Greed involves car drivers, too

I know we have more urgent issues than what I’m going to vent about, but I think it’s a part of why our country is in such dire straits these days.

  • Oct 7, 2008

Helping your child manage time and stress

All parents want success for their children. And all children (though they may not always show it) want to succeed. But how do you define success? Therein lies the rub.

  • Oct 7, 2008

BellevueReporter.com: Enter the discussion!

Starting this week, your community news site is adding a lot more community.

Carlson: Yes to I-985

For years now, people who oppose building or expanding roads have insisted that all we need to do is make better use of existing roads. Sure enough, along comes Initiative 985 to do just that. And who’s leading the opposition? The anti-roads coalition.

Getting up to date with the Bellevue Reporter

It’s been a tough couple of weeks here in the Bellevue Reporter newsroom. We’ve been stretched pretty thin. Let me bring you up to date.

An easy “NO” vote on Prop. 1

It’s not about price, it’s about value.

Failure to excel; who’s to blame?

School has begun. Expectations for teachers, administrators, and districts are high as students enter the classroom for 2008-2009. Unfortunately, we continue to see students’ educational achievement diminish.

  • Oct 1, 2008

Vintage isn’t all it’s cracked up to be | Pat Cashman

The other day, I noticed that the laptop computer I use for writing this column was behaving differently. The words were repetitive and repetitive; the writing had occasional mizpelings — and many of the paragraphs ended in mid-senten.

Cast a vote for higher education

When we reconstitute our government this fall through the remarkable exercise of American democracy, we will shape the future not only with regard to controversial issues, but also for widely supported, crucial institutions such as higher education.

Volunteers are needed when disaster strikes

When the flood waters rose last December, Kelley Jones received a phone call. As a Medical Reserve Corps volunteer in Thurston County, she was asked to assist the relief effort in rural communities west of Centralia. Kelley and another volunteer went door to door asking residents if they needed help. The flood survivors she met were trying to meet their most basic needs while they grappled with the loss of livestock, homes and treasured possessions.

  • Sep 26, 2008

When calling from the road, it’s not always good news | Pat Cashman

Last week, a semi-trailer truck clipped a corner of the historic downtown Pioneer Square pergola in Seattle. Luckily, the pergola wasn’t badly damaged and only needed some paint touchups. It was a far luckier outcome than what happened back in 2001 when a semi-truck driver from Greensburg, Penn., also clipped the pergola and caused the entire structure to collapse in ruin in the wee hours of the morning. Here’s what happened following that one:

If believing in God is wrong, I don’t want to be right

What would be the reason for a person’s life if at the end of it all, you found out that God did not exist?

  • Sep 24, 2008

Gregoire, Rossi and the deficit

Is Washington State running a surplus or a deficit?

Sarah Palin: Wasilla’s second wonder

I guess Sarah Palin is trying to steal my thunder. As editor of the Redmond Reporter, I thought I was the biggest wonder from Wasilla, Alaska. Not any more.

There’s a lot to be said about losing

I was sitting in the stands a couple of weeks ago when the Huskies football team saw a potential victory evaporate faster than spilled beer on a hot sidewalk – all because of a referee’s call. A fan sitting just behind me meant to shout, “This is an outrage!” But instead, the words came out, “This is bull____!”

Furnace check-up now can save money through winter

The autumnal equinox is here. Labor Day may be the ceremonial finale to summer, but the equinox is the meteorological “so long, see ya next year.”

  • Sep 16, 2008

Back to school and back to quality

Back to school is a special time. One million students in Washington state will fill their backpacks with new books, nervous energy and optimism and board yellow buses to return to school.

  • Sep 16, 2008

Sights and sounds

The inevitable happened last week. The Bellevue Reporter lost one of its best reporters - Carrie Wood.

Teacher strikes and the law

Now that the Bellevue teachers’ strike is over, it’s time to ask and answer a simple question: are teachers’ strikes acceptable?

Bellevue teachers strike represents step toward better education

When I was younger, my dream was to become an elementary school teacher. When I told my mother, she was horrified and quickly tried to dissuade me.

  • Sep 12, 2008