Bellevue is known as a “City in a Park.” There’s a good reason for this. The city has a long history of providing outstanding parks, trails and other amenities.

  • Oct 28, 2008

Say NO to King County budget cuts

It’s a troublesome world right now. We’re concerned about the war, the economy, the election – all rightfully so. But let me ask you to step back and reflect.

  • Oct 24, 2008

On living, dying – and I-1000

When he was in his early 70s, my father was diagnosed with cancer.

Political pumpkins
Political pumpkins

Cashman’s great humor

I wouldn’t typically write to a newspaper but have just enjoyed Pat Cashman’s article called “It’s time again for us to face the needle” so very much that I had to let you know.

  • Oct 22, 2008

What about the ballot issues? | John Carlson

Do you know many ballot issues you’ll be facing this November? Twelve: Three statewide initiatives, one regional vote on light rail and eight proposed amendments to the King County Charter (or constitution), some of which matter a lot. How should you vote? Glad you asked.

Three things that just make you wonder

In our modern day swirl of grim and grimmer economic news, it would seem difficult to find many signs of solace. But maybe there IS something else going on out there.

Why I oppose I-1000

I am an attorney. John Carlson’s article on I-1000, the assisted suicide initiative, is correct. I-1000 does not require witnesses at the death and money definitely comes into play.

  • Oct 21, 2008

Editorial | Welcome to our expanded web

If you have visited our website (www.bellevuereporter.com) recently, you have noticed some changes. The Bellevue Reporter has dramatically increased the content on the site to… Continue reading

  • Oct 20, 2008

Keep the vision of Bellevue parks alive

More than 50 years ago, the citizens of Bellevue had a vision for the community they were building. They wanted a place for families, where people were welcome and welcoming, filled with plenty of green spaces and natural areas that calm and refresh us in our daily lives and keep our air and waters clean. In short, they wanted a place where people could live.

  • Oct 17, 2008


We’re not surprised that the some members of the county council want to get out of the animal shelter business. Who can blame them?

  • Oct 17, 2008

Letter | Pat Cashman’s humor is great

I wouldn't typically write to a newspaper but have just enjoyed Pat Cashman's article called "It's time again for us to face the needle" so… Continue reading

  • Oct 16, 2008

Letter | Problems with Oregon suicide law

I am an Oregon doctor. Thank you for John Carlson's column, "Why I oppose Initiative 1000."My own patient, who became depressed, was given assisted suicide.… Continue reading

  • Oct 16, 2008

Letter | Before you vote …

Voters need to ask themselves the following questions before they mark their ballots for president.Do you want to elect a candidate who promises to raise… Continue reading

  • Oct 16, 2008

It’s time again for us to face the needle

Season’s greetings to you! I mean the flu and cold season, of course.

Why I oppose Initiative 1000

All of us eventually grapple with the ethics, morality and compassion surrounding the end of someone’s life. Usually someone we love. Here’s my story.

Neutral weather? Some years it can be worse

Neutral. Not exactly a word that sends chills up the spine, or adrenaline through the veins – unless you’re a weather geek and you know that when you hear the words “neutral” and “winter outlook” in the same sentence, it’s time to hang onto your hat and keep the chainsaw handy.

  • Oct 14, 2008

Twelve ways to narrow King County’s budget shortfall

King County is facing the largest budget shortfall in its history. As the budget leadership team for the King County Council we believe there are several belt-tightening moves we can take now to help close that gap –

  • Oct 11, 2008

My Turn: those high gas prices have a benefit

High gasoline prices may not be good for our wallets, but they might prompt us to improve our physical health and our social connections.

  • Oct 9, 2008

Hey, dude – and, yes, I’m talking to you

When I was a teenager, I remember watching TV at Dean Cartmill’s house. Dean was my best friend and one of the most even-tempered people around. Nothing seemed to make him angry.