The importance of enunciation | Bellevue Police Blotter March 21 – April 2

March 20

ENUNCIATE: A suspect told a parking attendant in Downtown Bellevue that he wanted to “blow up” the parking lot and all the cars in it. The suspect called police to clarify he said the attendant should “blow out” the parking garage, i.e. expand it so more cars can park there. He said the parking attendant was being too sensitive.

March 21

COMING THROUGH: A driver plowed into the front doors of a store on Northeast 20th Street and fled without taking anything from the scene.

DON’T ROB WHERE YOU EAT: A suspect stole a polo shirt from a retailer on 110th Avenue Northeast. He apparently told one of the employees at the store that he had just been hired at a local business. Police confirmed with the business it had just hired an employee matching the description. When he arrived at work he was arrested.

LET’S TRY THIS AGAIN: A suspect was pulled over for driving erratically. He provided multiple false names before his real name was discovered. He had an outstanding DUI warrant and was booked into jail.

March 23

ARSON: A woman on 94th Avenue Northeast got in an argument with her husband. During said argument, she assaulted her husband and son and then tried to set her bed on fire. The husband doused the flames. Officers responded and the woman resisted arrest. She was “lifted” to a patrol car.

ROCK CHALK JAYWALK: A man jaywalked in front of police officers on Factoria boulevard Southeast. Officers approached the man and he was uncooperative and began walking away. After a brief struggle he was taken into custody and booked into jail.

March 24

PUBLIC INDECENCY: A man was caught watching pornography and masturbating in his car on Main Street. He was arrested.

March 26

HAVE GUN, WILL FRIGHTEN: A man was unloading his car in his garage on 92nd Avenue Northeast. He went inside and came out to find a man rummaging through his car. He went back inside and came back out with a shotgun to find the suspect had vanished.

ROBBERY: A man was driving on Northeast 29th Place when a suspect jumped in the back of his car, hit him over the head with a gun and stole the victim’s cell phone and wallet.

March 27

SHOPLIFTER: A suspect ran out of a store on Factoria Boulevard Southeast after concealing items on his person. He failed to obey commands from officers and ran. He was apprehended shortly thereafter and booked into jail for theft and obstruction.

March 29

ASSAULT: A reporting party witnesses a man assaulting a woman in the parking lot of a Northeast 16th Place address and immediately called the police. The woman left in a vehicle. An officer stopped the car and the driver admitted her boyfriend had hit her. He was arrested for the assault and a pending warrant for assault out of Redmond.

HATEFUL VANDALISM: A reporting party was walking by the Community Theater near Crossroads Park and saw one of the building’s vents had been spray painted with a misspelled pro-Nazi slogan.

March 30

STRUCK PEDESTRIAN: An intoxicated pedestrian was hit by a south-bound car while crossing the road at 156th Avenue Northeast. The pedestrian was not using a crosswalk. The driver was not impaired and the pedestrian suffered non life threatening injuries.

April 1

COOKING UP TROUBLE: Security on Bellevue Way witnessed two suspects preparing illegal narcotics in a spoon and called the police. The subjects were stopped and arrested.

April 2

CITIZEN’S ARREST: A man stole two purses from a location on Bellevue Way Northeast. He ran from store security but was subdued by a witness and subsequently booked into jail.