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When the strictest workout regimens fail to produce results, weight loss supplements come to your rescue. PhenQ is a natural weight loss supplement that helps to shed excess body weight in a relatively short period of time.

According to its developer, PhenQ is a powerful weight loss pills that have successfully served over 190,000 customers whose weight-loss diets and workout routines fell through.

PhenQ, is formulated to restore all fat-burning capabilities of your body. It takes many approaches to meet your realistic weight loss goals, i.e., promotes high metabolic rates, aids to suppress appetite, provides long-lasting energy boosts, and accelerates calorie burning, etc.

PhenQ makes your weight loss journey more effective and serves as the ultimate solution for all your excess weight problems, thereby allowing you to reach your weight goals quickly and effectively.

What Should You Know About PhenQ?
Product Name PhenQ
Description PhenQ is a weight-loss supplement that accelerates the fat-burning process, increases body energy, and improves your metabolism. PhenQ weight loss pills are 100% natural and vegetarian.
Manufacturer Wolfson Berg
Quantity 30 days supply, includes 60 pills
Serving 2 pills per day, One in breakfast and the other with lunch.
Key Benefits
  • Reduce appetite
  • Burn fat and stop fat production
  • Improve energy levels
  • Enhance mood
  • Increases muscle gain
  • Features
  • Made in FDA-approved and GMP-compliant lab.
  • Safe and natural components.
  • Contains only vegetarian ingredients.
  • Ingredients
  • Side Effects So far, none have been reported.
    Customers Reviews Visit their Official Website
    Guarantee 60-Days Money-Back Guarantee.

    Phenq Reviews- About The Creator

    PhenQ is developed by a Glasgow-based company, Wolfson Brands (UK) Limited. Wolfson Brands (UK) Limited has a tight-knit team of highly competent nutritionists and medical experts.

    As a health and wellness giant, Wolfson Brands (UK) Limited has revolutionized the weight loss supplement market through its losing weight products. The company has been using highly advanced technology and time-tested strategies to produce high-quality products for the past 15 years.

    In addition to PhenQ, the company has many other beauty and weight loss supplements products, including Smart Protein, Bauer, Crazy Nutrition, Super Power, Eye Secrets, etc.

    Though products offered by Wolfson Brands (UK) Limited are not FDA-approved, they are manufactured in FDA-approved facilities and have passed FDA standards.

    What Does PhenQ Do?

    Unhealthy foods and a lack of a proper exercise routine lead to unwanted weight gain. In order to reduce your body weight, you need to take a proper diet and maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, for some people, especially IT employees and people with chronic conditions it’s harder to reach their fitness goals. In such a case, PhenQ can help!

    Unlike other weight loss supplements, PhenQ takes a multiangular approach to solve your stored body fat problems and give you a slim and sexy body. Phenq weight loss pills promote the weight loss process by helping you with your mood swings, and muscle mass gain, and offering more energy to the body.

    Let’s discuss what PhenQ does in detail!

    Stops Fat Production

    PhenQ is formulated to accelerate fat-burning processes occurring within your body. Its powerful blend of highly effective ingredients inhibits the growth of adipocytes (fat cells) by either decreasing the rapidity of their production of new fat cells or halting their production temporarily. Due to the inhibited growth of adipose cells, the rate of fat production in your body decreases, decreasing your body weight. Though PhenQ does not completely halt the production of more fat in your body for burning fat, it minimizes it to the extent that you do not gain more weight.

    Accelerates Fat Burning

    The potent blend of ingredients present in PhenQ activates several enzymes and chemicals that influence your body’s natural metabolism. These enzymes help balance thermogenic rates in your body to speed up your natural metabolism, i.e., promoting body heat production in your body to speed up the breakdown of all the stored fat and weight management. People with high metabolic rates burn fat and shed weight more easily than people with low metabolic rates. PhenQ helps you burn more calories every day by boosting your resting metabolic rates to burn extra body fat.

    PhenQ also seems to have some effect on leptin levels in your gut. Leptin is a hormone primarily produced by intestinal cells. It regulates energy balance in your body by appetite suppression, reducing fat storage within the adipose tissues. The leptin level in your bloodstream is directly proportional to the fat percentage stored in the adipose tissue, making you lose weight by having fewer calories than ever.

    Boosts Energy Levels

    A low-calorie diet leads to decreased energy levels, thereby causing you to feel tired all the time. PhenQ weight loss supplement keeps you charged up throughout the day by keeping your mood and energy levels up. A low-calorie diet often tends to demotivate people from working out. However, the powerful ingredients found in PhenQ keep your energy levels up all day long and allow you to engage in all kinds of strenuous activities. Like most weight loss supplements, it reduces fatigue and keeps you active.

    Suppress Appetite

    If the calories you burn outweigh the calories you consume, you can easily curb your appetite. At times, even the most effective workout regimens fall flat. In such cases, you will need to reduce your food intake, which might be very hard if you are a foodie. PhenQ is the ultimate solution for foodies as it effectively suppresses appetite by somehow interfering with the action of leptin, i.e., a hormone responsible for altering food intake, reducing sugar cravings, and controlling energy expenditure over the long term, to help you lose weight.

    Supports Mental Health

    Dieting can take a heavy toll on your mental health. Therefore, PhenQ is formulated to provide you with all weight loss benefits while supporting your mental health. While on a low-calorie diet, people tend to feel grumpy due to decreased energy levels. As a matter of fact, poor mental health is the most common problem that people face when pursuing a weight loss regimen. PhenQ has mood-enhancing properties that keep you lively all day long to support weight loss process.

    PhenQ Ingredients

    Phenq is a dietary supplement that contains common ingredients found in many weight loss supplements, the blend of all these potent ingredients is what makes PhenQ stand out from its competitors. Here’s all you need to know about the natural ingredients present in PhenQ and their individual benefits.

    α-Lacys Reset

    A patented synergistic blend of alpha-lipoic acid (ALA) and cysteine, α-Lacys Reset provides multitudinous health benefits. Both ALA and cysteine are naturally occurring amino acid that has antioxidant properties that are effective in reducing body fat.

    Alpha-lipoic acid (ALA) is a vitamin-like antioxidant that prevents cell damage and helps the body restore vitamin levels, i.e., vitamin C and vitamin E. Additionally, it plays a vital role in the metabolism of carbohydrates and energy production which results in the reduction of body fat.

    In addition to being an antioxidant, it also helps regulate blood sugar levels, which gives it importance as a potential treatment for diabetes. It is widely used to treat hyperlipidemia and obesity as it can reduce body mass index (BMI). Its fat-burning properties make it a perfect supplement to address stored body fat problems effectively.

    Most commonly used in hair supplements, cystine regulates the levels of hormones released by the adipose tissue in your body. It decreases the levels of ghrelin in your blood, a hormone that stimulates appetite while increasing leptin levels, a hormone that suppresses appetite. Cystine effectively curbs your appetite and prevents your body from weight gain.

    L-Carnitine Fumarate

    A naturally-occurring amino acid, l-carnitine, plays an important role in brain and heart function, muscle movement, kidney function, and plenty of other body processes. It aids in weight loss by burning stored fat and extracting energy from fat. Though l-carnitine can easily be obtained from a variety of green vegetables, meat, and nuts, its supplementation is highly beneficial for people whose natural level of l-carnitine is low. It also purges your body of the tiredness that follows workouts to lose fat.


    Caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant that belongs to a unique class of drugs called methylxanthines. These psychoactive drugs offer a wide range of pharmacological effects, i.e., improved metabolism, bronchial relaxation, losing stubborn body fat, increased secretion of stomach acids, etc. Despite acting as a stimulant for the central nervous system, caffeine does not cause chemical dependence.

    Though caffeine alone cannot help you lose weight, it is an effective weight loss agent when used with other weight loss ingredients to get rid of extra body fat.

    Due to its psychoactive properties, it keeps you alert and energetic throughout your workout sessions. Caffeine may help suppress your appetite by changing the levels of fat hormones in your blood that promote the fat burning process.


    Nopal, also known as prickly pear cactus, is widely used in North America because of its medicinal properties. Nopal is extremely rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants and is added to a wide range of dishes.

    Nopal has long been used in traditional medicine to treat and prevent various health problems, including ulcers, fatigue, wounds, glaucoma, diabetes, and several liver conditions.

    Due to its dietary fat binding capacity, the nopal plays an essential role in reducing body weight. It aids in weight loss by increasing the rate of fat excretion from the body. Nopal provides various health and weight loss benefits that indirectly help in stored fat reduction, i.e., reduces insulin levels, brings down blood sugar levels, and promotes a healthy level of lipids (fats) in the blood.

    Chromium Picolinate

    Chromium Picolinate is a natural mineral present in vegetables, meat, and whole grains, chromium regulates sugar levels in the blood and has the ability to inhibit your food cravings. It aids in weight loss by suppressing your appetite and balancing lipid levels in your blood. It also boosts metabolism by promoting healthy thermogenic levels to increase muscle mass and prevent fat accumulation.

    Though chromium helps your body shed excess weight in various ways, chromium picolinate most effectively aids in losing weight by regulating your food intake. As you consume sugar, it is absorbed into your bloodstream and is transported to your cells to be used for energy. Once your cells get an adequate amount of sugar, you no longer crave it. Chromium picolinate regulates your food intake by helping your cells take as much sugar as possible, thereby suppressing your appetite and allowing you to lose weight more easily.

    Capsimax Powder

    Capsimax powder is a mixture of capsicum, caffeine and niacin (vitamin B3), and piperine. These ingredients have both appetite-suppression and fat-burning properties. Capsicum boost metabolism by increasing the rate of thermogenesis for burning fat effectively.

    Capsaicin, a compound derived from capsicum, affects the levels of fat hormones in the bloodstream. By keeping the hunger-suppressing hormone levels higher than the hunger-inducing hormone levels, capsaicin effectively regulates your calorie intake.

    Piperine, on the other hand, aids in losing weight by inhibiting the growth of adipocytes, i.e., it blocks the formation of new fat cells.


    Who Should Use PhenQ?

    We know healthy diet and exercise routine are the best ways to speed up the burning process of fat accumulation. But PhenQ pills will accelerate that speed-up process and you’ll be able to reach your transformation goals soon.

    PhenQ weight loss pills should be taken by anyone who wants to maintain a healthy weight. If your weight loss regimen is too strict about following, you can take this dietary supplement to accelerate the process of losing weight. You can also incorporate the PhenQ diet pills into your current weight loss regimen to make it more effective.

    If limiting your diet is hard for you, you can take these diet pills to suppress your appetite. Additionally, if you are on a low-calorie diet and need enhanced energy levels to continue your workouts, these pills will give you long-lasting energy boosts.

    People who face mental health challenges while pursuing a weight loss regimen can also take these pills to improve their mood and stay positive. Phenq fat burner also helps to support mood and energy levels.

    Pregnant women and people under the age of 18 should avoid taking Phenq diet pills. If you are sensitive to caffeine, you should consult your doctor before taking these pills.

    PhenQ Dosage

    The recommended PhenQ dosage to burn fat is 2 capsules per day. One should be taken in the morning, and one should be taken in the afternoon to lose fat.

    Taking this fat burner after 3 p.m. might disrupt your sleep cycle as it contains high amounts of caffeine and other energy-boosting ingredients.

    People who happen to be caffeine sensitive should either decrease their dose or limit caffeine consumption from other sources like coffee and other caffeinated drinks.

    Phenq Price and Refund Policy

    One bottle of PhenQ fat burner is priced at approximately $70. However, you can get a discount if you order multiple bottles. One bottle contains 60 tablets.

    If you buy 3 bottles at once, you can save up to $100.

    Here’s how the pricing is broken down on Phen Q’s website:
    • 1 PhenQ Bottle: $69.95
    • 3 PhenQ Bottles: $139.90
    • 5 PhenQ Bottles + 2 Advance Cleanse Bottles: $189.95

    PhenQ offers free shipping all across the world and a 60-day money-back guarantee backs all purchases. If PhenQ fails to deliver all the results, you are entitled to a complete refund within the first 67 days of the purchase.


    Other Weight Loss Product from Phenq

    Phenq has an expanded list of weight loss supplements with the Phenq Meal Replacement shake. We will help you to explore this product in the below content.

    Phenq Meal Replacement Shake

    PhenQ Complete Meal Shake is an entire meal replacement shake made from natural ingredients. The PhenQ Complete Meal Shake is a great choice for those who are looking for a meal replacement shake that will help them lose weight without counting calories. This shake is a perfect choice for people who want to kick start their weight loss journey but don’t have time to prepare a full meal. The PhenQ Complete Meal Shake is an entire meal replacement shake made from natural ingredients.

    This meal shake has been formulated to help support your body with 24 essential nutrients. Some of these nutrients include protein, fat, minerals, vitamins, and more. This supplement is designed to replace a whole meal and you can add it to your daily diet in place of a meal.

    If you want to burn fat, suppress your appetite, and feel more energized, PhenQ Complete Meal Shake is the perfect solution. Each shake contains two servings of protein, two servings of carbs, and one serving of fat. The shakes are designed to be consumed throughout the day to ensure that you get the right amount of nutrients.

    Benefits of PhenQ Complete Meal Shake

    Phenq meal shake claims to offer multiple benefits, they are stated below:

    Complete Meal Replacement

    The ingredients in PhenQ are designed to make you feel fuller for longer, but the real beauty of the formula is that it doesn’t leave you feeling hungry. You’ll be able to eat a full meal without getting stuffed.

    Suppress food cravings

    The most effective way to lose weight is to cut out all foods that contain sugar and fat or take a low-calorie diet. But what if you don’t have the willpower to resist them? Phenq meal replacement shake has been scientifically proven to reduce your food cravings. It’s an appetite suppressant that works by increasing the levels of serotonin in your brain, which helps regulate your appetite. So, Phenq meal replacement shape can help you eat less and lose excess weight faster.

    Boost Energy level

    This meal replacement shake contains MCT oil and it provides energy and has been shown to be more effective than other types of oils. The natural ingredients support the body with an energy boost.

    Build up muscle strength

    PhenQ contains a unique combination of powerful ingredients that work synergistically to support your fitness goals and give you a leaner and healthier body. The ingredients are carefully chosen for their ability to support your health and fitness goals.

    Rapid Weight loss for busy folks

    If you’re a busy person who has trouble maintaining a healthy eating routine and is looking for a way to eat on the go without sacrificing quality, Phenq Meal Replacements is the perfect solution. Each serving of the product contains all the essential nutrients your body needs to help you achieve optimal health. And because each serving is only 120 calories, you can have a small portion of food without feeling hungry or deprived.

    Ingredients in PhenQ Complete Meal Shake

    According to the manufacturer, Phenq Meal Replacement shake contains only organic and proven ingredients. The following is the list of natural ingredients:

    KSM 66 Ashwagandha

    Ashwagandha is an herb native to India with a long history of use in Ayurvedic medicine. Research shows that ashwagandha has a wide range of benefits, including weight loss, muscle mass and strength gains, improved stamina, reduced stress levels, and increased energy. As a natural adaptogen, ashwagandha helps the body adapt to the stresses of daily life and the effects of aging.


    Weight loss is a huge challenge for people. Whether you’re trying to lose a few pounds or need help shedding those stubborn last few stubborn pounds, InnoSlim has the solution.

    In addition to ginseng and astragalus, InnoSlim also includes a proprietary blend of natural herbs that are known to improve metabolism and increase energy levels. InnoSlim is perfect for those looking to lose weight or who are struggling with their eating habits.

    The InnoSlim system has been scientifically proven to help reduce the amount of fat that your body stores and improve metabolic function, which can help with weight loss.

    Pea Protein

    Pea protein is also high in fiber and low in calories, making the Phenq meal replacement shake a great option for those who are looking for a protein-rich shake that’s also low in calories.

    Pea protein is a complete protein and is often used as a vegan alternative to dairy. It’s made from the seeds of the garden pea and is a high-quality protein with essential amino acids.

    MCT Oil

    MCT oil is an oil that is derived from coconut oil, and it’s often added to smoothies and shakes because it helps to increase the number of calories you burn while you are at rest. It’s also said to help your body enter ketosis, which means your body burns fat for energy instead of carbohydrates.

    Reishi Mushroom Extract

    Reishi mushroom extract is a natural antioxidant, which means it supports the body’s immune system and helps the body to recover from stress.

    Vitamins and Minerals

    Vitamins and minerals are essential for health and well-being. In the Phenq Complete Meal Shake, the manufacturer incorporated a variety of vitamins and minerals in different forms. This includes a wide range of vitamins and minerals that work together to support your body’s overall health and well-being, further resulting to support weight loss efforts.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Phenq

    Q: Does PhenQ fat burner work for me?

    Phen Q’s unique formula uses a powerful blend of proven ingredients designed to help you lose weight by speeding up your fat-burning process and controlling your appetite. By targeting your weight loss from multiple angles, you have a much better chance of success with PhenQ than you would use a product designed to help you in just one way.

    Q: How long will one bottle lasts?

    Each bottle of PhenQ dietary supplement contains sixty pills, which will last for one full month. We recommend you choose our two-bottle package, which includes one bottle free. This will provide you with a full three-month supply of PhenQ for the price of only two months, which is why it is the package most of our customers choose.

    Q: Is Phenq supplement suitable for both men and women?

    Yes! Both men and women can use PhenQ for the fat burn and weight loss process.

    Q: Can PhenQ supplement be taken by vegetarians and vegans?

    Yes! Both – vegetarians and vegans can take PhenQ as it is made from plant-based ingredients.

    Q: Who should not take the PhenQ weight loss supplement?

    Like all dietary supplements, pregnant and breastfeeding women and those under 18 years of age should avoid taking PhenQ. If you’ve pre-existing medical condition or are currently taking any prescription medication, make sure to consult with your physician before taking PhenQ.

    Q: Does PhenQ have any side effects?

    As a food supplement containing only natural ingredients, PhenQ has a strong safety record with no known side effects reported so far. However, if you do have any existing health problems, we strongly recommend that you consult with your doctor or health practitioner before you take PhenQ.

    Q: Does PhenQ interact with any medicines?

    As per our knowledge, PhenQ doesn’t interact with any medication as it is prepared from 100% natural ingredients. However, we strongly recommend that you consult with your health practitioner before adding PhenQ to your diet if you are currently taking any medicines.

    Q: Does PhenQ interfere with birth control pills?

    As a natural dietary supplement, PhenQ can safely be taken with oral contraceptives without interfering with their effectiveness.

    Q: How do I purchase PhenQ?

    You can currently only purchase PhenQ from the official website phenq.com. They offer different modes to make payments. Also, we suggest you not buy PhenQ from any other websites such as Amazon or eBay if you want to save your money. PhenQ products on other websites can be cheap, counterfeit solutions and are NOT PhenQ.

    Q: Can I get any discounts or offers on PhenQ supplement?

    Yes! They offer some great multibuy savings. For the best value, we recommend you buy two PhenQ and get ONE FREE. For long-term weight loss and weight maintenance, we recommend you buy three PhenQ and get TWO FREE.

    To help make sure your weight loss journey is a huge success, you’ll also receive TEN FREE BONUS GUIDES with your order, including nutrition and workout guides, diet and detox programs, meal plans, and a logbook for your meals, and lots more! These free guides will be available for you to download as soon as you purchase any PhenQ package.

    Q: Do they have a money-back guarantee?

    Yes, they offer a 60-day money-back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose but your weight. So, if PhenQ doesn’t help you burn fat and lose weight, simply return the product in its original packaging within 67 days of receiving your order and they’ll give you a full refund, excluding any shipping charges.

    Q: Does the PhenQ supplement require a prescription?

    Not at all. This formula does not contain phentermine, so users do not have to worry about getting prior approval from a doctor to take it.

    Q: Is PhenQ available on Amazon?

    PhenQ can only be purchased through its official website, and it is not available at Amazon, GNC, Walmart, and other sources. Never trust any other seller who sells low-quality dietary supplements than its original website to make your purchase. The company has no authorized dealer to maintain its sales.

    Q: What are the PhenQ benefits?

    The benefits of PhenQ are stated below:

    • It promotes weight loss and is extremely beneficial to prevent weight gain.
    • It suppresses appetite, and sugar cravings and ‘empowers’ you to control your calorie intake.
    • It perks up the metabolism which facilitates the rapid burning of calories.
    • It slows down the production of fat in the body and helps fat burn.
    • With its thermogenic properties, PhenQ intensifies the process of burning stored fat in the body.
    • It ramps up the energy level for you to burst out fats with more and more aggressive workouts!
    • It enables quality sleep and boosts sex drive.
    • It soothes the mind and eases stress.

    Q: How do PhenQ diet pills work?

    It works by:

    • Suppressing appetite; slash the intake of calories.
    • Expediting metabolic rate; for the speedy wasting of fats and calories.
    • Intensifying fat burning; so that the body loses all the amassed fats.
    • Preventing the overproduction of fats; so that the weight does not exceed.

    Q: Will the Phenq diet pill work for me?

    Why not! The unique and powerful formula of this diet pill is meant to work for every single man and woman with ‘weight gain’!

    It targets and addresses the problem through multiple approaches which simply increases the likelihood of shedding weight for almost everyone!

    Phenq Reviews – Conclusion

    PhenQ is a highly effective all-in-one weight loss solution that has been proven to work. It has thousands of positive online reviews from real users. PhenQ is renowned globally for producing high-quality products.


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