Muir-Keung is the Bulldogs leading scorer

Bellevue Bulldogs sophomore basketball player Jordan Muir-Keung has never been the kind of basketball player who demands to dominate the ball.

Muir-Keung, who is averaging 17.59 points per game through 22 games during the 2016-17 season, is the leading scorer thus far this season. Muir-Keung said being the go-to player on offense isn’t something he’s accustomed to but instead is something he has adapted to.

“It has been a transition for me going into the scoring role. Being a point guard, I have always been a pass-first kind of player. I feel like I’m more of a court savvy type of player that just takes what the defense gives to me. I try to find my teammates most of the time,” Muir-Keung said.

The Bulldogs currently boast an overall record of 14-8 with seven games remaining in the regular season. The Bulldogs are consistently in the running for a Northwest Conference Athletic Championship on a yearly basis and this season is no different.

“We just take it one day at a time. If we continue to work hard in practice and take it one day at a time, the results will take care of themselves if we do that,” Muir-Keung said.

Recently, the Bellevue Reporter had an opportunity to ask Muir-Keung a few questions about his life away from the basketball court.

Bellevue Reporter: What is your favorite movie of all time?

Jordan Muir-Keung: “The Terminal.” It is a Tom Hanks movie. Tom Hanks is probably my favorite actor.

BR: How many text messages do you send per day?

JMK: I would say probably 40 to 50 per day. I don’t text too much.

BR: What kind of music is getting the most play in your iPod right now?

JMK: I’m into Migos (a hip-hop group) right now. They’re hot right now.

BR: Who was your idol growing up?

JMK: I would have to say my dad. My dad raised me pretty well. I have always looked up to the way he has carried himself in every day life.

BR: Who was your favorite sports team growing up?

JMK: It was the Seattle Sonics until they got taken away from us. Now I’m a Portland Trail Blazers fan because they are close by but it was the Sonics growing up.

BR: What is something unique about you that nobody would know?

JMK: When I was little (8 years old) I used to be able to name every NBA team in 20 seconds flat. My aunt and uncle got me this book that had every team name and logo on the back. I would just speed through it.