State’s marijuana law stinks | Letter

Since Washington state’s marijuana law was enacted, a neighbor has been growing marijuana in the basement. Strong skunk-like fumes are being vented into the neighborhood and are noticeable as far as a block away. A close neighbor has described the smell as “terrible” and another has said that it is unpleasant to be on their patio.

The Bellevue police told us that the strength of the fumes indicates a large marijuana growing operation. In addition to the stench, there are environmental hazards, fire hazards, out-of-state transporting involving violent criminals and the potential for violent crime. Under the current law, the police can do little more than surveil. If this marijuana situation continues, we will be reluctant to fully utilize our yard or open windows when it’s warm. Our house doesn’t need air conditioning, but on warm nights we open the upstairs windows for ventilation. Keeping the stench out of the house will require keeping the windows closed and installing air conditioning.The problem is bound to worsen since the marijuana law has made the state a magnet for pot users and organized crime.

Ken Burdon