THC Edibles: 5 Keys to Selecting the Best Product

Joy Organics has been a leading brand in the hemp world for several years, and their new THC gummies embody the high standards of their other product lines. Both formulas, Beach Chill (2.5 mg of THC for a mild unwind) and the Beach Buzz (5 mg of THC for a more significant mellow) are sourced from local, sustainably grown hemp and crafted with all natural ingredients. They are also delicious, with each jar containing a mix of pineapple, blueberry lemonade, and orange flavors.

Edibles are becoming a really popular way to harness the benefits of THC. Edibles are a fun and safe way to enjoy everything THC has to offer without smoking or vaping. Not all edibles are created equal, though. Take some time to research and select the best type for you. Our handy guide gives you 5 key things to consider when searching for a THC edible.

What is a THC edible?

Simply put, an edible is something you eat! When some people think of “edibles” they often think of taking parts of a marijuana plant and putting them in baked goods. While some people do this, there are some serious disadvantages, as we’ll discuss. Instead, many are opting for the purity and consistency of an edible in a consistent size and strength like a gummy, candy or caramel.

Why People Are Using THC Edibles for Better Health and Wellbeing

THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol is more than just a buzzword. It is currently being researched by the mainstream medical establishment for its incredible health benefits. Among them are:

  • Reducing the effects of stress

  • Promoting a better night’s sleep

  • Anxiety relief

  • Boosting your appetite during times of stress or illness

  • Reducing nausea

  • Combatting the effects of inflammation

  • Controlling seizures

  • Reducing pain

These are just some of the amazing health benefits found in THC. The great news is that many of these problems and many others can be positively impacted by a low dose of THC and without the feeling of “getting high.”

What’s great about THC edibles?

When people simply take ground up hemp or marijuana leaves and put them in food products, the effect can be a powerful but unwanted one. This is because there is very little consistency to the strength and concentration of the THC that you are getting.

Trips to the urgent care and emergency room are becoming more and more common these days as people experiment with eating cannabis in food items. This is because the concentration of THC can be very high in some instances, and the amount within each bite or portion is very hard to control. Additionally, the THC absorption through the digestive tract can be very quick, and if you have a lot, the effect can be very overwhelming.

Carefully manufactured and uniformly portioned edibles solve this problem, making THC safe and fun to consume by any adult.

Consistent Dosing

THC edibles like gummies , caramels as well as other treats usually have very carefully controlled amounts of THC. Something like a gummy has a totally uniform size, meaning that each gummy has a precise amount of THC: 2.5mg, for instance.

A Discreet Treat

Your choices in what you decide to eat and how you live your life are nobody’s business but your own! Smoking and vaping are almost impossible to do without people knowing, but taking a gummy is totally private. As far as anyone else knows, you are just enjoying a little candy!

This means that wherever you are, you can bring a few gummies with you and enjoy them when the time is right for you. And, unlike pills, they don’t require any water. You just chew, enjoy and relax!

Super Tasty and Fun

If you are just beginning your search for THC edibles, prepare to be amazed by the sheer size and scope of the selection available. New choices are available nearly everyday so you are sure to find something that you’ll want to try.


These are probably the most common type of THC edible. They are convenient and small, and look and taste just like a package of your favorite candy found at the grocery store. They come in all shapes, including squares, strips, balls, even little animals.

From sweet to pleasantly sour, they have all different ranges of tastes. Flavor combinations are getting really creative as well. There’s your usual lemon and grape, but you’ll also find cherry lemonade, raspberry, sour apple and many others.


Sour gummies aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, so THC candies provide even more choices to try this beneficial compound. Candies can be found in many varieties including mints, drops, chocolate bars, carmels and many more.

Cookies and more

THC is showing up in baked goods as well. There are cookies, popcorn, doughnuts and even coffee. One thing to remember is that while these are an incredibly fun way to get your daily dose of THC, they may not always be as consistent per unit as something like a gummy or candy.

If you are using THC to help alleviate the symptoms of a medical condition, you may want to start with a uniformly portioned gummy or candy. If you are just looking to relax and enjoy the general benefits, then munching on some THC popcorn is a great idea indeed!

Selecting The Best THC Edible

Within the last several years, there are dozens, even hundreds of online sites dedicated to selling various types of edibles. How do you sort through all of these sites to find a good, quality THC product?

One of the best places to start is to ask your friends, family and coworkers. These days, cannabis related products don’t have the stigma that they once had. Finding a product that you know is trusted by a friend or loved one can be really reassuring if you are trying it for the first time.

When you start to navigate the maze of in-person and online retailers for THC edibles , you can use these five simple criteria to narrow your search.

Look for a reputable manufacturer who uses Certified Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP).

When it comes down to it, remember that you are putting something in your body when you eat a THC edible. You want to make absolutely sure that what you are eating is safe.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) developed a list of rigorous criteria for manufacturers of any form of food, drug or supplement manufacturer to follow to ensure their product is not only safe, but has guaranteed and consistent amounts of ingredients in it.

Sure, becoming a cGMP facility costs more, which means that the products they make might be a little more expensive, but do you really want to trust a food product to a company that cuts corners? Most people would say no!

Know exactly how much THC you are getting.

Since THC does have a profound impact on your body, you want to make sure you know exactly how much you are getting. This again is why pre-portioned and carefully manufactured edibles are superior to a homemade treat. Each portioned amount of the THC treat should have exactly the same amount as all of the others in the package.

The product information should clearly state how much THC or CBD and other compounds are in the edible. If it doesn’t, you really have no idea how it might impact you. This should make you wonder why the company isn’t being transparent.

How much THC should you have?

Remember that more THC isn’t necessarily better. Many people find immense benefit in even a small dose of THC in a candy, such as only 2.5mg. This may give you the symptom relief and whole body systemic benefit without the “high” experience.

Even if relaxation and anxiety relief are your goal, sometimes less is more, and the relaxing effects of THC can be found in a low dose, allowing you to pursue leisure and recreation activities that you love, while maintaining your focus and drive.

How much THC can you legally have?

Something important to remember is to make sure you are in compliance with any laws and regulations wherever you are buying and or consuming your edibles. The 2018 farm bill made hemp derived THC products legal in most places. However they can only have 0.3% THC by dry weight.

You’ll see this printed on the packaging and in the website descriptions. 0.3%edibles are perfect for getting started and seeing if THC is right for you. The advantage of carefully and consistently portioned edibles is that you can start with just one, or even a half of one and go up as you get used to how it makes you feel and how your body is responding.

Higher Dose THC Edibles: Go Slowly

Other types of edibles can have much more THC in them, often 100mg or more. Always start slow and be patient when it comes to trying these higher potency products. You’ll want to try just a small amount and wait to see how you feel before having more. Many people do not like the feeling of being overwhelmed by different sensations, so just go easy as you are starting out.

Remember that anything over 0.3% may not be legal in all places. Even 0.3% and below can be an issue in particular situations, so check carefully before buying or bringing your edibles to these places.

Additionally, edibles may cause THC to show up on a drug test. If this is something that’s concerning to you, it’s best to hold off until you are sure it’s okay.

Tastes Great, Fresh and High Quality

You can taste if something is cheap. Think of the difference between a totally mass produced, inexpensive candy and a handcrafted artisan chocolate. You can taste the high quality ingredients.

When companies take the time to include all natural top quality ingredients, you’ll enjoy eating it more. Having an edible shouldn’t be like taking a vitamin that you have to gulp down because it tastes awful.

You want the experience to be pleasurable and something you’ll look forward to. When it is, you’ll be getting the maximum benefit of the THC.

When you look at the ingredients, look for real ones, not artificial. You should see things like natural flavors, real cane sure and things like that for an indication that these edibles are made with care.

Look for organic, made in the USA and other high quality factors.

As much as natural flavoring is important, so too are sustainable farming practices. Look for edibles that are made right here in the USA using organically grown hemp crops.

These things increase manufacturing cost, but they are an indication that the company you are buying from is committed to both the health of our precious planet, as well as a high quality product that they can stand behind.

Commitment to Local Farming

Family and independent farms are dwindling here in the United States and that’s a sad thing for the future. Many manufacturers of edibles are showing their commitment by partnering with small local farms to source their hemp and other ingredients.

Cruelty Free

No one likes to think of products that are tested on animals. Look for companies that have a “cruelty free” endorsement by PETA or a similar organization. This also shows a company’s ethical commitment to a more just world.


Speaking of animals, most good edible manufacturers are moving towards being totally vegan. Certain ingredients are sometimes animal derived, like anything dairy or gelatin. If selecting a vegan product is important to you, look for that on their packaging and on their website. Some companies replace gelatin in their fruit THC gummies with pectin, which works very well.


Companies that stake their reputation on their products are transparent about how they are made. So, look for THC edibles that tell you about how they are made, what ingredients are in them, and feature independent lab reports which verify the purity and potency of the product.

Refunds and Returns

Another thing that’s important to look for is a return and refund policy. The best companies give you a couple months to try a product, and then return it if you aren’t satisfied. If they won’t, it’s good to ask why, and maybe move on to another product!

Enjoy a THC edible today!

Now is a great time to give a THC edible a try. There are so many varieties, choices and flavors out there that you are sure to find something you’ll enjoy!

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