Letters to the Editor, Aug. 9, 2019

Guns; council project

No more ignoring the elephant

In the aftermath of the El Paso slaughter, predictable as clockwork, the Republican “thoughts and prayers” crowd started chiming their well rehearsed, and by now vomit-inducing, responses. Republican leadership, with all due respect you know where you can keep it. Your “consolations” fool nobody. You are the problem.

Allow me to ignore the elephant in the room – what motivated this white nationalist. Rest assured, the elephant will not escape attention. Not this time. Let me focus instead on another issue, a favorite Republican talking point regurgitated after every mass shooting – if only there was a “good guy” with a gun.

Texas being Texas – one of the the most heavily armed populations in the world (possibly second only to Afghanistan) with its open and concealed carry laws – it is certain multiple people in that mall were packing at that time. What happened to “good guy” theory?

If there is a silver lining it is that the terrorist survived. How inconvenient. Now there will be a public trial. For Republicans itching to move off topic, not so fast.

And just as I was about to hit the “Send” button on this letter, Dayton happens. Nothing else to say.

Sankar Ray


Money well spent?

Recently, the Bellevue City Council voted 7-0 to spend $5-7 million of our money to construct a new sidewalk on Southeast 16th Street between 156th Avenue Southeast and 148th Avenue Southeast. This was against the recommendation of their own Transportation Commission as well as the EBCC (East Bellevue Community Council) which also recommended against this capital project.

This stretch of road already has a sidewalk and is very steep. Few people walk this except for some Tillicum Middle School students who use the sidewalk and crosswalks at each end.

Meanwhile elementary students from Lake Hills Elementary school have to walk on the road on 146th Avenue Southeast, 145th Avenue Southeast, and Southeast 14th Street to go to or from Lake Hills Blvd. There are two blind corners and these streets are being used more and more by commuters to avoid 148th Avenue Southeast. This is a tragedy waiting to happen.

I am sure there are many other streets in Bellevue where sidewalks are needed. On 146th between Southeast 8th and Lake Hills Blvd. the sidewalk is broken up, crumbling and has weeds growing in it. It is outright dangerous and residents walk on the street as a result.

Surely, there must be a better use for the budgeted capital of $5-7 million.

Gerald Hughes