Bellevue man charged in child-rape after threatening victim’s family with deportation

The victim kept the secret for nearly two years.

King County prosecutors recently charged a Bellevue man for raping a child nearly two years ago.

Siamak Hajali Tajer, 48, is alleged to have raped a 14-year-old girl in July 2016 and then threatened to have the girl and her family deported if she reported it.

Bellevue police became aware of the incident after the girl’s therapist at Sea Mar Bellevue Child and Family Behavioral Health Services reported the sexual assault in December 2017. The therapist told police the girl had revealed she was home with a neighbor when Tajer, who lived nearby, invited the girls over to watch a movie.

Tajer allegedly offered the victim something to drink, which she accepted. But afterwards, she began to feel sick and “weird” as if she had been drugged, charging documents state.

The girl went home to go to sleep but awoke later to find Tajer allegedly “doing something weird down there.”

Police followed up with the victim, who told them Tajer had tried to kiss her that day but she said no. Later, when she had gone home to her unlocked apartment, she told police she had had trouble breathing, speaking and moving. When the suspect came into her apartment and began kissing and touching her, she tried to move away but couldn’t. Her dog then bit the suspect, and she was finally able to yell at him, causing him to leave.

The victim told police she received a call from Tajer threatening to report her mother to immigration if she told police about the assault.

“Her mother was her primary caretaker, and her brother has a tumor, so she was afraid of what would happen if her mother were deported,” charging documents state.

Police interviewed the victim’s family, who corroborated her story, and arrested Tajer on Jan. 31.

Although Tajer was being held on $50,000 bail, he posted bond on Feb. 5.