Man charged with murder after shooting his estranged wife in downtown bar

The defendant had a reported history of domestic abuse, including domestic violence convictions.

A man with a reported history of domestic abuse was charged with first-degree murder after shooting and killing his estranged wife at Sam’s Tavern in Bellevue.

According to charging documents Dylan Scott Jennings stole a firearm from his brother’s gun safe by using a hacksaw to get it open and then shot his wife when she was finishing work for the evening at Sam’s Tavern in Downtown Bellevue on July 5, 2021.

Jennings and his wife had reportedly separated, and she had started dating someone else.

Prosecutors claim the defendant confessed to killing his wife because she was involved with someone else.

According to the charging documents, he told investigators that he was “taking care of business.”

Court documents indicate that in 2015, Jennings had been convicted of domestic violence assault and false imprisonment after he threw his girlfriend to the ground and strangled her during an argument almost to the point where she lost consciousness.

The victim in that case reported a history of domestic violence with Jennings and that she believed he would kill her.

Prosecutors believe Jennings had planned and premeditated the killing of his wife and that he showed no remorse when interviewed by investigators.

The next court appearance for Mr. Jennings is his arraignment, where a plea is entered. That is scheduled for 8:30 am July 22 in the King County Courthouse.