Solar Go-Fridge Review: Should You Buy 4Patriots Solar-Powered Freezer?

In a world where blackouts and emergencies are as unpredictable as the weather, the Solar Go-Fridge promises to be the chilly companion you never knew you needed. Picture this: a solar-powered 3-in-1 wonder that can keep your food cold for days without ice. The Solar Go-Fridge has sold out twice and is now back in stock. We’ve laid our hands on this emergency fridge, and here’s our take, no frills attached.

It’s not just a fridge; it’s a solar marvel that thrives on the sun’s rays, proudly boasting a design that sells itself as the ultimate preparedness tool. No ice? No problem. We’ve been through the claims and the sold-out scenarios, and we’re here to share the real deal about the Solar Go-Fridge without the promotional song and dance. Is it truly the emergency gem you need when the lights go out?

Let’s dive in and find out.

What is Solar Go-Fridge and How Does It Work?

Have you ever wondered what happens when innovation meets the necessity for reliable refrigeration in times of crisis? That’s precisely where the Solar Go-Fridge takes center stage. A solar fridge, by design, is more than your regular kitchen appliance; it’s a survival essential. But let’s go ahead and break it down without the fanfare.

At its core, a solar fridge, like the Solar Go-Fridge, taps into the sun’s power to keep it cool—Literally—no need for messy ice or worrying about spoiled food during a blackout. The magic lies in its “Solar Frosting” technology. This isn’t just a marketing term; the secret sauce makes this fridge an emergency game-changer.

Here’s the lowdown: a high-efficiency compressor does the heavy lifting, pumping liquid refrigerant much like the compressor in your household fridge. But here’s the twist—It generates less heat and consumes less energy, making it efficient and faster in chilling your emergency supplies. When the power goes out, your regular fridge becomes a ticking time bomb; the Solar Go-Fridge transforms into a haven.

No need for a master refrigeration engineering degree—Seal the lid, plug in the free solar panel, and you’re good to go. It’s designed to last up to 12 hours in ECO mode, ensuring you don’t stress about power during crises or long road trips. And the best part? You can recharge it using the sun, a wall outlet, or your solar generator. It’s flexible, powerful, and, most importantly, a solar-powered lifeline when needed.

So, that’s the Solar Go-Fridge. Indeed, it’s not just a fridge but an ingenious solution for keeping cool in an emergency.

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Solar Go-Fridge Features

The Solar Go-Fridge is more than a cool box on wheels. It’s a 3-in-1 powerhouse designed for emergencies and adventures alike. But let’s steer away from the hype and dive into the nitty-gritty of its features.



The Solar Go-Fridge isn’t a run-of-the-mill cooler. It’s a versatile 3-in-1 wonder, acting as a fridge, freezer, and deep freezer all rolled into one. Whether you need to keep your drinks frosty, freeze baby formula, or store frozen meats and veggies, this fridge has you covered.


The Solar Go-Fridge kicks outdated cooling methods to the curb. It is a solar-powered cooler with a fridge, freezer, and portable power bank that charges FREE in the sun. Equipped with a FREE solar panel and a solar-chargeable battery, it’s your off-grid, off-the-grid solution for keeping things cool without a hitch.

Emergency Preparedness

When emergencies strike, simplicity matters. That’s where the Solar Go-Fridge shines. Dead-simple to use; turn it ON, choose your cooling mode, and adjust the temperature using the easy-to-read buttons. It takes the guesswork out of preparedness – no cords to check, no specs to scrutinize.

Compact Yet Capacious

Size matters, especially when you’re on the move. The Solar Go-Fridge strikes a balance, offering a compact footprint with a 42-quart capacity. It can house 28 550ml water bottles, over 1000 vials of 10ml medicine, or 40 pounds of meat – all without the hassle of bulky ice bags.

Power On-the-Go

Emergencies demand more than just chilled beverages. The Solar Go-Fridge stores your supplies and powers devices as needed. A built-in USB port allows you to recharge your phone, tablet, or radio, ensuring you stay connected and informed during blackouts or adventures off the grid.

Outrageous Guarantee

Are you worried about the unknown? Fret not. The Solar Go-Fridge has a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee for 365 days. If it doesn’t meet your expectations, return it within a year, no questions asked. That’s a risk-free commitment to ensuring satisfaction. The Solar Go-Fridge is your peace of mind in a crisis.

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Freebies with Your Solar Go-Fridge

In the spirit of generosity, ordering the Solar Go-Fridge is a gateway to a treasure trove of gifts. We’re not just talking about a complimentary keychain or a throwaway accessory—These freebies are thoughtfully curated to enhance your overall preparedness.

Let’s unpack the bounty that comes with your Solar Go-Fridge purchase:

40-watt Solar Panel ($149.00 Value)

Your Solar Go-Fridge’s ultimate companion – a foldable, 40-watt Solar Panel that harnesses the sun’s power to keep your mini solar generator running. A $149.00 value, this solar panel ensures you’re never left in the dark, literally.

72-Hour Survival Food Kit ($29.00 Value)

FEMA and The Red Cross recommend having at least 72 hours of non-perishable food in an emergency. With this NEW and improved Survival Food Kit, you get precisely that. A $29.00 value, this kit provides essential sustenance during critical times.

30 Servings of Freedom Joe’s Survival Coffee ($9.70 Value)

Morning routines don’t have to suffer during crises. Enjoy 30 FREE servings of Freedom Joe’s Survival Coffee, designed for 25 years. A $9.70 value, this energizing cup of joe is a comforting addition to your emergency provisions.

14 Servings of Bugle Boy Survival Cocoa ($7.70 Value)

We’ve got you covered for non-coffee lovers. Receive 14 FREE Bugle Boy Survival Cocoa servings – a warm and delightful option. All 14 cups are designed to last 25 years, ensuring you have a tasty treat whenever needed.

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StarFire Camp Stove ($59.95 Value)

Cooking during emergencies just got easier with the FREE StarFire Camp Stove. Its patented design offers easy, low-smoke cooking without requiring lighter fluid or accelerants. A $59.95 value, it’s your versatile companion for hot meals, purified water, and outdoor roasting.

Freedom Flame ($19.95 Value)

Illuminate your surroundings with the advanced Freedom Flame – an Arc Lighter with Pulse Arc Technology. This flameless, windproof lighter burns hotter than a flame and is perfect for starting a fire in your Starfire Stove. A $19.95 value and a handy addition to your emergency toolkit.

HaloXT Multi-Use Flashlight ($29.95 Value)

This ingenious multi-use flashlight is a gift worth $29.95. It’s not just a flashlight; it is a glass breaker, seat-belt cutter, SOS emergency flash, powerful magnet, portable power pack with a 2000mAh lithium-ion battery, and a quick charge USB port with intelligent charging.

Getting Started With Solar Power

Digital Report ($9.95 Value): New to solar power? No problem. This digital report covers everything you need to know about survival with solar power. It’s a $9.95 value and a go-to guide for navigating the solar energy world.

$25 Off On the Next Order

Consider this a bonus for future preparedness endeavors. Receive a FREE $25 Certificate that you can redeem on any future 4Patriots order of $100 or more. It’s a little extra incentive to continue building your emergency preparedness arsenal.

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Free Shipping & Handling ($50.00 Value)

Shipping & handling for a sizable fridge can add up, but with the Solar Go-Fridge, you’ll enjoy FREE shipping for your entire order. It’s our way of expressing gratitude for choosing 4Patriots.

Lifetime Tech Support

Your Solar Go-Fridge purchase is an investment in peace of mind. Enjoy FREE, reliable, and knowledgeable customer support for the life of your fridge. Our USA-based Customer Service team is ready to assist with any questions or concerns.

  • Email: help@4patriots.com
  • Phone: 800-304-4202
  • Hours: Monday – Saturday: 8 am – 7 pm (CT) and Sunday: 11 am – 4 pm (CT)

Purchasing Solar Go-Fridge

The Solar Go-Fridge is available for purchase on the official website. They offer two ways to buy this product:

  • One payment: $847.00 today
  • Five payments: $189.00 today, plus four more monthly payments of $189.00

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Solar Go-Fridge Conclusion

The 3-in-1 functionality, as a fridge, freezer, and sub-zero chamber, positions this appliance as a dynamic tool for various scenarios. Its compact size and all-terrain wheels speak to its mobility, making it an attractive choice for road trips, camping, or as a backup fridge during power outages.

What sets the Solar Go-Fridge apart is its commitment to self-sufficiency. Operating solely on the sun’s power, facilitated by the included free solar panel, is noteworthy. This independence from traditional power sources aligns with the growing emphasis on sustainable and off-grid living.

With its efficient compressor, the advanced “Solar Frosting” technology ensures rapid cooling without an excessive energy footprint. Recharging the solar fridge using the free solar panel or other power sources during downtime adds to its reliability during extended periods of blackout or crisis.

Furthermore, including a free rechargeable battery, a USB port for device charging, and the capacity to power critical devices in times of need expands the Solar Go-Fridge’s utility beyond simple cooling.

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