Evans nabs coveted honor on the baseball diamond

Player invited to join Northwest baseball team for All-American Games

Bellevue West Little League player Alexander Evans will represent his hometown in one of the biggest youth baseball tournaments in the nation.

Evans, an 11-year-old baseball player who resides in Bellevue, earned a coveted spot on the Northwest baseball team at the USSSA All-American Games, which will take place from Aug. 7 through Aug. 13 in Orlando, Florida. The Northwest squad will be part of “Pool A” group at the 16-team tournament. Evans competed at a player showcase in May and learned he made the Northwest squad in late June.

“I’m really excited but nervous at the same time because it is a really big deal to make a big team like that,” Evans said. “I’m excited to go down to Orlando to play baseball at the ESPN fields. I will get to meet lots of kids from different states.”

Evans said he can play most positions but prefers pitcher, catcher, shortstop, second base and center field. The only spot on the field he won’t play is first base.

“I’m a utility player mostly,” he said.

Evans credited his dad Christopher with introducing him to baseball when he was 6 years old in 2011.

“I started because my dad asked me if I would like to try baseball. After the first year of tee-ball was over I asked him if I could do it again. Ever since then I have played baseball,” Evans said.

Christopher said his son has developed immensely over the past several years on the diamond.

“I think baseball is the hardest sport in the world,” he said. “Just like every other kid, he struggled with basic mechanics and learning the game. It didn’t come easy. I think he had to work harder than maybe some of the other kids just to get it.”

Christopher will be making the trip to Florida with his son in early August for the tournament.

“I’m not going to miss that,” Christopher said with a smile.

In preparation for the Florida trip, Evans will be training on a daily basis at the Sammamish Baseball Academy in Redmond.