Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down


UP – Volunteers at the King County Animal Shelter in Crossroads came up with a good idea; they asked us if we would run information on pets that need adoption. The answer was, of course. The county needs to find homes for needy pets. We’re just happy to help. But, hey, now it’s time to your part: those animals still are waiting for a new home.

DOWN – The summer driving season has arrived. No, not just because we’ve just celebrated Memorial Day. We notice regular gasoline prices at Bellevue-area stations now has topped $4 a gallon.

UP – Speaking of high gas prices … King County Metro vanpool or vanshare is offering a good deal. New riders and drivers will get a $50 MasterCard gift card. New vanpool primary bookkeepers will also earn a $50 MasterCard gift card. Commuters who are new to all three can get $150. Those who recruit a new rider and get even more rewards – up to $250 at $50 per recruit. Go to the Metro vanpool website for more details:

UP – The people at the Hyatt Regency Bellevue did the region proud during the recent visit by John McCain, the likely GOP nominee for president. Those dining with McCain at a fundraiser enjoyed this menu: Stuffed Mushroom Caps, Bacon Wrapped Scallops, Seasonal Greens Salad, Filet Mignon, Mesquite Grilled Salmon, Pan-Roasted Garlic Chicken, and Vanilla Bean Crème Brulée. So much for candidates being relegated to the “rubber-chicken circuit.”

UP – The Bellevue School District is rebuilding Sherwood Forest Elementary School. The work won’t be done until the end of summer. However, there’s already a flagpole out front – complete with the American flag flying. A tip of the patriotic hat to the person who made this happen.