Steven E. Olson | Obituary

Bellevue resident Steven E. Olson passed from cardiovascular disease March 27, 2022. A unique character, Steven marched to the beat of a different drummer. He was a thrift store-on-steroids version of Kramer from Seinfeld, his personality as likeable and differing as his fashion sense. His mismatched clothes were selected for maximum clash factor. Every ensemble was an offbeat statement, complete with tie, name tag and frumpy hat.

Despite the challenge of a prosthetic leg and an aluminum crutch – results of a high school car accident – he frequently walked long distances, a determined independent. The business cards he passed out reinforced that trait. Lead, Follow or GOW (Get Out of the Way). Steven attended Eastside Church in Bothell, was beloved by those who knew him, and brought a fresh sense of humor to any conversation. After Sunday services, he frequently treated friends to breakfast. His order usually included pie a-la-mode, which he always ate first.

He grew up in Lake Forest Park, WA, and worked most of his career as a draftsman for PSE. Steven was 76 when he passed, and had plans to move to New Zealand. No doubt, he was hopeful of living among the Hobbit settlement featured in “Lord of the Rings.” Keep trucking, buddy, you don’t need that crutch anymore.