A look at city council races around the region | Roegner

Hot contests in Mercer Island and Bellevue.

6 days ago

Why should the threat to Taiwan concern us in WA? | Brunell

Unfortunately, what happens in Taiwan doesn’t just stay in Taiwan — it impacts us.

1 week ago

Election 2021: Closer look at King County races | Roegner

The race for Mayor of Seattle will dominate the regional media, but for most of the suburbs, it is the…

2 weeks ago

Our economy works when consumers pick winners | Brunell

Poland and America are like two trains passing each other in opposite directions. That is becoming increasingly clear as President…

2 weeks ago

Big-time politics: Redistricting for 2022 elections | Roegner

Based on new census data, which shows Washington state has grown by close to 1 million people, the Redistricting Commission…

3 weeks ago

Questions surround vaccine exemptions for state workers | Roegner

With about 4,800 state employees in 24 agencies requesting vaccine exemptions, which is 8% of all state employees, and with…

4 weeks ago

What the Afghan wants to say: Arezo’s journey to America | Guest column

In our little Zoom room, I hear my interviewee break into sobs. Her part of the Zoom room is engulfed…

4 weeks ago

Can a Texas-style abortion law happen in Washington? | Roegner

If politicians really want to anger women voters, the easiest way is to attack their rights.

1 month ago

Reasons to ban Gov. Jay Inslee’s natural gas ban | Brunell

Column: Switching from natural gas to electricity is complicated and will impact everyone.

1 month ago

Vaccinations improve our health and employment numbers | Brunell

It is not surprising that COVID-19, which ravaged the world, was disastrous for our country’s economy. Millions died from COVID…

1 month ago

Firefighters vs. the governor’s vaccine mandate | Roegner

We all thought we were in this fight with the coronavirus together, based on what the experts have been telling…

1 month ago

Editorial: A message to the unvaccinated and unmasked

We know you’re frustrated with mandates and advice, but consider our frustrations and, yes, our anger.

1 month ago

Back to the classroom during abnormal times | Roegner

If it didn’t feel so normal, we might forget about the coronavirus and the impact it has had on our…

2 months ago

What’s up with the real estate market? | Guest column

As we all know, the residential real estate market and prices have been on a tear for several years, and…

2 months ago

Twenty years after tragedy brought us together | Guest column

Recently, I was reflecting on where I was and what I was doing when I learned of the terrorist attacks…

2 months ago

Next year’s elections are already underway | Roegner

The 2021 session of the Washington State Legislature was dominated by the Democrats, who controlled both Houses and the governor’s…

2 months ago

What the Afghan wants to say | Guest column

The American interest in Afghanistan goes back to the Cold War era, when its intervention was considered apt to contain…

2 months ago

King County executive wins battle with suburbs over inquests | Roegner

Since 1854, when Washington was a territory, inquests have been required whenever a person dies from interaction with a police…

2 months ago

Editorial: Baseless claims of fraud threaten voter confidence

Without evidence of fraud, it’s those alleging irregularities who are a threat to election integrity.

2 months ago

Message from state superintendent regarding school employee vaccinations

After a year and a half of remote and hybrid learning, my top priorities as our school buildings reopen for…

2 months ago