Football has turned into a political arena | Letter

I realize it was unbearably hot in Tennessee, but maybe the Seahawks should spend their effort working on plays and their effectiveness on the field instead of spending time on how to show disrespect to our flag and all veterans who entered the service to support our country.

Pat Tillman gave up his NFL career to join the Army after 9/11. What has the current crop of NFL players done to support our country to ensure we maintain the freedoms we enjoy? Their answer is to show disrespect to Pat and all the other veterans by some passive action during the “National Anthem.”

Or, as someone else recently said, line the field with wounded warriors with no legs or arms standing and saluting the flag as they get up out of their wheelchairs. Let those strong NFL players sit down if they are too tired to stand, or hide in their cozy locker rooms.

Get back to an enjoyable game for fans to watch and support. Stay out of the political arena while you are on the job.

The game of enjoyment has turned it into a political arena — sad.

Larry Brickman