Washington primary: Judges worth voting for | John Carlson

Judicial elections are different from all other elections in Washington State. First, if one of the candidates gets more than 50 percent of the vote in the primary, he or she automatically wins the race and it won’t appear on the November ballot. And second, most people don’t learn as much about the candidates as they want to know. But don’t worry. Here’s who you should vote for in the Aug. 19 primary and why:

First-class air travel has really gone to the dogs

A few years ago, I put my daughter on an airplane to Europe. I didn’t want her to fly, but train travel would have been difficult.

‘Quintuple whammy’ threatens BCC

It’s horrifically ironic.

Elections in August?

This is usually the time of year when columnists don’t write about politics because nothing is really going on.

Share the roads, avoid the problems

There’s no question that bicycles are popular around here. The Burke-Gilman and Sammamish River trails draw bicyclists (and walkers) daily. Redmond even has a velodrome for bicycle racing.

Climbing high for a cause | John Carlson

Let me ask you an important question: When is the last time you did something hard to support a good cause?

  • Jul 29, 2008

Hello, tolls, bye, bye Seattle? | Craig Groshart

A state study has been released showing the possible effects of tolls on the 520 bridge – and perhaps I-90 as well. I say possible because the study doesn’t really say how high tolls should be and when they should be charged. The data in four scenarios is merely to help officials analyze the situation.

  • Jul 25, 2008

The gravy train has ended | Walter Backstrom

When Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama won the South Carolina primary, former President Bill Clinton said it was because he was black.

  • Jul 25, 2008

Is this the ‘Gregoire Recession’? | John Carlson

All big elections are about two issues, peace and prosperity. A year ago, the Iraq War was issue number one for the Democrats. Then it started to go well. Scratch Iraq from the front burner.

  • Jul 23, 2008


If you already jumped ahead to page 12, you’ve read about staff writer Lindsay Larin’s time test driving a Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder. We sent staff photographer Fumiko Yarita along to record the story - and she got a ride in one of the speedy cars, too. Believe it or not, she had the presence of mind to take this photo of herself and Lamborghini sales executive Andy Meyer. And, yes, she really was screaming.

  • Jul 22, 2008

Driving while fatigued can devastate lives

In the early morning hours of July 18, 2006, an 18 year-old Issaquah woman made a series of reckless personal choices. These choices brought near-death and life-long pain to our daughter, Mora Haggerty Shaw.

  • Jul 18, 2008

Easing the pain of expensive gas | Craig Groshart

Time magazine had an interesting article in its July 14 issue: 10 Things You Can Like About $4 Gas.

  • Jul 17, 2008

Our kids need tougher graduation requirements

Today, most family-wage jobs in Washington require some form of post-secondary education or training. By 2014, 77 percent of those jobs will require training or education after high school — in King and Snohomish counties the number jumps to 85 percent. And yet, Washington allows too many of its children to graduate from high school unprepared for post-secondary life.

  • Jul 17, 2008

Who is at risk from drowsy driving?

• Young people, especially males under age 26

  • Jul 17, 2008

Martin, we’ve lost our way

Dear Martin,

  • Jul 16, 2008

Public Health – Keeping us well with prevention and education

In 1854, a cholera epidemic struck London, England. Thousands of people were dying and no one could determine the cause. Doctors were stumped as deathly ill adults and children filed into the overcrowded hospitals.

  • Jul 16, 2008

Who should McCain pick for VP? | John Carlson

A few weeks ago I surveyed the major contenders being named for Barack Obama’s running mate and concluded that he will likely select a popular governor in a swing state. Why a governor? Because anything associated with Washington, D.C., is toxic. President Bush’s popularity is in the 20s and the popular rating for Congress is 9 percent!

Washington Dems, Republicans should let Top Two primary stand

Leave it to our state’s major political parties to not know the meaning of “no.” Months after the U.S. Supreme Court up held - by a 7-2 vote - the state’s proposed top-two primary, the Democratic and Republican parties again are demanding that the primary be dumped. It’s a needless ploy that only can serve to antagonize voters.

  • Jul 11, 2008

Obama’s campaign of ‘change’

Barack Obama and “change.” The two are inextricably linked. In his remarkably successful run for the Democratic nomination for president, regardless of where he campaigns, the senator constantly, ceaselessly promises change.

Sun’s return too much of a good thing?

Sun, sun, sun ... at last! After speculation that summer would be cancelled, the sun is blazing down again. And of course, not moments after the sun arrived, so did the chorus of “It’s too hot!”

  • Jul 9, 2008