Vaccinations improve our health and employment numbers | Brunell

It is not surprising that COVID-19, which ravaged the world, was disastrous for our country’s economy. Millions died from COVID…

1 day ago

Firefighters vs. the governor’s vaccine mandate | Roegner

We all thought we were in this fight with the coronavirus together, based on what the experts have been telling…

1 day ago

Editorial: A message to the unvaccinated and unmasked

We know you’re frustrated with mandates and advice, but consider our frustrations and, yes, our anger.

2 days ago

Back to the classroom during abnormal times | Roegner

If it didn’t feel so normal, we might forget about the coronavirus and the impact it has had on our…

1 week ago

What’s up with the real estate market? | Guest column

As we all know, the residential real estate market and prices have been on a tear for several years, and…

1 week ago

Twenty years after tragedy brought us together | Guest column

Recently, I was reflecting on where I was and what I was doing when I learned of the terrorist attacks…

2 weeks ago

Next year’s elections are already underway | Roegner

The 2021 session of the Washington State Legislature was dominated by the Democrats, who controlled both Houses and the governor’s…

2 weeks ago

What the Afghan wants to say | Guest column

The American interest in Afghanistan goes back to the Cold War era, when its intervention was considered apt to contain…

3 weeks ago

King County executive wins battle with suburbs over inquests | Roegner

Since 1854, when Washington was a territory, inquests have been required whenever a person dies from interaction with a police…

3 weeks ago

Editorial: Baseless claims of fraud threaten voter confidence

Without evidence of fraud, it’s those alleging irregularities who are a threat to election integrity.

3 weeks ago

Message from state superintendent regarding school employee vaccinations

After a year and a half of remote and hybrid learning, my top priorities as our school buildings reopen for…

4 weeks ago

Editorial: The UN climate report, ‘The Lorax’ and us

The report and the Dr. Seuss classic offer a dire warning — and hope — for responding to climate change.

1 month ago

Look forward to an exciting November election | Roegner

King County Executive Dow Constantine was expected to win the August primary, and his likely goal was to break 50%,…

1 month ago

It’s time to rethink Washington’s long-term care law | Brunell

Time is short, but action is necessary.

1 month ago

Back to work? With new virus strain, maybe not | Roegner

COVID-19 has made the workplace more hazardous because the virus, particularly the delta variant, gets transmitted by air and proximity…

1 month ago

Love and death: We don’t have forever, so we better do it now

By Dr. Bob Baugher, guest columnist

1 month ago

Technology and the post-pandemic restructuring of education | Guest column

As Simon Jenkins notes in an op-ed piece in The Guardian, “Great institutions traditionally need traumas — wars or pandemics…

1 month ago

King County primary election candidates to watch | Roegner

With the Aug. 3 primary election, the public will narrow the field to the finalists as only the top two…

2 months ago

Massive reforestation effort needed in Washington and beyond | Brunell

Massive forest fires in the western parts of our country are not only choking us with layers of thick smoke,…

2 months ago

U.S. Supreme Court: One right, one wrong | Roegner

Here’s a tale of two United States Supreme Court decisions — one right and one wrong. Despite two clear examples…

2 months ago