Rodriguez is the Totems’ floor general

On the basketball court, the point guard position is the equivalent to a quarterback on a football team. The point guard controls the action and guides the flow of the game with every decision made.

Sammamish Totems senior point guard Chase Rodriguez, who has been a point guard ever since he started playing basketball, enjoys being the leader of a close-knit Totems basketball squad.

“I have been playing with most of them since the sixth or seventh grade. I’m like a big brother and I really like teaching them everything I know about the game,” Rodriguez said. “It’s challenging at times to lead the guys around me, but I embrace the challenge. I like controlling the pace of the game and running the show. My best strength is court vision and getting guys in the right spot.”

The Totems still haven’t tasted the thrill of victory this season. The Totems currently have an overall record of 0-10. Despite the sluggish start to the 2016-17 season, Rodriguez believes the playoffs are still a possibility this February.

“The goal for the season is still make the playoffs. We think we can achieve that goal but its been hard since we haven’t won a game yet,” Rodriguez said on Dec. 29. “It effects us but we’re still going to try our best and work as hard as we can to try to achieve that playoff goal.”

Rodriguez, who will graduate this June, plans on being involved with basketball for the rest of his life.

“I want to go to college and get my teaching degree. I want to become a teacher and a (high school) basketball coach. I want to teach either History or English. I haven’t decided yet on which yet,” he said.

Recently the Bellevue Reporter had an opportunity to ask Rodriguez a few questions about his life away from the basketball court.

Bellevue Reporter: How many text messages do you send per day?

Chase Rodriguez: Not a lot. I maybe send 10 per day. I’m more into Snapchat. It’s about Snapchat now.

BR: What is your favorite eatery in Bellevue?

CR: Taqueria in Bridle trails. It is really good Mexican food. I like their tacos.

BR: What is something unique about you that nobody would know?

CR: I love playing video games.

BR: Who was your favorite athlete growing up?

CR: Kobe Bryant (retired NBA basketball player). He had the competitive nature and wanted to be the best.

BR: Who is your pick to win the Super Bowl in February of 2017?

CR: The Seattle Seahawks.