Bellevue’s Tres Sandwich House offers popular Japanese-style sandwiches

The shop is one of the only places to try the sandwiches outside of Japan.

Bellevue’s Tres Sandwich House offers a unique taste of a Japanese-style white bread sandwiches that come in a variety of both sweet and savory combinations.

Co-owner of Tres Sandwich House, Makoto Ogasawara, said the sandwiches start with a homemade white bread, made from their own recipe. The bread is fluffy, spongy and crustless.

“White bread – no crust,” Ogasawara said of the specific uniformity of his sandwiches.

The many sandwich options line the deli coolers in front of the shop. Although the sandwiches are vastly different from each other in taste and ingredients, each one cut in half and displaying a very pretty and symmetrical cross-section of the tastiness inside.

Ogasawara said presentation is important when it comes to the sandwiches at Tres Sandwich House.

Whether in the mood for savory or sweet, sandwich lovers will find numerous combinations of sandwich including meat cutlets, katsu, seafood croquettes, banana chocolate, red bean paste and strawberries and cream – a combination that Ogasawara said is one of their most popular.

Tres Sandwich House has been open at 1502 145th Pl SE since 2014, and Ogasawara said it is one of the only places to find this kind of sandwich outside of Japan, where it is very popular.

Japanese sandos have gained popularity here too. Ogasawara said the shop’s busiest days are Saturdays. He said they make 1400 sandwiches for Saturday and local asian markets, including Uwajimaya, even sell the sandos in their store.

Tres Sandwich House is open from 8 am to 2 pm, and they have their best selection of sandwiches on Saturdays, according to Ogasawara.