The final frame | For the Love of the Game

Sports reporter Josh Suman offers a final farewell, after nearly four years with the Reporter newspapers

At some point, every contest comes to an end.

Overtimes settle epic clashes, shootouts separate ecstasy from heartbreak, and even the most decorated senior classes graduate.

Today is my final day at the Reporter, after more than three years spent doing the job I had wanted since seeing my own face and name in print as a prep a decade ago.

It did not, even for one moment, disappoint.

More than the scores, or even the highlights, it is the faces I will remember most.

The excitement of a new crop of Bellevue seniors, elation spilling off their sweat-covered mugs, after winning the state football championship.

A forlorn Newport player, downtrodden after a heartbreaking playoff loss that ended his gridiron career, smiling and signing an autograph for a young fan as he walked to the locker room.

Streams of runners dashing through the mud and mist around Lake Sammamish State Park, chasing that personal best time and a spot in the state cross country meet as they tried for a district title.

Genuine happiness — for someone else — after a sudden-death playoff on the golf course.

The names change, but the reason we cheer never will.

The passion high school and local sports are built upon gives them a unique place in the community.

My own journey will not take me far, as I will remain in Bellevue with the nonprofit Jubilee REACH, serving as a site coach for the after school programming, and the media coordinator for the organization.

You may still even see my name in this paper, time and again.

We won’t be taking in the game together. But maybe we will catch up for a rematch down the road.