Christmas in June: Bellevue Blotter June 12 – 18

June 12

NIGHT PROWLER: In the early hours of the morning, a witness saw a car creeping slowly down the block. The witness recorded the license plate and called police. Police found an open garage. Thieves had stolen a vehicle and prowled the other. King County deputies located the vehicle.

June 13

LOW EVEN FOR THIEVES: Suspects approached an 88-year-old man with his cell phone and told him he had dropped it. An emplo yee in the store witnessed this and believed they had something to do with the missing phone and subsequent missing keys. When they got to the parking lot, the suspects were leaving in the man’s vehicle, which was found later in Seattle.

June 14

STRONG ARM, WEAK MINDS: An employee approached several suspects who had stolen inventory. One of them punched the employee and fled. They were located and arrested for organized retail theft and strong arm robbery.

June 15

CHRISTMAS IN JUNE: A man stole a check from his mother, wrote it to the amount of $450 and said he was going to buy a Christmas tree. The bank turned him away, and said he had previously come in and asked to withdraw a trillion dollars.

June 16

SLOW DOWN: A man took a curve too fast in his vehicle and rolled the car into a tree and 50 feet down a steep enbankment. Officers located the man at his nearby home and took him to the hospital as a precaution.

June 18

CHECK OUT: A woman arrived at a hotel on 110th Avenue Northeast and tried to check in. She had not made a reservation so she was declined. She was upset by this and began attacking the clerk. She was contacted by police and transported to the hospital for a mental health evaluation.