Climate change truth and consequences

So here’s the deal. Two hundred years ago, carbon dioxide in the atmosphere was at its highest historical levels. Today, it’s 35 percent higher. If I put an extra layer of transparent insulation on my greenhouse, is it going to get cooler in there? Probably not.

  • Jul 8, 2008

A conservative’s view on race

I am a “true conservative.” I believe in the sanctity of life, and I unabashedly believe in God. I wrote this disclaimer so there will be no misunderstanding. A few facts to ponder: This conservative has worked in the Third World teaching, and also developed programs to provide clean water and sanitation for African children. One of those children dies every eight seconds for a lack of clean water.

  • Jul 7, 2008

The myths surrounding the proposed PSE merger

Editor’s Note: Columnist Andy Wappler usually deals with issues such as how to better use energy. Today, he discusses a proposed merger of Puget Sound Energy.

  • Jul 3, 2008


If you’ve been watching the steady climb of gasoline prices, you may have missed the latest boost by the state to the gas tax. Effect July 1, the state added the final 1.5-cent increase from the 2005 transportation revenue package passed by the Legislature.

  • Jul 3, 2008

Airport security blunders not as bad as people fear | From the Editor

If you ever wondered where you may have misplaced say, oh, a Swiss Army knife, I’m here today to tell you how to find it. My revelation came as I sent my carry-on duffle bag through the screening machine at Portland International Airport. Suddenly, the TSA workers were very interested in my bag. Finally, one of them said to follow him over to another counter. Uh-oh.

A Fourth of July quiz | John Carlson

How well do you, your family and friends know your country’s history? Take the following quiz and find out. Could make for some interesting conversations during the July 4th holiday weekend.

Bellevue CC president: Teachers weave living fabric of society

To a great extent it is teachers who instill the passion to pursue one’s dreams and the zeal to continue learning which, combined with academics and practical skills, are key to a successful life. I see the profound and enduring impact of teachers every day at Bellevue Community College.

Celebrate the Fourth, but please be safe

With Fourth of July just around the corner, it’s time to celebrate.

What to do about high gasoline prices?

Every candidate for President, the U.S. Senate and Congress should be asked the following question this year: “Do you want the price of gasoline to come down?

Life lessons from Tim Russert

What makes someone great at what they do? What propels them to the top of the pack? Tim Russert was one of America’s most trusted television journalists before being struck down by a heart attack last week at 58.

Words for the grads

It’s graduation season and time for all that advice designed to send students on in life with something to think about.

What King County’s budget crisis means to us

Last week, the King County Executive, along with the Sheriff, Prosecuting Attorney, and judges from around the county, revealed that King County is facing a budget crisis of great magnitude. This year alone, we may have to cut $20 million from the $660 million general fund. An additional deficit between $40 million and $70 million is predicted in 2009.

  • Jun 18, 2008

No excuses in 2008

No Excuses

  • Jun 17, 2008

What I learned on my vacation

I’m just back from a vacation at Lake Chelan. I’ve always felt that vacations were a chance for learning. This vacation lived up to the challenge.

Seniors should plan for disasters — natural and otherwise

If you’re a longtime local, you may remember the Columbus Day Storm of 1962, otherwise known as “The Big Blow,” or recall what you were doing when that 6.5-magnitude earthquake rocked Puget Sound in 1965. How about the December 2007 floods? Fact is you don’t have to be an old-timer to know the kind of emergencies we face around here. If you’ve weathered just one Northwest winter, chances are you’ve experienced a power outage, flooding, or worse. Then there are those personal disasters – like fires and falls – that can happen anytime of the year.

  • Jun 14, 2008

Who should be Obama’s running mate?

By John Carlson

Bellevue does good job of maintaining street projects

The city of Bellevue re-surfaced my street last week. I didn’t know it needed it. If the city installs a planting strip or a median, it maintains it. Instead of the project turning into weeds, we instead get flowers and plants that flourish. The end result is city that is awash in green vegetation. I much prefer that (and am willing to pay for it) than being forced to look upon rivers of asphalt and concrete.

Ron Paul campaign lends excitement to state Republican convention

The Washington State Republican convention last weekend in Spokane should have been dull and uneventful. All they had to do was approve a slate of national convention delegates to support the obvious nominee, John McCain, vote for a short, concise party platform and leave town.

Maybe youth athletes have better idea what sports are all about

What is it about sports that makes adults go crazy? More often, it seems, kids - the players - have the right idea of what’s right and wrong.

King County Metro burning money on biodiesel

This may surprise you. King County Metro is buying a fuel that is significantly more expensive than diesel, may be worse for the environment, may increase local food prices, may lead to global hunger and potentially cost King County more as a member of the Chicago Climate Exchange. That fuel is canola-based biodiesel.

  • Jun 10, 2008