Sammamish Good Health to host weekly comedy shows to say ‘thank you and goodbye’

Huge lineup: Andrew Rivers, Kermet Apio, Geoff Lott confirmed

Sammamish isn’t exactly known for being the central comedy spot in Washington.

But this December it will be.

Sammamish businessman Jeremy Horn plans to turn his vitamin and supplement shop, Good Health, into a a regular comedy club every Thursday next month as a way to say thank you to the Sammamish community, as Good Health will close after 15 years in business.

“I think this could be a really exciting community event and I am extremely happy to turn something positive out of an otherwise distressing situation,” Horn said. “It is my way of saying ‘Thank you’ to all our long-standing customers.”

Horn, himself, has performed stand-up comedy since 2004-05, back when Giggles Comedy Club was the top 10 in the country, he said.

“By the time I finished college, it was in the bottom 10,” he said.

But during that time and beyond, Horn’s been able to make some pretty valuable connections and friendships. It’s what allowed him to get top-level acts for his series of shows.

“This is not amateur night,” he said. “Even comics are excited about these shows.”

Although Horn won’t be performing, headliners, such as Andrew Rivers, son of long-time Seattle radio personality Bob Rivers, and Kermet Apio, who does the opening act for Brian Regan, are just a couple of the 30 acts Horn has booked. Other local comedians include Geoff Young, Geoff Lott, Jim Killner, Monica Nevi and Brett Hamil.

Special guests Drew Barth with Kiro Radio and the Dori Monson Show; Rick Kunkler with Last Comic Standing and Jimmy Kimmel Live; and Chris Cashman with The 206, Up Late Northwest and King 5 News, are also slated to make an appearance.

“A lot are coming into town for the holidays to see friends and family,” Horn said. “We’re going to have tons of special guests coming by.”

Horn said he’s been overwhelmed by the response from comedians.

“I’ve had to turn away another 25, which is frustrating to for me because these are all people I’d love to have, there’s just no space,” Horn said.

When Lott first learned of the comedy shows, he said his first thought was, “Anything I can do to help Jeremy, I’m in.”

“He’s a true sparkplug in Seattle comedy, great energy to be around, funny and truly cares about his fellow comedians and the scene,” Lott said. “That’s likely why the shows are so stacked with really funny, great comedians.”

Rivers said he’s known Horn for a while and, as a comic who is frequently around germs while touring, he’s reached out to Horn several times for tips on how to take care of himself.

“We don’t get many sick days,” Rivers joked. “So, it’s only right I can help return the favor.”

Rivers also echoed Horn’s awe of the lineup scheduled.

“The lineup is fantastic for all of the shows,” he said. “But don’t take my word for it. Google some of the comics on YouTube and see the quality Seattle’s comedy scene brings to the table. This is a great way to support comedy and local business.”

Because of Washington state event laws, in order for Horn to provide food and drinks, yes alcoholic, the event is considered a private event – meaning Good Health members only. But, he said, all that requires is signing up for a $12 annual membership, which can be done at the door or online. The membership guarantees entry to all four shows as well as free food and drink.

Pine Lake Pizza will be on-hand for deliveries and sponsored snacks and beverages will be available.

About 50 seats and standing room will be available each night. Horn expects the show, which starts at 7:30 p.m., to last about one-and-a-half hours – just enough time for working parents to be home on time for the babysitter.

Good Health is located at 3050 Issaquah-Pine Lake Road SE in Sammamish.

For more information or to become a member of Good Health (and gain admission to the comedy shows), visit

A list of performers are as follows:

Dec. 7


Jim Kellner – Comedy Hynotist

Brett Hamil – Columnist and Cartoonist for City Arts Magazine

Opening Acts:


Cris Rodriguez

Rachel Leigh

Josh Firestine

Todd Kirkwood

Nick Decktor

Dec. 4


Andrew Rivers – Laughs on Fox, The 206, Son of long-time Seattle Radio personality Bob Rivers

Opening Acts:

Edi Z


Stephanie Flynn

Daniel Isherwood

Danny Littlejohn

Dec. 21


Kermet Apio – Evening at the Improv, Star Search, Almost Live, Opening Act for Brian Regan

Geoff Young

Opening Acts:

Geoff Brousseau

Lisa Wallen

Joe Grienauer

Aaron Fishbein

Dec. 28


Geoff Lott – Finalist for Best of Washington

Opening Acts:

Monica Nevi

Brent Flyberg

Mike Masilotti

Andrew Merklinghaus

Brandon Valentine

Special Guests:

Drew Barth – Kiro Radio, The Dori Monson Show

Rick Kunkler – Last Comic Standing, Jimmy Kimmel Live

Chris Cashman – The 206, Up Late Northwest, King 5 News

*And others not yet announced*

Brett Hamil

Brett Hamil

Monica Nevi

Monica Nevi

Rick Kunkler

Rick Kunkler