Green resigns as head football coach at Bellevue Christian

Todd Green will leave the program to focus on family after seven seasons as head coach.

After seven seasons as the head coach of the Bellevue Christian football team, Todd Green resigned from the position to focus more of his energy on family and work.

“It’s been a phenomenal place to coach,” Green said. “It’s been a fantastic seven years with the relationships and the development of the program. I have a deep sense of gratitude for the great families, players and coaches.”

Bellevue Christian athletic director Mark DeJonge said Green has had a huge impact on the growth of the program, which began in 2011.

“Todd is one of the best coaches that I’ve been around, regardless of sport,” DeJonge said. “He’s an even better person. The influence that he had on our guys here, not only in understanding and learning about football but more importantly about life, was monumental. It’s a huge loss for us. He’s top notch.”

The Vikings went 5-5 in both of the last two seasons, their two best seasons under Green.

“We’ve been really competitive the last couple years and we’re making strides because of the work that Todd and the other assistants have done,” DeJonge said.

Not wanting to waste any time filling the vacancy, DeJonge said the search for a new head coach is underway.

“Obviously, you want someone who’s going to know X’s and O’s and to know the game of football, but it’s equally as important to me, the school and the athletics department at Bellevue Christian, that it is someone who uses the game of football to impact players,” DeJonge said.

Green said that whoever is the head coach of the Vikings next fall is going to be surrounded by a supportive administration and athletics department as well as wonderful parents and kids.

“Athletic director Mark DeJonge is the best around as far as I’m concerned,” Green said. “I’ve never been at a place where the parents were this supportive, not of just the team’s performance, but the vision and mission of investing in kids’ lives. You couldn’t ask for any more from the players’ end. They work hard and they want to be great men. Someone is walking into a phenomenal situation.”

The decision to step away from coaching was a hard one for Green, but he said he will be leaving with plenty of fun memories. Green said he will especially miss the relationships that he built with his players.

“I feel extremely blessed and grateful to have had the opportunity,” Green said. “It’s been a highlight of my life.”