how many bottles the user orders, they will get free shipping if the product is being sent domestically. Plus, if the remedy doesn’t work for their needs, they have up to 90 days to get a complete refund.


Frequently Asked Questions About ActivatedYou Essential Skin Food

Who is a good candidate for the use of Essential Skin Food?

Anyone can take this formula, though it is particularly meant for individuals who can see the evidence of aging on their face with wrinkles and fine lines. Using this remedy means that users will get a more youthful appearance, restoring the radiance of the years gone by. This formula works from within to improve the body, rather than being topically applied.

How does Essential Skin Food stand out amongst other collagen supplements?

The purpose of this formula is to build up collagen, which means that users won’t actually get any animal-based collagen from the remedy. Everything is made of plant materials, urging the body to naturally develop its own collagen (rather than replacing it).

How do users know if they need a collagen supplement?

The human body starts to slow down when an individual reaches their 30s. However, this pace moves rapidly after age 40, which shows up as wrinkles, dullness, and sagging skin. It can also take a toll on the user’s nails, hair, and digestive process.

How is Essential Skin Food meant to be taken?

All the ingredients are compressed into capsules. Users only need to take one of these capsules each day to deliver the nutrients to the skin. The creators recommend taking the capsules at the same time as a meal to ensure that the user can best absorb the nourishment that each ingredient offers.

Is Essential Skin Food safe?

Absolutely. The creators at ActivatedYou prioritize both the purity of their products and the safety of each ingredient. To protect this effort, the formula goes through testing at a third-party lab before making it to customers.

Where is Essential Skin Food available to purchase?

Right now, the only way that consumers can purchase Essential Skin Food is by going through the official website. It is not sold in stores, which helps to keep the price low for customers.

Customers with other questions can reach out to the support team by calling 800-720-8403.


ActivatedYou Essential Skin Food nourishes their digestive system that will ultimately correct the fine lines and other aging signs in the skin. The formula requires no other changes to the user’s skincare routine, allowing them to simply benefit from the improved nutrients. Finding the same concentration of nourishment is next to impossible because the body breaks down food so quickly. By integrating this simple supplement, anyone can look more youthful and radiant.