House passes McBride sponsored bill addressing the use of dangerous chemicals in food packaging

Perfluorinated chemicals are found in fast food wrappers, microwave popcorn, and butter wrappers. They get into the food we eat, and they get into our bodies. Health concerns for these chemicals range from cancer and developmental toxicity, to the disruption of hormones.

House Bill 2658, passed by the House of Representatives, would restrict the use of these chemicals.

The bill is now in the Senate and was placed on second reading by the Rules Committee Tuesday.

“This is common sense consumer protection legislation,” said Rep. Joan McBride (D-Kirkland), the prime sponsor of the bill. “We have a responsibility to ensure the products in our markets are safe for families to use.”

The McBride bill restricts the use of certain dangerous chemicals in paper food packaging. The chemical family is known as ‘PFAS.’ The restriction on use would be conditioned on the identification of safer alternatives through an alternative assessment conducted by the Department of Ecology.

Nearly 100 percent of the population – including newborn babies – have these toxic chemicals in their bodies.

“The good news is we can keep these chemicals out of our bodies and our environment,” said McBride. “Many companies are already using alternative packaging.”

The measure now heads to the Senate for further consideration.