Custom Keto Meal Plan Reviews: Do NOT Buy Rachel Roberts’ 8-Week Ketogenic Diet Program Yet!

According to Rachel Robert, the 8-Week Custom Keto Meal Plan creator, modern scientific discoveries indicate that a specific diet can stimulate rapid weight loss. The unique diet strips off body fat and allows you to enjoy tasty meals.

What is the 8-Week Custom Keto Meal Plan?

The 8-Week Custom Keto Meal Plan is an online weight loss program created by Rachel Roberts that can help you shed extra weight. It is marketed as a unique and science-based keto nutritional program ideal for people of all ages.

Rachel Roberts says most dietary plans fail because they are too restricting and unrealistic. However, the 8-Week Custom Keto Meal Plan uses a scientific approach to create an effective meal plan depending on your needs, food preferences, and fitness goals.

The ketogenic diet plan by Rachel Roberts supports natural fat burning. The different ingredients in the 8-Week Custom Keto Meal Plan ensure you get the macro and the micronutrients, thus preventing cravings and fat storage. The digital meal plan comes with hundreds of flexible and tasty recipes.

8-Week Custom Keto Meal Plan customers must fill in some personal data to help the creators make an effective nutritional plan that fits their needs, activity levels, BMI, food preferences, and goals. The diet is all-keto, meaning that most foods are high in fats and low in carbs.

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How Does the 8-Week Custom Keto Meal Plan Work?


Rachel Roberts states that the 8-Week Custom Keto Meal Plan is designed by a team of experts, including nutritionists and chefs. The entire program is based on low-carb and high-fat nutrition. However, customers must consume fiber, water, and other products to get the nutrients required for optimal body functioning.

The body breaks down the carb-rich foods into simple sugar transported into the liver. Insufficient carbs in the body trigger the liver to produce ketones. According to research, the body utilizes ketones when carb levels dip.

The 8-week Custom Keto Meal Plan emphasizes the consumption of healthy fats and limits the consumption of carbs. The eight-week dietary plan helps the body to accomplish a practical and long-lasting caloric deficit.

The 8-week Custom Keto Meal Plan can address cravings and hunger issues. The different food types supply the body and mind with nutrients that can balance various hormones, thus regulating appetite levels.

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4 Mistakes That Sabotage Your Fitness Goals

Ineffective Calorie Deficit: It is a scientific fact that you must burn more calories than you eat to lose weight. However, most diet programs fail to help users attain a practical calorific deficit. Nutritional experts warn that certain ingredients can pause fat oxidation and alter hormonal functioning.

Severe Calorie Restriction: A strict low-calorie diet does not always help you achieve a caloric deficit. Experts recommend using natural ingredients and foods that support healthy metabolism. Some diet programs can motivate the brain to store fat instead of metabolizing it. Customizable nutrition ensures the body takes in calories ideal for your body, needs, and goals.

Believing all Calories are Equal: You should balance the macros and micros to prevent insulin spike. Research shows that raised levels of the sugar-balancing hormone block the release of fat cells, making it hard for your body to burn fat. Further, high insulin levels force the body to convert excess glucose into fats stored in the stomach, hips, arms, and other body parts.

Following Unrealistic and Restrictive Diet: The disadvantage of a restrictive diet is that once willpower diminishes, it can thwart your fitness goals. An unrealistic diet triggers unhealthy cravings and can trigger hormonal imbalances.

Rachel Roberts warns that the four mistakes above can hinder you from attaining your desired body. The 8-Week Custom Keto Meal Plan addresses the four issues above, allowing you to gain practical caloric deficit, balance blood sugar ranges, combat cravings, and surge energy production.

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How to Use the 8-Week Custom Keto Meal Plan

Step One: Customize your Meal Plan

Before buying the 8-Week Custom Keto Meal Plan, you need to answer a few personal questions to ensure you get a customized diet plan. The formulator suggests responding to the questions accurately. The questions include your current condition, food preferences, and fitness goals.

Step Two: Creation of a Personalized Meal Plan

After responding to the questions, the team behind the 8-Week Custom Keto Meal Plan creates a custom meal plan fitting all your needs. You must pay before getting instant access to the custom-made keto meal plan.

What is inside the 8-Week Custom Keto Meal Plan

According to Rachel Roberts, you get an eight-week meal plan crafted by nutritionists, chefs, and personal trainers. The keto meal plan is purportedly realistic and can help you realize your fitness goals quickly.

The 8-Week Custom Keto Meal Plan ensures you get the macro and micronutrients depending on your body. The keto nutrition plan is science-based to optimize all your body processes and support weight reduction.

All the 8-Week Custom Keto Meal Plan meals are delicious and based on your food preferences. Top chefs craft keto recipes to ensure you are looking forward to a delicious fat-burning meal. Rachel Roberts states you can use the two-month meal plan to make long-lasting dietary changes.

The 8-Week Custom Keto Meal Plan comes with simple-to-follow instructions. The formulator ensures the keto meal plan is flexible, allowing you to make a few changes if needed.

Most restrictive nutritional plans do not offer a variety of foods. The 8-week Custom Keto Meal Plan contains different foods, ensuring you get many nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that support your overall wellness.

The 8-Week Custom Keto Meal Plan is straightforward and marketed for all types of people, regardless of their cooking skills. Rachel Roberts states the preparation of the keto meals is simple and quick.

Most dieters hate spending too much time shopping for the “right” types of ingredients. The 8-Week Custom Keto Meal Plan has a downloadable grocery list that helps you plan for a week’s meal. The shopping list ensures you have all the required ingredients to prepare a healthy, fat-burning meal throughout the week.

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The Science Behind 8-Week Custom Keto Meal Plan

Rachel Roberts claims the 8-Week Custom Keto Meal Plan is backed by various scientific research. The keto diet requires users to curtail carb intake and increase consumption of healthy fats. The program helps stimulate ketosis, which aids the body in using the stored fat instead of dietary carbs. Unlike energy from carb oxidation, storing fat encourages the production of clean and healthy energy. You can use the ATP molecules from fat reserves for longer durations, thus improving your physical and mental performances.

The 8-Week Custom Keto Meal Plan can aid users in obtaining an accurate calorific deficit. Rachel Roberts claims the program helps users achieve a healthy caloric deficit that activates fat metabolism and reduces fat storage.

Rachel Roberts states that the 8-Week Custom Keto Meal Plan can help balance your insulin levels. The sugar-balancing hormone must stay optimal to prevent cravings, store fat, and speed glucose oxidation.

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Features of the 8-Week Custom Keto Meal Plan by Rachel Roberts

  • Customers get practical, personalized, and unique nutritional plans
  • Rachel Roberts’ meal plan contains many recipes, saving you from speculating what to cook in your next meal
  • There are different dessert recipes to help you fight cravings
  • The 8-week Custom Keto Meal Plan is formulated by experts
  • Rachel Roberts markets the program for all body types
  • The 8-week Custom Keto Meal Plan is tailored to help you suppress hunger and manage cravings.
  • The keto diet can aid in balancing insulin, thus increasing the body’s natural ability to shed fat.
  • The 8-Week Custom Keto Meal Plan is accessible online without any hassles
  • The meal plan is purportedly flexible, and the ingredients are easily accessible
  • The 8-Week Custom Keto Meal Plan can supposedly help you attain your fitness goals even if you have minimal exercises
  • It can improve the nerve, brain, heart, and overall wellbeing
  • It can fortify the immune systems
  • The 8-Week Custom Keto Meal Plan can help you shed weight on autopilot.

Pricing and Availability

The 8-Week Custom Keto Meal Plan by Rachel Roberts is only available through the official website. Customers must fill out the questionnaire first before accessing the program. The questions are straightforward and necessary in assisting the formulator to customize an accurate nutritional plan. After paying, Rachel Roberts sends the 8-Week Custom Keto Meal Plan to your email. The plan is currently available for the discounted rate of $37, although this price may not last.

Refund Policy: Rachel Roberts is sure you can benefit from the 8-Week Custom Keto Meal Plan. Customers get a 60-day money-back guarantee after paying for the keto diet plan. If you have any questions, please use the contact form on the official website to contact customer service.


The 8-Week Custom Keto Meal Plan by Rachel Roberts can aid you in achieving your weight reduction goals. The ketogenic diet uses a research-based approach to trigger ketosis and support fat burning. The personalized diet plan is based on your preferences and objectives. It has a shopping list, recipes, and nutritional facts to ensure you lose weight naturally.

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