3 ways to become a Leader within Nursing

The right training, attitude and approach are key

Nursing is an incredible career, with numerous opportunities for those who wish to pursue them.

For those entering the profession with a goal of becoming a leader in the industry, here are some ways nurses and nursing students can succeed:

1. Further Training

To retain their licenses, nurses must take courses known as Continuing Education Units. These equal approximately 10 hours of instruction and are usually done in tandem with shifts and other responsibilities.

While there’s a vast array of courses available, some prepare candidates for aspects of leadership, and those pursuing a career path toward a leadership role should take a relevant Nursing CEU.

Whether you aim to move to a more intensive department, or to rise to the head of your current one, many choices are out there. Always choose a highly accredited course from a respected education center – you’re more likely to have access to resources and lecturers who’ll prepare you for the ideal leadership role.

2. Pursue Opportunities

When working in a practice or hospital, many chances are sent a candidate’s way that could set their career on a new path. Though it’s impossible to say yes to everything, a nurse should always keep an ear open to exciting cases they could help with.

You never know when a rare case is going to come through the department, potentially allowing you to demonstrate your best skills. However, you can’t jump on a case without putting in the groundwork first. Make sure you muck in and help with the less interesting cases too. By getting your name to those above you, you have a higher chance of being allowed to care for the projects that interest you most.

3. Lead By Example

It’s important that you lead by example, whether you’re newly qualified and starting your first permanent contract or you’ve been a nurse for years. Make sure you’re always putting your best foot forward to deliver the highest level of care possible.

Nurses have the unique position of truly getting to know their patients. Many keep in touch with each other when significant bonds are formed. These are the sorts of relationships that should be promoted and can really help make nurses understand how vital their role is. While they might not be a professional leader, they can be a leader in caregiving within their own teams.

Being a leader among nurses should be a goal of every nursing student preparing to graduate. Regardless of where you’ll be working or whether you ever pick up a speciality, the right nurse will be able to be a leader no matter where they are.